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2020 Members Gil Abplanalp Beth Adams Greg and Susan Albers Jeff Alford Marsha Alford Shirley and Steve Allen Diana and Bill Allen Christine Allen Jason and Shalin Allender Joni Allison Brian and Erica Alsip John Abbott and Amanda Cooper Spencer Mitchell and Rachel Miller Colleen Anderson Sarah Andrews Joan Arcand Nile Arena Keith and Cathy Armour April Arnold Peggy and Randy Bailey Teri Bair Melissa and Dan Baker Kris and Mandi Baker Maureen Bard Gary Bardonner Kelly Barmann Lee Ann Barnes Jack and Janice Barrett Kelly Barton Laura and Jon Baugh Michael and Brenda Baun Sharon and Dwight Baxter Tricia Bechman Dawn Becker Lynette Beckham Lucia Begley Greg and Val Bendel Lyman and Suzy Benner Jimmie and Karen Bennett Susie Bennett Kristin Bennett Adam Beuoy Martin and Linda Bielawski Jake and Stephanie Bielawski Jane Bingham Walter Bixler Jason Black Ginny Boehm Deirdre Bogard Rob Bohn Dana Bois Hannah Bond Dianna Booth Steve and Rosanne Bordenkecher Laura Bordenkecher Alison Bowman Rick and Laura Bowman Becky Bowman Michael Bowman Cynthia Boyce Jeremy Bozarth John and Virginia Brackemyre Jane Bradford Joyce and Don Bradley Jill Bradley-Levine Eric and Lisa Bramble Jennifer Brehob Josh Brewer Letha-Joy Brooks Sherie Brown Michael Brown Laura Brown Lang and Jeanne Brownlee Gary and Rebecca Bryant John and Shelly Burgett Doug and Georgina Burker MarKay Burkhart Philip Butler Kristan Calo

Navigating our first pandemic

Rob Shilts, Executive Director Franklin Heritage, Inc.

There aren’t many things that The Historic Artcraft Theatre hasn’t faced since its opening on Nov. 1, 1922. We’ve weathered through a depression. The second world war and other global upheavals. We gone through social and political changes. There have been three owners prior to Franklin Heritage, Inc. purchasing the Artcraft in 2004. But, believe it or not, a pandemic was new to our organization. We weren’t sure what to expect. As a matter of fact, we’re still NOT sure what is ahead. One thing we are sure of is that you will be there to support us. You’ve proven time and time again that preservation matters. That an authentic film-going experience matters. You know what Franklin Heritage, Inc., The Historic Artcraft Theatre, and Madison Street Salvage means to our community and beyond. Your generosity through donations, drive-up concession purchases, membership drives, and encouraging words all add to our motivation to remain a beacon of positivity. We can’t thank you enough. “Just keep swimming” and we’ll see you in person as soon as possible in 2021.


Franklin Heritage, Inc.

Plans for 2020 were to put focus back into one of our own properties – 48 East Madison St., “The Hotel” as we refer to it. Once a hotel (right) much like The Willard was, we were able to acquire this property in 2013 and have been renovating it. The building houses staff offices, files, meeting rooms, and archives. Plans for renovated bathrooms, exterior work, and signage were put on hold in March. We quickly Not quarantining yet as this picture was had to turn our focus to keeping FHI, The taken in January 2020. FHI board member Martin Bielawski and Director of Preservation, Artcraft, and Madison Street Salvage alive. Danny Causey, remove unused plumbing from We haven’t abandoned these renovation the Franklin Heritage, Inc., office building. plans and look forward to getting back on track to complete these tasks.


The year Franklin Heritage, Inc. was founded to preserve the historic character of Franklin.

2020 Members

A line extends down Main Street to see the 2020 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, “Parasite,” during the Heartland Film “Best of the Fest.” We were just 10 days from our first shutdown when this picture was taken.

The Historic Artcraft Theatre W

Wow. What a year. Starting off 2020 with a fantastic run of films, and a record-breaking sponsorship party, it seemed like the sky was the limit. Well, nature had other plans in mind. We shut down, lost part of the marquee to storms, and did our best to navigate the new world we lived in. We held curbside concession sales, gift card and a membership drives, and a fundraising ask like never before. We opened to reduced capacity for as long as we could. Then another shut down, private watch party successes, and more concession runs for your at-home movie nights. You showed up for concession runs. You sent in donations. You shared messages of support – and we listened to every one


Repairs are made in July to the marquee following an April storm that damaged the panels.

of them. It’s because of you we’re still here, ready for the next chapter. There are still challenges, of course. There’s still upkeep and a mortgage to pay for, plus employees to take care of. We’ll have movies again soon – we have faith. The sun is rising, a new day awaits and we’re thrilled to have you along for what is ahead!

Despite being closed for a total of five months due to COVID-19 shutdowns, The Historic Artcraft Theatre was able to show 51 films!

Natalie Campbell Ben and Teresa Campbell Alexander Carlisle Derek Carmichael Michelle Cataldi Ellen Causey Roxane Chadwell Denise Charboneau-Eickhoff Steve Chatham George and Allie Chimples Constantine Chimples Joe Clark Cody Clark Kalie Clark Jennifer Clarke Matt Clemens David and Angie Clendening Cera Coffman Jeff and Cynthia Collier Kris Collins Cara Corwin Ryan Cox Rena Cox Aaron and Libby Cox Rick Crafton Daniel Craig Danielle Craig Kimberly Craven Annette Creed Heather Crockett Meagan Crone Gregory Cropper Alan Crosby Shawn Cross Connie Croyle Kelley Culp Andrew and Diane Cummins Max Cunningham Lora Lee Curren Amy Curtis Heather Daily Michael Daniely Dennis Deal Angel Dees Eric DeForest Mark Della-Croce Anastasia Demos Mills Melissa DeRosa Bill and Shawn Dever Mattie Dickey Kenneth Diekhoff David and Jill Dilk Malisa Dills Becky Dixon Neil and Leann Dixon Carol Dollens Judy Donovan Caleb Drake Marissa Driml Pat Ducharme Scott Duncan Dennis Dunkman Betsy and Darrell DuSold David Earlywine James and Laura Ehringer Aaron and Alyson Eichel Kate and Brian Elmer Amy Emery John and Bette Emry Lucy Endris Judy Evans Teresa Eversole Jessica Fannin Sandy Feyerabend Jeremy Fields Brooke and Nick Finney Regan Fischer Jeremy and Sara Fisk Jill Fleener Paula Fleener Patricia Fleming Jim and Christina Fletcher Charles Flinn Kristin Flora

2020 Income

2020 Members


Decrease in income compared to 2019




Rentals, memberships, and merchandise



Sales of architectural salvage and antiques


Movie and event sponsorships


11% 12%


Restricted and unrestricted


Popcorn, candy, soda, etc.



2020 Expenses SALARIES & WAGES

Full and part-time staff




Insurance, office needs, software, etc.


Decrease in fair value of assets


Upkeep on FHI properties


Business expenses


Studios fees for showing movies

Business Members

Luke Floyd Paul and Stacy Fonstad Teresa Forbes Debra Ford Tracy Fowler Eric and Jan Fredbeck Jil Froelich Jean Fundenberger Eric Gaff Kellie Galbraith Angie Garcia Jay and Laura Gardner Carol Gibson Carol Gill Laurie Gillespie Emily Goad Kyle Gobel Peter and Carolyn Goerner Ray Gonzales Richard and Karen Gotshall Jeremy Gotthardt Scott and Michelle Graham Bobbi Graves Kelsey Green Raymond Greene Kevin Gries Katelyn Griffith Beth and John Guerrettaz Greg and Lisa Gutierrez Barbara Hackman Marc Hagn Alyssa Hall Annie Hall Carol Hall Cathy Hamaker Elisa Hamilton Kelly Hamilton Beth Hannah Paul and Cyndi Harrington Heather and Josh Harris Stacie Harris Ron and Cherri Hart Keri Hart Katie Hart Michael and Anne Hartman Saundra Haslam Jonathan Haslam Geoff and Jodi Hatter Stephen and Donna Haworth Justin Hayden Melissa Hayden Lori Heady Mark Heiden Rachel Heidenreich Boyd and Melissa Hendricks Ellen Henke David Henn Emily Hensley Kelly Henthorne Matthew Hess Mark and Karen Hetrick Karen Hetrick Rachel Hewlate Jim and Mary Pat Higdon Mike and Connie Hill Daniel Hill Jamie Hillhouse Hilary Hilycord Kim Hodges Rachel Hoffmeyer Sheryl Holko Meg Horcher Steve and Linda Hougland James Houshour Lee Howard Jody Hughet Susan Jane Hughey Stephanie Hulesch Richard Hummel Alexandria Hurley Abbygail Hurley Alta Hurst Sara Jackson


4% 6%



Number of movies we were able to show on 35mm film in 2020 – out of 51 titles. That’s 75 percent! B IRISH



Potential Theatre The Artcraft economy to the local ically during a typ l year. operationa

volunteer hours in 2020

$2 N MILLimIpO act of

13,178 hours

Volunteers 4,571 volunteer hours with Madison Street Salvage

8,607 hours with Franklin Heritage, Inc. and The Historic Artcraft Theatre Financial equivalent to:


Based on $10 per hour

A-Teen volunteers collect cans at the November “Cartoons for Cans” event to benefit Interchurch Food Pantry.

Membership Your membership dollars are allocated to the general fund. This allows us to apply it toward any necessary use.



Total Franklin Heritage, Inc. members at its peak in 2020


Franklin Heritage, Inc. new members in 2020

Amount of unrestricted dollars raised by membership contributions.



09 20 14 20 18 20 19 20 20


DEC IN 2020 VS. 2019




Film library launches!

Growth in ticket sales for The Historic Artcraft Theatre

Sammy Terry made an appearance in October as part of “Halloweentown” festivities.

Film attendance


The Elba L. and Gene Portteus Branigin Foundation awarded The Historic Artcraft Theatre a $10,000 grant to establish a 35mm film library. Please let us know if you would like to contribute to this fund.

Janette Koon CFP, CMFC, Financial Advisor

2020 Members Larry and Rita Jamieson Nancy Janes Robert Jarrett Rosemary Jarrett Joseph Jarzen Tod and Julie Jeffcoat Ed Jenkins Larry Jennings Verne and Jane Johnson Kristin Johnson Anita Johnson Monica Jolley Janice and Bruce Jones Mike Jones Polly Jones Suzi Keown Alex Kercheval Jerry Keymon Biane Kidwell Linda and Gregory Kile Sylvia King Kristen Klingler Janette Koon Richard Korra Roland Kummer Shawn and Jennifer Kummer Angie Kyle Chris and Kelly Lally Candi Langston Michelle Lanning Tyler Laughlin Derek and Bethany Lawson David and Nancy Lee Sherry Lemke Dan Lemmons Teri Lewellen Lisa Lewis Teresa Lewis LuAnn Lietz Ann Lietz-Workman Laura Limbach Diana Lindblom Krista Linke Lisa Lintner Joe Lockhart Michael and Nancy Ludwig William Mahan Chris Mahin Stacie Mander Michael Manley Lisa Many Sheila Marcum Lydia Martinez Rachel Mathena Lynn Mathena Joseph Mattingly Vicki May Marsha Maynard Gary Maze Morna and Craig McCall Mike McClure Lance and Sarah McCoskey Charles McCoy Cecil and Theresa McCrady Dolores McFadyen Katie McHugh Elesha McIntosh Geri McKay Don and Vicki McMichael Mary McQueen Heather McVicar John and Janet Mehling Theresa Mendez Duane and Vonda Mercer William Meredith Nicholas Merriman Mike Mettert Dennis Meyer Roger Meyer Tom and Mary Michalak Carol Miller David and Patricia Miller Barb Miller Tara Mirchandani Paula Mitchell

2020 Members Linnea Mitchell Linda Moeller Elizabeth Moffett Brad and Jan Moore Jacob Moran Dan Morgan George Morgan Roxi Morris Robert and Linda Morse Rick and Kim Moss April Moss Mark and Cynthia Mull Brian Mullins Tracy Munn Adele and Michael Murdick Gilbert Murphy Brian and Ann Murrey Jeff and Kim Newnam Jim and Amy Norcross Dennis and Janet Norman Lora Norris Denise Oberholtzer Caryn OBrien Patrick O’Connor Paul and Diane Oefinger Kylie Olson Debbie ONeal Traci O’Rourke Delaney O’Rourke Tiernan O’Rourke Eric Orzechowicz Stacy Osborne Amanda Ott Myra Otto James Panighetti Fred and Michele Paris Scott and Julie Parker Angie Patterson Elizabeth Pearl Charlie Pearsey David Pemberton Kim Perry David Pfeiffer Tina Phelps Candace Phillips Lisa Philpott Justin Pickett Denita and Michael Pickett Gregory and Angela Pipher Paul Pishnak Tom and Cathy Plummer Michelle Plummer Kenneth and Brenda Poe Stan and Carol Poe John and Patricia Poehler Debbie Poer Leslie Preddy Bob and Bonnie Pribush Roman and Laura Przybylinski Dave and Monica Purk Greg Quagliara Henry Ramsey Pat Rather Mike and Sarah Rather Carla Ream Randy and Beth Reel Patrick Rembusch Ann Rhinehart Clyde Rhorer Jennifer Rhorer Roger and Sherry Rhorer Julia Ricci Carrie Richardson Barb Riney Idelle Ritterskamp Anthony Rivera Mark Roach Patricia Roberts Ashley Roderick Delvan Roehling Mary Rogers Laura Rogers Kristina Rogers Lara Rogers Blair Ross Paula Ross

Kelsie Mitchell and Dennis Norman work on a project at Franklin Heritage Furniture Works, located in Madison Street Salvage


Madison Street Salvage

Madison Street Salvage celebrated its fifth full year at the 350 E. Madison St. location in 2020. With the help of a $10,000 grant from the Johnson County Community Foundation, in January, we were able to purchase a box truck with a hydraulic lift gate. This has been a priceless addition to the store’s ability to pick up and deliver architectural salvage and antiques. This no-doubt helped to maintain our presence during the two-month shutdown we experienced during the first wave of COVID-19 quarantine in the Spring. This quarantine did lead to the creation of our on-line store that allowed the store to continue operating in a virtual setting while waiting for doors to reopen in May.


In March, Kelsie Mitchell, Linda Bielawski, and Marty Williams picked up a full load of new merchandise for the store using the newly purchased box truck.

We were privileged to have a year filled with many on-line orders. With the continued effort of our volunteers, we were fortunate to end the year nearly matching the previous year’s sales numbers. We were also able to promote Kelsie Mitchell to full-time shop manager through these successes.

Stop by the shop at 350 E. Madison Street, Franklin Monday to Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sunday 1-5 p.m. Approximate number of items available in the online store that launched in May. Visit at fhisalvage.org

Approaching the finish line!





2020 Members


0 0 $30,0 ward the


Raised to eat Save-A-S 020 2 campaign in l $ 65,000 tota ns contributio

THANK YOU! Dean and Dorcas Abplanalp Janet Alexander Brian and Erica Alsip Doug Andrews Harrison Armour Keith and Cathy Armour Zachary and Shyla Armour Tony Armstrong Sue Arnold Mike Auger Peggy Bailey The Ball Management Group Melissa and Dan Baker Stephen and Maureen Bard Vincent and Annette Barr Chris and Maureen Beck Lynette Beckham Marjorie and Robert Begeman Jake and Stephanie Bielawski Martin and Linda Bielawski Randy and Barbara Bills Jason Black Jill Bode Dianna Booth John and Virginia Brackemyre Jill Bradley-Levine Eric and Lisa Bramble Josh Brewer Thomas and Shirley Brown Steve Brown Alivia Brown Sara Brown Gary and Rebecca Bryant Ann Bullington Cindy Busch John and Erin Bushouse Erin Byers Ernest and Cheryl Carlson Katherine Carlson Caterpillar, Inc. David Chance

Thank you for the many donations we’ve received so far!

Steve and Diane Clark Jeff and Cynthia Collier Ryan Cripe Andrew Cummins and Diane Trout-Cummins Peter and Betty Daniels Greg and Devory Dannemiller Susan Davis Judy and Ed Deiwert Kurt and Penny DeKemper Mark Della-Croce Bill and Shawn Dever Ed and Vanessa Diekhoff Shannon Doyle Billy and Jennifer Doty Dennis Dunkman DuKate Fine Remodeling Darrell and Betsy DuSold Amanda Eck Don and Ronda Egbert Kate and Brian Elmer John England George Flanagan Charles Flinn Mary Foreman Katie Franks Jenni and Steve Gale Jackie Garrett Angie Gocur Willis and Pat Good Carl Good Karen and Richard Gotshall Mike and Carrie Gray Marc Hagn Don and Cyndi Harrington Anne Hartman Bill and Lisa Hartung Leeanne Heaton Mark and Karen Hetrick Bob and Paula Heuchan Mike and Connie Hill Dr. Abbey Hoffman Paul and Kimberly Hoffman Jane Hughey Alta Hurst

Butch & Sharon Isselhardt John and Collette Jackson Larry and Rita Jamieson Emily Jarzen Tod and Julie Jeffcoat Verne and Jane Johnson Bruce Jones Richard and Karen Jones Marty and Debra Julian Kim Kasting Biane Kidwell Wesley Klutts Becky and Norman Knight Nicholas Kohne Janette and Walt Koon Shawn and Jennifer Kummer Glenn and Delinda LaFara Beth Lagle Sherry Lemke Pam Lemmons Eric Leugers Shelly Linton Amelia Lucas R and J Lyles Janet and Denny Lynch Chris Mahin Michael Manley Sarah Mathena Jim and Brenda Maulden Morris and Jan Maurer Charles McCoy Don and Vicki McMichael John and Janet Mehling William Meredith James Meredith Bill Meredith In Memory of Jackie Miller Tony Miller Josh Minton Brad and Jan Moore Ed and Karen Morris Kim and Rick Moss Chaz Mottinger Mark and Cynthia Mull

Jeff and Kim Newnam Dennis and Janet Norman Paul and Diane Oefinger Myra Otto DJ Parker Justin Pickett Shellee Pietras Tom and Kathy Plummer Stan and Carol Poe Matthew Prine Dave and Monica Purk Ross and Clella Rannells Rick and Bobbie Rayback Randy and Beth Reel Jenny Rich Mark and Suzanne Robinson Candy Rockemann Addison Rogers Mary Rogers David and Karen Roush Paul and Donna Sappenfield Jim Schwarz Susan and Paul Scott Dr. and Mrs. Gene Sease James Shaw Margie and Tony Shinn Jennifer Shireman Rick and Debby Showalter Denise Shuck Wendy Shuler Harold and Cathy Sisson Amy Skirvin George and Carole Small Bob and Nancy Smith Mark and Tanya Smythe Nate Sparks Jim and Laura Stafford Jerry and Karen Stancombe The Stanis Family Melanie Stanley Ed and Ginger Stawicki Ariana and Eric Stevens Pat and John Stevens Cyndi Stout Tom and Diane Strack

Stephanie and George Sutt Scott and Mary Swartz Cheryl Sweeney Halik Pamela Sweitzer T-Shirt Express John and Lesa McDaniel Talley Ryan Taylor Adam Taylor Madi Taylor Judith Tempel Marvin and Virginia Thompson Nancy Thompson Alicia and Patrick Tisdale Dirk and Denise Titus The Tivoli Theatre Liza Tolbert David and Joie Trefz Theresa Trout John Trueblood Raymond & Barbara Turner Todd and Vanesa VanDeman Joe and Sue Vaught Jennifer and John Vinters Chris and Lathena Vogel John and Judy Waggoner Tim Wagner Katherine Walters Greg and Nancy Waltz Mike and Chris Waterfall Thomas Waterfall Clark and Jaclyn Wehmeier Lisa Weisner Merrill and Arija Wesemann Bryan and Kathy Weiss Melinda Whitaker Carla Windisch Eleanor Windisch Dave Wippermann Shelese and Steven Woods Tricia Wynne Steve and Anne Young Margie Zaring Sisters of Tri-Kappa Zeta Chapter

Brian Ross Skip Roten Stacy Roth David and Karen Roush Michael and Amanda Rubadue Rex and Patty Russell Carol Rynerson Maureen Sage Charles Salazar Jhennifer and Curtis Sanchez Annalia Sanchez Jacob Sappenfield Paul and Donna Sappenfield Mark Sargent Greg Sargent Joyce and Robert Sauer Tarrance Schabel Michele Schilten Betsy Schmidt Brad and Marti Schrock Ron and Lynne Schuetz Dylan Schuttler Susan and Paul Scott Steven Seifert Jim Seiver Brenda Self Frank Sellers Dan Setters David and Cheryl Sever David and Angela Sexson Doc Shafer Johannah Shank Deborah Shank Amy Shanks James Shaw Jan Sheets Steve Sheldon Margie and Tony Shinn Terry Shipley Debra Shirley Janet Sholty Nancy Short Katie Short Todd Shuck Tandy Shuck Debra Sink Harold and Cathy Sisson Darrell Sisson Jenny Skehan Renee Skipper Wanda and Jim Slater Michael Slattery Dennis and Tracy Slinkard George and Carole Small Heather Smarelli Kathryn Smith Barbara Smith Bob and Nancy Smith James Smotherman Dru Smyth Marvin Snider Lois Sparks Don and Jane Stafford Jane Stafford Jim and Laura Stafford Lola Stainbrook Doug Steinmiller Jay Stigdon Bill Stivers Kathy Stolz Brian Storm Lauri Streeval Scott Strickler Steve Stuard Deb Stubbeman Katherine Summers Skip and Reene Surface Steve and Melanie Sutherlin Stephanie and George Sutt Janice Swanson Scott Swartz Pamela Sweitzer Diane Swint Heather Tallman

2020 Members Jennifer Taylor Joyce Taylor Brad Terry Robert and Brenda Thalls Gene and Linda Theriac Dave and Nancy Thompson Donald and Fran Thompson Nathaniel and Noelle Thompson Gayla Thompson Beverly Thorpe Carrie Thurman Vance Tillotson Shawn and Jennifer Tinkham Alicia and Patrick Tisdale Jennifer Toering Liza Tolbert Terry Townsend Diana Trammell Johnn Trotter Diane Trout-Cummins Robert Tucker Raymond and Barbara Turner Angie and Chris Turnmire Kimberly Tyler Alena Van Arendonk Larry and Nancy VanArendonk Jayme Vance Todd and Vanesa VanDeman Douglas Vanderpool Alysabeth Vaught Anderson Vaught Joe and Sue Vaught Danny Vaught Mason Vaught Turner Vaught Jennifer Vinters Nick Vivaldi Chris and Lathena Vogel Jennifer Walker Gary and Cate Walls Keith and Angelina Walls Greg and Nancy Waltz Annie Wang Gabriel Ward Kelly Warner Sam and Judi Warren Mike and Chris Waterfall Kelli Webb Hank Wegener Andrew and Julie Weller Kelvin Weller Marilyn Wells Craig and Julie Wells Dr. Merrill and Arija Wesemann L. Edward West Debrah White Tracy Wilcox Suellen Williams Mary Williams Kenneth and Cindy Williams Marty and Carolyn Williams Lisa Williams John Williams Stacey Williams Joleen Willis Eleanor Windisch Carla Windisch Dave and April Windisch Jim and Sue Winton Anne Wissel Emily Wood Linda Wood-Corbin Lynn and Gary Woodworth Julie Wray Brooks Wyatt Tricia Wynne Steve and Anne Young Margie Zaring Megan Zimmerman

Girls Inc., puts their “Gift Card / Give Back” cards to use for a field trip. The gift card program asked people to purchase gift cards for the theatre that would then be given to one of four selected non-profits in the community.

What’s next? Preserve more buildings • Continue working with other organizations in the community to preserve historic buildings.

Return to the theatre

• We’ll be together in the Artcraft again enjoying classic cinema of all genres. When you return, consider rounding up your concession total as a donation, or becoming a member. Mike Hill makes adjustments to the concessions stand as we prepare to make the most controversial change in FHI history – switching from Coke to Pepsi! But we also added Triple XXX Root Beer!

Rob Shilts, Franklin Heritage, Inc., executive director, left, accepts a donation from Middle Davids Candles. Middle Davids created an Artcraft Caramel Corn Popcorn scented candle as a fundraiser for the theater and donated more than $7,000. Candles are still available for purchase.

Continue paying down our mortgages

• The Historic Artcraft Theatre and Madison Street Salvage have remaining mortgage balances that need to be paid down.

With love for our friend Raymond Turner

Artist and preservationist, Raymond Turner’s work is visible and will live on in the bean sprout murals in our lobby. He is missed dearly.

Profile for FranklinHeritageInc

Franklin Heritage, Inc. 2020 Annual Report  

See how 2020 impacted Franklin Heritage, Inc., and its businesses Madison Street Salvage and The Historic Artcraft Theatre.

Franklin Heritage, Inc. 2020 Annual Report  

See how 2020 impacted Franklin Heritage, Inc., and its businesses Madison Street Salvage and The Historic Artcraft Theatre.


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