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Slam/Open Mic Poet Invitation & Request Form Free Speech Production Company has selected you to participate in its upcoming event, The Downtown Long Beach Poetry Slam and Art Gallery, on Feb 19, 2011. We are extending this invitation because we have seen you perform and would like to help you bring your ideas and your stories to our South Bay audience. Thus, we would be honored to host you on our stage. The poets selected for the Open Mic or Slam have been hand picked from spoken word venues in Los Angeles such as Da Poetry Lounge. The Slam winner will receive a handsome cash prize and a spring feature offer. Established Slam rules and procedures will apply. If you accept our invitation to grace our stage with your spoken word piece during the Open Mic or the Slam please forward the following information to the event Co-ordinator

1) Slam Poet Bio Your biography is important because it will be used in our event program and reviewed by our host to assist introducing you on stage.

2) Guest Pass Requests Please inform the Coordinator, in advance, how many guest passes you will need for the event as well as their full name. Poets are permitted up to two free guests.

3) Merchandizing Please inform the Coordinator whether you have any books or CDs to sale at the event. There will be a highly visible table set aside for merchandising should you have any materials for sale.

Thank you again for your interest and support of this venue and event. We look forward to hosting you and your guests. Below are some frequently asked questions to help you better under stand Free Speech Production Company’s mission and this month’s event. WHAT TYPE OF EVENT IS TAKING PLACE? The Free Speech Production Company is bringing urban and chic to the open mic. Join us for a special evening of Spoken Word as we fuse the visual art form with the verbal art form at the Downtown Long Beach Poetry Slam and Art Gallery. Enjoy great music, refreshments, and food in the gallery and its enchanting Seto Garden. Bring your friends. Bring your date. Bring an open mind. The poetry slam will consist of artists that have rocked the mic at “Da Poetry Lounge” and other popular performance poetry venues in Los Angeles. Our special feature will be the incredibly passionate Matt Sedillo. Described by his colleagues as “the hardest working poet in Los Angeles”, Matt’s publications and national Slam recognition are as remarkable as his stage presence. If you want to witness the premier of an urban artistic movement, Free Speech Production Company welcomes you.

WHAT IS FREE SPEECH PRODUCTION CO.? Free Speech Production Co. is a not-for-profit organization that serves community youth and young adults by producing poetry and spoken word events in local art galleries. WHY IS FREE SPEECH PRODUCTION CO. IMPORTANT? Our events are important because they nurture and develop vitally important skills such as literacy, critical thinking, positive self expression as well as the arts. HOW DOES FREE SPEECH PRODUCTION CO. BENEFIT THE COMMUNITY? Considering the diversity of our community, the spoken word and performance stage provides a venue for a myriad of voices and experiences to speak and listen to one another in order to build a more strong, peaceful and vibrant community. It is our belief that diversity be celebrated, not just accepted or tolerated. In addition, poetry is a literary art form and Free Speech Production Co. aims to promote literacy in this and other urban communities. WHAT ARE FREE SPEECH PRODUCTIONS SHORT AND LONG TERM GOALS? After our first event we plan to take a portion of the proceeds to file incorporation papers as a 501(c)(3). Over the long-term we intend to establish Free Speech Production Co. as the premier venue for spoken-word poetry in the South Bay, ultimately expanding our vision by opening new venues for spoken-word/art gallery events around the South Bay region.

Poetry Event  

Poetry Event

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