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Driven by Fear or Motivated by Trust? Trust Begins With Leaders

Trust is the foundation of all human interactions, and the cornerstone upon which highperforming organisational cultures are built. Managers have two choices. They can either consciously build organisational trust, or they can allow day-to-day issues, ineffective communication, and misperception to erode trust and develop a fear-based culture. The fact is that fear kills curiosity, exploration, innovation, creativity, growth, high-performance, synergy, teamwork, and morale in organisations

Build a culture that is motivated by trust, not driven by fear.

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How do YOU achieve GREATNESS? What is Greatness?

Absolute financial or operating performance is often the only "measure of greatness". Our research shows that great organisations always produce 4 distinct outcomes:

1. Sustained Superior Performance.

2. Intensely Loyal Customers.

3. Highly Engaged & Loyal Employees.

4. Distinctive Contribution.

Succeeding financially, or operationally, in both the short and long term. Not just on an absolute basis, but relative to their market potential or the hand they're dealt.

Earning not only the "satisfaction" of their customers, but their true loyalty.

The people who work in great organisations are more than satisfied - they are energised and passionate about what they do.

Doing more than "business as usual" -they fulfill a unique mission that sets them apart from the crowd.

How do you build a great organisation?

GREAT LEADERS Leaders who: 1. Inspire trust. 2. Clarify purpose. 3. Align systems. 4. Unleash talent.

EFFECTIVE INDIVIDUALS Individuals who: 1. Are focused and disciplined. 2. Are trustworthy. 3. Possess good business judgment. 4. Are proactive in attitude & actions. 5. Work well with others. 6. Are good listeners and communicators.

ORGANISATIONAL EXECUTION Organisational processes and disciplines that create: 1. Clarity 2. Commitment 3. Translation 4. Enabling 5. Synergy 6. Accountability

ORGANISATIONAL GREATNESS An organisation that possesses: 1. Sustained Superior Performance 2. Loyal Customers 3. Engaged Employees 4. Distinctive Contribution

To build a great organisation, you need great leaders and highly effective people who execute the organisation’s mission with excellence. To build a great organisation, you need great leaders and highly effective • Great leaders imperative.the Without them, there is no vision of where to go, no people whoare execute organisation’s mission with excellence.

strategy no systems for getting there. Just having great leaders is not enough. • Great leaders are imperative. Without them, there is no vision of where to go, no strategy, no systems for getting • Effective there. individuals are essential. Without effective people, the organisation is mediocrity worse. Just having effective individuals is not enough. • destined Effectivefor individuals areoressential. Without effective people, the organisation is destined for mediocrity or worse. • Without a shared process for focusing on and executing the organisation’s goals, the most inspired and capable • Without a shared process for focusing on and executing the organisation’s goals, people fall short of greatness. With such a process, great people can build something important and enduring. the most inspired and capable people fall short of greatness. With such a process, great people can build something important and enduring.

Today’s Challenges

FranklinCovey Solutions

The Leadership Challenge

Great Leaders

The world today needs great leaders who engage people’s heads and hearts, not just their hands. Most leaders still use Industrial Age management practices. Consider these challenges:

LEADERSHIP: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results™

• Succession crisis. By 2018, 60% of experienced leaders will have left the work force. • Underused talent. Over 50% of workers say they have “far more talent, intelligence, and creativity” than their jobs allow them to use. • Weak management skills. The number-one reason people leave their jobs is because of a poor relationship with their manager.

Equip your leaders and managers with the mind-set, skill-set, and tool-set necessary to unleash the talent and capability of their teams to achieve your organisation’s highest priorities. Leaders will discover how to inspire trust and build credibility with their people, define a clear and compelling purpose, create and align systems of success and create a workplace where people want to stay and contribute their best effort, time and time again.

The Individual-Effectiveness Challenge

Effective Individuals

Jobs get cut. Resources are eliminated. But the work remains. Today’s employees are expected to put in more and more time just to maintain acceptable productivity. It’s more for less. Consider these challenges:

The 7 Habits® Signature Program

• Longer workdays. Workers spend three weeks longer working per year than 20 years ago. • Heavier work loads. 53% of workers say they are “overwhelmed” at work and, because of technology, are never really “off the job.” • Information overload on the average worker. 75 billion e-mail messages are sent each day.

Set the foundation for personal and professional effectiveness, increasing productivity, restoring balance, and developing greater maturity and responsibility.

FOCUS: Achieving Your Highest Priorities™ Help employees clarify, focus on, and execute their highest priorities based on the FranklinCovey Planning System. Includes the FOCUS pre and post self-assessment.

• The communication gap. When surveyed, only 6% of respondents state that team members discuss tough issues candidly, and only 32% believe their teams actively seek out differing viewpoints.

The Execution Challenge Execution remains the great unaddressed issue in organisations today. Consider these challenges: • Weak performance. On average, only 13% of public companies meet yearly financial expectations. • Failed strategies. 70% of strategic initiatives either fail or are abandoned. • Lack of alignment. Only 19% of workers say they can effectively translate the company’s top goals into the work they do.

Organisational Execution The 4 Disciplines of Execution®: Manager Accreditation Create a culture of execution through accrediting all of your managers in a process that equips them to become execution “experts.” The Accreditation process that teaches leaders and managers to identify and execute their highest priorities by focusing on “wildly important goals”, acting on lead measures, keeping a compelling scoreboard, and creating a cadence of accountability.

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Leading at the Speed of Trust™


A highly interactive solution that engages leaders at all levels in the real work of identifying and closing the trust gaps that exist in organisations.

FranklinCovey InSights is a library of bite-sized web-based training modules any leader can use to inspire and engage the team to improve performance.

Instead of paying outrageous “Trust Taxes”, your organisation can begin to realise “Trust Dividends”. Doing business at the “Speed of Trust” dramatically lowers costs, speeds up results and increases profits and influence.

The responsibility for training new leaders lies squarely with current leaders. But, to carry out that responsbility, they need a quick, easy to use resource available on demand. InSights is that resource.

Working at the Speed of Trust 

Helping Clients Succeed

A program that teaches individual contributors to identify and address “trust gaps” in their own personal credibility and in their relationships at work. With examples based on their current work and real world issues, participants discover how to communicate transparently with peers and managers, improve their track record of keeping commitments, focus on improving internal “customer service” with others who depend on their work and much more.

Transform salespeople into trusted business advisors who are maniacal about helping clients succeed and delivering lasting sales results.

Project Management™ Employ a proven four-step decision-making process to improve focus and execution on projects.

Sustainability Solutions A long term solution to training & development

Leadership and 7 Habits Sustainability Solutions are highly detailed and provide the tools necessary to develop great individuals an only to be swamped by their role and many of the areas and tools they intended to implement get sidelined and ultimately forgotte occurs more consistently, faster and achieves greater results. The implementation process itself is 100% focused on the application

To engrain learning and foster lasting behaviour change, FranklinCovey implements the Sustainability Process. This process incorpo





360 Degree Benchmark/ Leadership Quotient (lQ). Assessment tools that measures individual effectiveness and leadership skills and provides an action oriented approach to personal development. Repeated at the end of the programs to make results evident.

Buy In. The participant and manager buy-in is a fundamental part of both solutions.. The buy-in consists of mutual agreement in which the manager outlines the expectation and results of participants on completion of the program.

7 Habits & Leadership Workshops. Both workshops are facilitator led 3-day programs. The principles taught in this workshop transform participants with profound lessons in personal change. The program helps participants attain their full potential in both their personal and professional lives.

Australia & New Zealand

uals and leaders . Too often, employees return from the course orgotten. The implementation process ensures that application cation of the learning in the three day program.

ncorporates 3 stages: Pre-Work, Learning, and Implementation.



The 7 Habits & Leadership Contracts. Following the workshops, participants undertake the 7 Habits Contract over 7 weeks and Leadership Contract over 6 months to build new, lasting habits of Effectiveness and Leadership

Accountability Tracker. A simple and effective online resource tool that tracks completion of required weekly activities in each of the contracts.

The 7 Habits Interactive (7 Habits Solution). An on-line learning video based solution where participants enter a simulated world and use the 7 Habits to navigate through difficult issues faced in the workplace. A

InSights (Leadership Solution). A library of bite-sized Web based learning modules any leader can use to inspire and engage the team to improve performance.

Application Day. A facilitator led, practical one-day session where participants revisit material, clarify learning’s, share experiences and develop a more practical understanding of their training.


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