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The Cross & Flame

Fr a n k l i n G r o v e U n i t e d MethodistChurch

April 2012

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church 223 W. Middle St. P.O. Box 348 Franklin Grove, IL 61 031 phone: 847-722-6357 www.

Pastor Jin-Ho Hong email: Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Church Service 1 0:1 5 a.m.

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church is Gathering Growing Going If your heart is where ours is, come and join us!

Please let us know your Bits of News and prayer requests so we can keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Please join us this year for the Easter Egg Hunt we are sponsoring on Saturday, April 7th at 10:00 am. The hunt will be held at the Franklin

Grove United Methodist Church. It is for children

ranging from toddlers to 10 years old. IT'S ALL FREE!

Hope to see you there.


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Easter Time by Ellen Bailey

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A Letter from the Pastor

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord!

How have you been during this Lenten season? Have you sought God? Have you experienced the unconditional grace and love from God in your life? I wish for our life to be full of Jesus’ unlimited love and amazing grace regardless of our weakness, insufficiency, and sin. At this time of every year, we have had a time of self-reflection through Jesus’ suffering, death, and hope of resurrection. Especially, during holy week, we try to meditate on the way of the cross of Jesus Christ. These days, I have meditated on Peter’s life as well as Jesus’ life. We know Peter well. He was the best disciple of Jesus, but at the same time he was the disciple who gave a deep wound of betrayal to Jesus who went to the cross through the way of loneliness and pain. Jesus experienced betrayal, torture, and humiliation from the Jews, his beloved disciples, the Roman soldiers, and Pilate for his last 24 hours. However, the most miserable suffering Jesus experienced might be the betrayal of Peter, who was the best disciple of Jesus. Have you ever betrayed your beloved one? Have you been in the depth of misery due to the betrayal of a trusted one? If we experience betrayal, our heart might be full of severe

anger, hatred, and curse. Even though we understood Peter’s condition in the social, religious background of Jesus’ time with our rational viewpoint, Peter’s betrayal made a huge mental shock and a deep hurt to Jesus as well as himself. In Luke 22:54-62, when Peter denied Jesus three times in the courtyard of the high priest, the rooster crowed the second time. At that moment, Peter remembered the words Jesus had spoken to him, broke down, and wept bitterly.

Let us imagine together. When Peter disowned Jesus three times, if he did not experience Jesus’ look of love and forgiveness, he may live with a guilty conscience for his whole life. Maybe, when the rooster crowed every morning, he recalled his betrayal and underwent mental affliction. Also, it became a chain of sin and death that gave him severe mental pain and the pang of conscience in his life. However, Peter experienced the unconditional love and grace of Jesus Christ through Jesus’ look of love and forgiveness at the spot of betrayal. Then, he met with the risen Jesus Christ at Galilee, and he experienced the Holy Spirit in an attic with Mark. Through those meetings with Jesus Christ, Peter experienced sacrificial love, amazing grace, and a miracle of resurrection. Therefore, he could be a messenger who proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus and dedicated his life to God. According to tradition, Peter died on the cross crucified upside down for his faith. We know our weakness and sin. Sometimes, we denied Jesus in our life and felt shame and a guilty feeling. Also, those feelings lead us into the depths of despair and the valley of the shadow of death. Nevertheless, the reason we live as children of God is that Jesus Christ gave us new life through the hope and power of resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the amazing grace and power of God which broke the power of death. Do you want to experience the hope and power of resurrection this coming Easter Sunday? If so, you must meet Jesus Christ at the valley of death and hopelessness like Peter. I pray that the Holy Spirit, who gives us hope, glory, and the power of resurrection, will be within you. †

Holy Friday Service Friday, April 6th, at Franklin Grove

United Methodist Church, 7 pm,

please join us for our Holy Friday church service. We will celebrate Holy Comuunion that evening during the service. â€

Lutheran Sunrise service April8, 6:30 am Breakfast to follow â€

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Discover God's love this Easter at the

Franklin Grove United Methodist

church service, April 8, at 10:15 am. Join us in the celebration of Christ's resurrection and the affirmation of our own hopes as well. â€

Emergency Contact Information Pastor Hong and his family will be visiting South Korea from April 9th - May 8th. Please keep them in your prayers for safe travel as well as quality oftime with their loved ones while in South Korea. While Pastor Hong is on vacation, emergency contact information has been provided below: Rev. Kim Chapman(Chana/Light House UMC) and Rev. Cindy S. Marino (Rochelle UMC) will cover his pastroal roles; a hospital visit for surgery patients, funeral service, and other emergency situations. Rev. Kim Chapman (Cell:779-245-0060, Church: 815-732-7683) will cover the times: April 9th ~ April 19th. Rev. Cindy S. Marino (Church 815-562-2164) will cover the rest: April 20th ~ May 8th. Looking forward to your return home!


Community Church Garden Once again we will begin the preparation of Max ' s garden. The garden will be available to anyone and everyone within the community. So please inform people of the many lovely items we have available for them to come pick and enjoy. Susie Arnolts will be at the church garden every Wednesday evening from 6 to dark, starting the week after Easter until further notice. All input and labor will be welcome. â€

Help Change the World!

Issue 1

As you know, Irecently returned from UMCOR-Sagar Brown in Louisiana. This is where the largest depot is for United Methodist Committee On Relief. Iserved for a few days and packed kits, that is health kits. What would you do without a toothbrush or bar of soap or a a comb? We also packed book bags (crayons, paper, pencils) and layettes (things for new babies). These go all over the world, wherever there is a need. The saying is "When the earth rocks-UMCOR rolls." This is my report on my trip. If onyone would like to go on a mission, there are trips closer to home. Let me know. My next one is down by Springfield. We could even go for a day there. It is so rewarding.


Your Mission Chairman Mary Spangler

Fundraising Update Some ofour Operation Christmas Child boxes went to Ukraine as well as Albania. Currently, the Sunday School kids are raising money and collecting "Boxtops for Education" and "Labels for Education" for Red Bird Mission. â€

Help Change the World!

The Sunday School Class has been collecting an offering each Sunday to contribute to the Heifer project. With their charitable gift, they wil provide animals and training to help families, as well as, their community have a better future. A total of $92.98 was raised and presented to the project. â€

Save the Date

June will be here before you know it and we have another week ofVacation Bible School being planned for the children. This year bible school will be at the Presbyterian Church, in Franklin Grove. It will be from June 11 - 15th and is for children ofall agaes. The theme this year is National Parks. Adults or teens who would like to help out should contact Bev Gilbert Bartmas or the Presbyterian Church. Please watch for further information. †Issue 1

Elsie Henrietta Vial was baptized on February 26th, 2012

May our Heavenly Father Always keep you in His care.

Cecilia Berdene Stewart Feb 6th, 2012. 1:14 pm 7 lb. 10 oz. 20.5 in. long

Congratulations to Kelli and Brad on the arrival of their new daughter, Cecelia. Big brothers, Vincent and Joel, welcomed their baby sister home. Proud grandparents are Dave and Dawn Summers, Vincent Ruggiero and Craig and Diane Stewart. Cecelia is the first granddaughter on this side of the family. â€

Our sympathy and prayers go out to the family of Rachel Near. Rachel passed away February 9, 2012. She was a long time member of the

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church where

her son Bill attended services with her. She will be missed greatly by her family members, as well as, her church family. â€

Our Sincere Sympathy While mourning the loss ofEloise Van Hise, who joined our Savior on March 14th, 2012 our love and sympathy goes out to her daughter, Martha, as well as Eloise's family. Although it is difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory be ofcomfort to you tomorrow. Know you are in our hearts and thoughts through this difficult time. â€

In Our Thoughts and Prayers It is with both sadness and joy that we celebrate the life of Ruth Schiltz. Ruth was 100 years old when she was sent home to be with our Saviour. Please keep her family in your prayers with the loss of their loved one. â€


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