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TheCross Cross& &Flame Flame The Fr a n k l i n G r o v e U n i t e d

F r aMn ek tl hi no dGi sr toCv he uUr nc hi t e d October 2011

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church 223 W. Middle St. P.O. Box 348 Franklin Grove, IL 61 031 phone: 847-722-6357 www.

Pastor Jin-Ho Hong email: Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Church Service 1 0:1 5 a.m.

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church is Gathering Growing Going If your heart is where ours is, come and join us!

Please let us know your Bits of News and prayer requests so we can keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


Yes, our annual Turkey Dinner is just around the corner on

Thursday, November 17th!!

In order to make this a success we need everyone's help! Please plan to attend the first planning meeting on

Wednesday, October 5th at 6 PM at the church. We will

discuss the timelines, put together sub-committees and plan future meetings and our cleaning days. See you all there!

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Fall Fest

Please mark your calendars for our annual Fall Fest. The date this year is Sunday, October 30th. WOW! What a day! Starting your day off with Sunday School, then joining your church family for praise and worship, topping it off with a great lunch and fun activities for all ages. Dessert contest as always! So, break out the baking pans. Prizes will be awarded. We will have ‘trunk or treating’ again this year. Please plan to stay and open up your trunks for the kiddies. There will be a prize for the best decorated trunk! If you are unable to participate in the opening up of your trunk…please consider donating some candy for the cause. †

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"As you are baptized, May you feel His love,

Pastor Hong Sean and Stephanie

The love ofthose around you, And may you always follow His way." â€

A BigThankYou

Forallofthosewhopitchedinand helpedoutourchurchfor“Onthe Waterfront’thisyear, wesaythankyou. Yourspiritofvolunteerismandservice areverymuchappreciated. Themoney earnedwillbegoingintoouryouth accountforMethodistsanctioned activities. Yes, wehaveexpandedouruse ofthecamp fund. Moneywillstillgoto payforcamp fees, butalsohelp payfor youthmissiontrips, etc. aswell. †

Loving Franklin Grove families, Autumn has already come to us. Although it is cold outside, we can realize God’s grace and love through a beautiful autumnal sky and red leaves. We have to give thanks and praise to God because God is the Creator who made everything in this world. Last Friday morning, I visited the Franklin Grove Nursing home and The Meadows with Gary Cater. Gary and I met our older church members there. We read together Psalm 23 and prayed for them. On that day, I was much impressed by an event. When we read Psalm 23 for our members, they remembered and recited it with us. Most of them are over 80 years old, but they still remembered and recited the Word of God. Moreover, Ruth Schiltz, who marked her 100th birthday on September 24, recited Psalm 23 as well. It was a marvelous event for me. Through this wonderful event, I realized two important principles that a Christian must know to get the blessing of God. One is that I am awake to the gravity of faith education in Sunday school from childhood. Most of our older church members have learned much faith knowledge about God, the Scripture, prayer, and praise in church as well as in their homes from childhood. I have also grown from a similar situation. From childhood, I have learned devotional life as a Christian from my parents and Sunday school teachers. Especially, they emphasized the importance of a recitation of the Word of God in my life. They always said to me “Blessed is

the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it” (Revelation 1:3). If you want to receive God's blessing, you have to read, hear, and practice the Word of God. Also, you must teach God’s commands to your children. Through the pious training from childhood, our children can be faithful Christians as well as successful leaders. Another is that I am aware of the importance of obedience in the Word of God. When I first visited Ruth, she said to us that “I am a lucky woman because I will mark my 100th birthday.” However, I strongly believe God loves Ruth and blesses her. Let us hear Proverbs 3:1-2 “My Son and

daughter, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity.” Ruth has remembered the Word of God, kept the commands of God in her heart, and walked with the Word of God for her whole life. Therefore, God is still loving and keeping her.

Loving brothers and sisters in Christ, even though we live a busy life, let us read the Bible and recite the Word. Let us also teach God’s Word to our children. There is wisdom of life, prosperity, and blessing from God in the Scripture. Autumn is the time of harvest. What do you want to harvest at this autumn? God has already given us plentiful fruits of thanks in this year. However, I hope all F.G. families will try to receive many more blessings from God through the Word of God. God loves you. In Christ,


Community Church Council

TheWednesdayWorship serviceswillbeatthedesignated church, unlesswearenotifiedotherwise....at6pmwillbe a simplemealandworship at7pm †Oct. 5th hostedbyPresbyterians Nov23rdatUCCinLeeCenter, nomeal Dec. NoWedworship servicethismonth Jan. 18UnityServiceatUMC, nomeal

SeminarContent We will learn about violence in all its forms, from fights with your neighbors to gobal war. We'll also look at violence in light of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack and the War on Terror.

PlumblineTour2011 I will set a plumbline I will setin atheplumbline midst in of themymidst people of my people -Amos 7:8

October9-122011 NewYorkCity

Plumbline Tour '11 is an invitation

to all interested United Methodist High School Youth to learn how to reflect on social justice issues from a Christian perspective. The seminar will be held at the Church Center at the United Nations in New York City.

SendingGod'sLoveAroundtheWorld Pleaseconsiderhelpingwithaproject thatcanmakeadifferenceinachild'slife!

Oct. 9th- Soup andSandwichLunchafterchurchsponsoredby theSundaySchoolclassestobenefitOperationChristmasChild

Oct. 16th Noon-3pm Packing Operation Christmas Child boxes

From left to right Madison Runkle, Pastor Jin-Ho Hong and Tina Cedro

On Sunday, September 11th, Pastor Hong presented Bibles to the following children during church service: Madison Runkle, Madison Standard, Matthew Thompson Tina Cedro

When? Saturday, October 1st at 6:00 pm until 11:30 am Sunday, October 2nd Where? Franklin Grove United Methodist Church Who's invited? Youth 13 and older (1 adult chaperone for every 5 kids from each church)

What's happening? Movies, pizza, games, fun and sleepover at

the church! Sunday morning we will eat breakfast together at church and join in the morning worship at 10:15

Cost? $2.00 a person and bring a snack to share What should I bring? Sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, hand towel and wash cloth. A change of clothes for Sunday morning and PJ's. Optional a favorite game, Christian music, your teddy bear.

RSVP: Yes, please by Wednesday, September 28th Contacts: Pastor Jin-Ho Hong, Dawn Summers, Suzie Arnolts and Amy Malm at FGUMC â€

Wearepleasedtoinviteyoutoan OpenHouseatournewhome! October2nd 211N. SpringStreet FranklinGrove, Il.

Luncheonwillbeprovidedforeveryoneinthe fellowship hall(churchbasement) following Sundayworship service Welookforwardtosharingournewhome withallthosewhowouldliketovisitusatthe parsonageafterthemeal. †PastorJin-Ho, Yun-Heeandfamily


With Sincere Sympathy Ourthoughts andprayers are with the family ofHazelFrank, who was a long time memberofourchurch. May herfamily, as wellas friends, find comfort andpeace knowing she is with ourSavior. â€

Franklin Grove UMC Calendar Recurring Each Week: Sundays: 9:00am Sunday School 10:15am Worship 11:30am Coffee Hour Wednesdays: 7:00pm Praise Band

6:00pm The first Meeting for Turkey Supper 7:00pm Praise Band 7:00pm Community Church Council Worship Madison Runkle’s Birthday Saturday, October 8 Charlene Loescher, Valerie Fair, Wanda Yocum Birthday Sunday, October 9 9:00am Sunday School 10:15am Worship 11:30am Coffee Hour 12:00pm Soup & Sandwich Lunch (Sunday School) Plumbline Youth Trip to NYC (9~12) Monday, October 10 Matthew Thompson’s Birthday Tuesday, October 11 Ivan Hullah, Kennidy Summers Birthday

Saturday, October 1 6:00pm – 11:30am Oct. 2 LOCK-IN for Youth

Wednesday, October 12 7:00pm Praise Band 7:00pm Memorial Committee Meeting Becca Shupert’s Birthday

Sunday, October 2 9:00am Sunday School 10:15am Worship (Holy Communion) 11:30am Coffee Hour 12:00pm – 2:00 pm Open House –Pastor Hong’s family

Thursday, October 13 7:00pm Ad Board Meeting Joy Prescott’s Birthday

Wednesday, October 5 7:00am Hub Cluster Meeting

Friday, October 14 Patti Forrester's Birthday

Saturday, October 15 8:30am Trustee Meeting Sunday, October 16 9:00am Sunday School 10:15am Worship 11:30am Coffee Hour 12:00pm Packing Operation Christmas Boxes (Sunday School) Tuesday, October 18 7:00pm Hub Cluster Meeting Wednesday, October 19 7:00pm Praise Band Sunday, October 23 9:00am Sunday School 10:15am Worship 11:30am Coffee Hour Monday, October 24 Kate Viall’s Birthday Wednesday, October 26 7:00pm Praise Band Saturday, October 29 Lorna Roberson, Mary Bennett Birthday Sunday, October 30 9:00am Sunday School 10:15am Worship 11:30am Coffee Hour 12:00pm October Festival Monday, October 31 7:00pm Community Church Council Worship


October Cross&Flame

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