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February/March 2012

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church 223 W. Middle St. P.O. Box 348 Franklin Grove, IL 61 031 phone: 847-722-6357 www.

Pastor Jin-Ho Hong email: Sunday School 9:00 a.m. Church Service 1 0:1 5 a.m.

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church is Gathering Growing Going If your heart is where ours is, come and join us!

Please let us know your Bits of News and prayer requests so we can keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Franklin Grove United Methodist Church God's Valentine Gift God’s Valentine gift oflove to us Was not a bunch offlowers; It wasn’t candy, or a book To while away the hours. His gift was to become a man, So He could freely give His sacrificial love for us, So you and I could live. He gave us sweet salvation, and Instruction, good and true-To love our friends and enemies And love our Savior, too. So as we give our Valentines, Let’s thank our Lord and King; The reason we have love to give Is that He gave everything. By Joanna Fuchs Page 1

UnitedMethodistCommitteeonRelief Traditionallywetakean offeringforUMCOR (UnitedMethodist Committeeon Relief) in March. Thefirst2 weeks in MarchIwillbe atSagar-Brown, which is themain depotfor UMCOR. Iwillmakea reportwhen Ireturn. Pleaseprayerfully considermakinga contribution tothis globalministryofthe UnitedMethodist Church. †MarySpangler

February and March Pastoral Letter Christianity is religion oflove. If someone asks what the best Word of God in the Bible is, we would answer John 3:16 without any hesitation: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.� The Creator God loves a human being, so God sent his son to the world as Messiah. Through the love and grace ofGod, we could recover the vertical relationship with God, our Father. On the other hand, Jesus Christ practiced serving the neighbors through his ministry and he restored the horizontal

relationship between human and human. Therefore, Christianity is religion ofrelationship as well as religion oflove. At that point, when we enter into the vertical relationship with God and the horizontal relationship with others, we can be mature Christians. There are many ways to be a mature Christian. However, I think prayer is one ofthe most important ways to grow our faith. A prayer is a spiritual bridge which connects God with human. Through the bridge, we can form a right connection with God and practice love to our neighbors. I strongly believe that an intercessory prayer is a more effective, strong instrument among several ways in which to love other people. Jesus Christ called us as prayer warriors. The reason why our prayers make miracles in our life is because we pray relying on the name ofJesus Christ. St. Augustin said “A prayer is to mediate other’s happiness in front ofGod.” This year, our church goal is to scatter seeds ofprayer. All people want to bear abundant fruits in their life. However, ifwe want to bear many fruits, we must first sow good seeds on our field. Therefore, we will make an intercessory prayer chain and practice loving God and our neighbors. Through the ministry ofthe intercessory prayer, we can continuously build the beautiful body ofChrist. There is no big prayer or small prayer to God. All prayers are valuable. Let us pray together. Our LORD, the Redeemer, will be within you . †

Pastor Hong will be leading a Bible study during the Lenten season. Please check the church bulletin for more information as time gets closer. â€

Community Church Council Lenten Services Feb.




Lutheran church Ash Wed. service 7 pm service, no meal 29 Lee Center 6 pm meal - 7 pm service 7 Presbyterian 6 pm meal - 7pm service 14 United Methodist Church 6 pm meal - 7 pm service 21 Catholics at the Church of the Brethren 6 pm meal - 7 pm service 28 Church of the Brethren 6 pm meal - 7 pm service 8 Lutheran Sunrise service at 6:30am with Breakfast to follow â€

Markyourcalendar fortheEasteregghuntonApril7th. LetPattiForrestor knowifyouare interestedin helpingorcan donatecandyfor theeggs! â€


Following church service on Sunday, March 18th, there will be a Sunday School lunch for all children as well as a movie. It will be a great time for fellowship as well as a lot of FUN! We hope you will be able to join us for this special time together. â€

Welcome to God's family

Two little eyes to lookforGod Two little ears to hearHis word Two little feet to walkin His ways Two little lips to sing His praise Two little hands to do His will Andone heart to love Him still

Baptism Lauren Joyce Bevan

BaptizedJanuary 15th

Elise Henrietta Viall

Baptism willbe February 26th at 10:15 Please join the family fora luncheon following the church service. â€

"Life's Recipes" "Feeding the Flock"

1 c. good thoughts, 1 c. consideration for others, 3 c. forgiveness, 1 c. kind deeds, 2 c. sacrifice for others, 2 c. well-beaten faults. â€


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