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The Cross & Flame

Fr a n k l i n G r o v e U n i t e d MethodistChurch September 2011

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church 223 W. Middle St. P.O. Box 348 Franklin Grove, IL 61 031 phone: 847-722-6357 www.

Pastor Jin-Ho Hong e-mail: Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Church Service 1 0:1 5 a.m.

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church is Gathering Growing Going

On July 3rd, FGUMC welcomedtheir new Pastorand his family. Enjoying PastorHong's first worship service are from left to right, Grandma (Yun-Hee Lee's mother), Christopher, PastorHong, andCatherine. â€

If your heart is where ours is, come and join us!

Please let us know your Bits of News and prayer requests so we can keep you in our thoughts and THE CROSS AND F LAME IS A CIRCLE OF THE U NITED M ETHODIST WOMEN DEDICATED TO PRAISE , COMMUNICATION , SERVICE , AND prayers. FELLOWSHIP WITHIN THE CHURCH FAMILY. Page 1

Shalom! I convey the greeting of peace to you. Time is too fast because before we are aware of it, autumn is coming to us. It has been two months since our family moved to Franklin Grove. For the past two months, I have met with many people and they have asked me a lot of questions. Especially, a common question among many questions was “Do you and your family like Franklin Grove?” because they worry about my family settling in a new community. However, my family really loves Franklin Grove because we have such a beautiful church and excellent church members. Also, this is a peaceful and quiet place except for the noise of many trains. Through this pastoral letter, I want to deliver words of thanks to you; we truly appreciate your hospitality, concern, and help. Recently, there have been many events in our faith community. Because of two strong storms, some of our church family encountered a huge and difficult undertaking that was overwhelming, but they overcame it through strong faith without any complaints during that time. Furthermore, we experience the grace of God which works through loving fellowship in the time of hopelessness and pain. During Harvest Festival, I met with many community people, not only at church, but also their homes. We also saw our church family devote their time, sweat, and money serving the local community for God’s mission regardless of the hot weather. It was a great and pleasant event. Loving Brothers and Sisters in Christ, A new school year has started and new Sunday school classes will begin soon. It is not easy for us to proceed on a new journey as we may be giving up our familiar environment, people, and jobs. Sometimes life needs a huge adventure and challenge because most people want to live a safe life, rather than change and adventure. However, when we seek merely peace and a comfortable life, we can forget a purpose of our life from God. If we lose our aim in life, it mean s we've lost hope and our physical, spiritual health. Therefore, I love Franklin Grove United Methodist Church, our church members, and our local community because you are a most valuable people who enable me to realize the purpose of my life. I would prefer to go forward the way of challenge and adventure rather than a stable and comfortable life. I also will accomplish God’s vision through serving you and the local community. Could you join with me toward the road of the vision of God? God worked, is still working, and will work in us and with us. Amen.

God's Blessing

Weliscbiomig nsigsteElr Kat sie home e. Elsie Henriet a Vial July 14, 2011 2:53 am 7 lb. 14 oz. 21 inches

Parent s : Adam andKel l y . Proudgrandparent s : Cindy andMarkTilsy!

Thankyou t o everyone f o r your prayers for our family during this time.

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Your Precious Little Girl Is a Blessing from the Lord

Adrianna Marie Runkle August 17, 2011 10:59 P. M. 9 lbs. 20 inches Parents: Amy andBrian Runkle Bi g si s t e r Madi s on andbi g brot h er Braden welcomedAdrianna home.

Looking Forward to Another Turkey Supper It's time to TALK TURKEY!! Yes, I know it's only August, but November will be here before we know it! This year's Annual Turkey Supper will be on

Thursday, November 17th.

Please mark your calendars now for that date! Planning meetings will begin in September, so please watch for announcements on meeting dates and church cleaning dates. - Valerie â€

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You can help by walking or supporting walkers for the Crop Walk. Meeting Place: Lutheran Church Date: September 25 Time: 1:00 P.M. A portion of the money from the crop walk comes back to our community and is used for the Christmas and Easter baskets we provide for people in our area. †D O YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE IN THE CROSS AND F LAME ? S END YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO N ANCY CATER AT OR DROP IT OFF AT CHURCH . Page 7 Issue 1

New School Year Ahead for Children Our thoughts and prayers are with our kids for a successful school year! â€

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Games, Food and Fun Time Together!

Following church on

Sunday, September 4th,

everyone is invited to join us for a gathering at our home at 1765 Franklin Road. Please bring a dish to pass for our meal, which will start at 1:00 PM.

Many different games will be played, so come and be ready to join in the fun!!! Ifyou have any questions, please call Susie Arnolts at 703-4099. â€

Children's Sunday SchoolClasses Begin Sunday, September7 9:00 A.M. Teachers forSunday SchoolClasses this yearwillbe: Kelly Viall Nancy Hartz Veronica Patterson Patti Forrestor

2 and3 yearolds 4 years - 3rdGrade 4th Grade - 7th Grade 8th Grade - High School

PastorHong willbe giving the 3rdgraders their Bibles in church on that day. â€

Adult Sunday School The adult Sunday SchoolClass willresume Sunday, September7th at 9:00 A.M. We willcontinue studying a daily inspiration from God's wordthat is applicable anytime/anywhere in ourdaily lives. †Issue 1

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Working with Joy, Serving in Love

Thank you to everyone who helped with our parsonage make-over in preparation for Pastor Jin-Ho and his family! There are so many people who donated time, money or supplies that we cannot try to name them all for fear ofmissing someone! Just a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone. In record time it all came together and the painting, clean up and carpet steaming was completed with a few minutes to spare before the moving van arrived. What an outpouring of Christian love from the Franklin Grove United Methodist Church family! †ALL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE CROSS AND F LAME ARE DUE ON THE SECOND TO LAST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH (THOUGH PREFERABLY MUCH SOONER).

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Communi t y Church Counci l Worship Service The first Community ChurchCouncil worship service wil be Wednesday, September 7th at the Lutheran Churchin Franklin Grove. All churches are invitedto come andworship together. Entertainment for the evening wil be a musical group from Princeton, Illinois. Dinner wil begin at 6:00 P. M. The entertainment wil fol ow at 7:00 P. M. â€

Harvest Festival

A special thanks to everyone who helped make Harvest Fest succesful this year. â€

More Fun Time Together at Harvest Fest

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Goingonce...goingtwice...SOLD! Ifyou wereinattendanceattheannualHarvest FestPieAuctionyouwouldhaveheard thosewordsspoken30times! There wasgreatfunandlaughterduringthe competitivebiddingonallthedelicious piesbakedbythelovinghandsofsomanypeople!Withthe greathelp ofauctioneerSteveDunkel, whograciously donatedhistimetohelp usout, weraised$637!Withthe largevarietyofpiesavailable, itwasdifficulttodecidewhich pie- orinsomecases- pies, tobidon! Iwouldguessthat Saturdaynighttherewasa lotofpieandicecreambeing eateninhomesallaroundtheSaukValleyarea! Iwouldlike tothankeachandeverypersonwhotookthetimeandeffort tobakeandbringpiestotheauction; whohelpedwiththeset up andcleanup; thosewhohelpedwiththerootbeerfloatswhichwerea hugehit; andofcourseallthosewhobought pies. Justwaittilnextyear....! CheriKemp †Whichpie shouldIeat first???


Baby Shower


ThankY ou for Being a Part ofOur Joy! Thankyou to everyone who participatedin the baby shower. Wereceivedsuchwonderful gifts for our new bundles ofjoy! Aspecialthanks to Heather andRobert for planning such a wonderfulshower. Weare so blessedby our churchfamily. â€

Beautifying the Church Garden

Church Garden

We would like to add some perennials to Beautifying our church garden, of thein memory Garden Max Hullah, who had such a love for flowers. If you have some you would like to contribute, please bring them to church where you can leave them in the garden for Susie to plant. They do not have to be new plants, as they can be portions of existing plants you have at home. We ask that you bring them to church on September 11th, or whenever it is convenient for you. â€

Touching Lives Mary is going to Red Bird in Kentucky in Septemeber. This is the poorest county in Kentucky. We would like to send some things for the food pantry down there. There will be a basket by the door on September 4th and 11th. â€

Franklin Grove UMC Calendar Recurring Each Week: Sundays: 9:00am Sunday School 10:15am Worship 11:30am Coffee Hour Wednesdays: 7:00pm Praise Band

Saturday, September 3 5:00pm – midnight The Waterfront

Thursday, September 15 7:00pm Ad Board Meeting

Sunday, September 4 10:15am Worship 11:30am Coffee Hour 5:00pm – midnight The Waterfront Dave and Susie Arnolts' Anniversary Terry and Cheri Kemp's Anniversary

Saturday, September 17 8:30am Trustee Meeting

Tuesday, September 6 9:00am – 5:00pm Lifeline screening at the church

Tuesday, September 20 Terry Kemp's Birthday 7:00pm HUB CLUSTER

Wednesday, September 7 7:00pm Praise Band 7:00pm The Community Church Council Worship Thursday, September 8 Phillip Morris' Birthday Saturday, September 10 Garrett Drew's Birthday

Thursday, September 1 3:30pm – midnight The Waterfront event for fundraiser Caleb Cunniff's Birtday Friday, September 2 5:00pm – midnight The Waterfront Jenny Drew's Birthday

Sunday, September 11 10:15am Worship (Holy Communion, Children & Adult Sunday School) 11:30am Coffee Hour Rachel Near's Birthday Monday, September 12 Pauline Wiseman's Birthday Wednesday, September 14 Michael Thompson's Birthday 7:00pm Praise Band

Sunday, September 18 10:15am Worship 11:30am Coffee Hour Karen Fair's Birthday

Wednesday, September 21 7:00pm Praise Band Friday, September 23 Clete and Karen Fair's Anniversary Saturday, September 24 Ruth Shiltz' Birthday Sunday, September 25 10:15am Worship 11:30am Coffee Hour 1:00 pm CROP Walk for Hunger Monday, September 26 Nancy Hartz's Birthday 7:00pm The Community Church Council Wednesday, September 28 7:00pm Praise Band

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September Cross&Flame  

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