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Mini-event -BIG impact

In February this year, mum of two, Stacey Paul, decided to have her hair cut in memory of her friend Gerlaine, who lost her life to cancer, 18 months earlier. Stacey contacted us for help making her fundraiser happen and for help in broadcasting her efforts so that as many people as possible would donate to support her.

I just want to get the word out to Franklin that the Hospice is here, but they also need [financial] support to help more people like Gerlaine.”

Through a combination of opening an online Givealittle page, along with cash and cheques, Stacey’s efforts raised over $2500 for Franklin Hospice.

Maybe you can run a small fundraiser for us also?

A hair-cutting fundraising event such as undertaken by Stacey is just one of many  “mini” fundraising events almost anyone can put on to raise money for Franklin Hospice. Here are some sites to check out other fun and easy to do fundraising ideas if you are game to give it a go:



Call Malcolm on 021 777 672 to discuss any ways we can help you.