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The official fanzine of the Custom House Community Football Club ‘Come on you #Eastsiders’ Team photo of the squad that played the clubs VERY FIRST 11 aside FIXTURE, find out how they got on P-

Read about our newest developments at the club on and off the field over the past month. P-

Can your choice of nutrition really make you a better sports person? In this months edition we look at on such superfood ‘Quorn’ P-

Issue #2 May 2014 KEEP UP WITH THE TEAM:


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Cover feature: The History Boys (p6&7 ) Making CHCFC: * Pitch Perfect II (p 3&4) * Off the field vacancies update (p4) * Fundraising - What we’re doing to build our own funds (p5) * Working and Playing hard (p 15)

Eastlife fanclub: * Ryan Medcraft Exclusive (p10&11 ) * Exclusive desktop wallpaper (p8) * Match reports (p12) * Superfood, sporting nutrition (p13) * Fan wall (p9)

CHCFC in the community: This month we are leading with information from our local neighbourhood team at the Met, creating a nicer area for those who work, study, reside and visit the docklands (p14)

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A month ago was when via our website ( view/836457) the club announced its partnership with a local secondary school for use of its 4G turf, which most of you keen Eastsiders who are familiar with our website would know. Over the frustrating month of April we finally got onto the pitch and have benefitted from it loads. Below is explained why having top facilities available to us is important with some never seen before pictures!

We field two teams: one plays 5,6 and 7 (CH7s) aside and the other plays 11’s (CHCFC). 11s is played on grass and small sided football is played on 3,4 or 5G astro-turf (ABOVE). For that reason we must train on both (Below).

Being an amateur team we often have to train and play on: evenings and weekends dependant on peoples : work and study cycles with the added complexity of family life some players have children and/or elderly relatives they are responsible for. On the following page is an image of us training on grass at night and an image of us training on Astro turf.


Check out these pic’s and video’s and more from our training and matchday schedule’s on our official Instagram and Youtube pages!


When looking to recruit new people at CHCFC, our main priorities are: dedication closely followed by skill and creativity. Its hard to find dynamic new faces when effectively you are running on handshakes. Often people ask: well what can you do for me? This is the first thing we can do for you and you are reading it now. We can give you exposure to a wider audience and promote your services. We can also help you to gain experience in your given field. There are tonnes of FA registered coaches, sitting on their dormant certificates; why! Above is a picture of Mr Igor Silva . The man who took the #EastsideEmblem from being a 5 minute job on ‘paint’ to being the professional vector image itself. He specialises in postproduction, photography and graphic design. If you are interested in coaching, writing articles, photography etc; contact: 4

It is no secret that running a football team costs money; this applies whether you are grassroots or Champions League winners like Chelsea. Consequently the club are engaging in a number of preseason activities. 1)

Team Triathlon (Newham Leisure Centre) 25MAY14 Custom House Community football team seeks to enter two teams of young men with a realistic chance of winning the active Newham event who are aiming to raise ÂŁ100 each to pay for the pitch rental at Beckton Pyramids for a season.


A night of swing in association with the Barking and East London roundtable East Ham working mans club. 11JUL14 We are still in the planning stage on this one but we are making arrangements for some live acts, we are going to have an auction, potentially get a caterer in on the night to provide us with some good food. Watch this space; its going to be wicked.


The Docklands Cup () As you know there is other football teams within our local area. We plan to have a summer football festival. Full with food and music and importantly football :)

For more information Contact us: to find out more! Also keep an eye on our social media sites as they will have frequent updates about Find out more at:


This 2 page spread will be bringing you some of the facts surrounding our match versus London APSA. Perfect for a bit of #EastsidersTrivia

Did you know we were contacted by the BBC to record an audio for them which was played on national radio? Catch it (picture below).

The clubs first ever 11 a side fixture, played at ‘Flanders Fields’ East Ham, London. A crushing defeat but a great day out, truly the club can only go upwards. National teams such as Argentina and Nigeria have crushed less established 12-0 and 101 respectively in friendlies, greater than our 8-0 loss.

Franklin Amadi (Mgr), John Paul Atwood (Performance analyst) Andre Tiexiera (Assistant Statistician)

Andrew Elie, Ray Subryan (C), Ryan Medcraft, David Harrison, Mikhail Barnwell, Habib Mohammed, Liam Medcraft, Stephen Bodom, Liam Cesay, Taylor Reed, Steven Dormer, Ancel, Paul, Seun Apena. 6

276 days between the first training session and our first 11 aside game. Prior to the big game we had been playing small sided football.

For the manager, it was also a strange reuniting for him that day. Flanders Fields was where he played his very first Sunday League fixture for the now defunct ‘Flanders Fields FC’ age 16. Just under 7 years later he manages his first game there.

Habib Mohammed, the only player not in any of the matchday photo’s. He played left back with first class discipline and will certainly be a contender of man of the half (if such an award existed) however he had to leave at half time because of work. #AmateurFootballDilemmas

Youngest man on the day: Taylor Reed 16 years of age, (wearing the orange and black Addidas boots). He was also the only player that had never made an appearance for the club prior to the fixture. Clockwise: Ray Subryan, David Harrison, Paul, Taylor Reed.



Welcome back all you Eastsiders!!! From Next month we will be running competitions from this page, but in the meantime enjoy these exerts :)

The may Cash Cup was cancelled by Powerleague docklands :( :( :( 9

Ryan is the clubs ‘friendly giant’. Friendly: (adjective) to be kind and pleasant, no-one who knows him will dispute that. Giant: well the lads over 6”3 and always has visible stubble; sometimes I forget he’s only 18. Because of his size he has great physical potential, his fitness has improved a lot since the start of the year and he was the first player to score a headed goal at the club. He has been involved in every fixture since the clubs united most notably our final games of the season versus ‘Ashley FC’ and ‘Beckton Power’ where he scored a great goal. Below is ‘Ryan’s Story’ from the man himself. Read-Enjoy-Share! Franklin Amadi Playing football for me was only ever a hobby but all this changed when I played for Real East. There have been ups and downs playing football. One of my favourite sky high moments was when I scored a worldy from the halfway line that stunned me and my team; to having a ball smashed into my neck/face that made me black out and have a concussion. Playing for Custom House has been truly amazing. Its something I have wanted to do ever since my old club; Real East helped out and a few players of ours helped out the Custom House Sevens as they were short on players. I was actually one of the players that filled in that night, I could see that the Custom House boys had some talent and had a good knowledge of the game. So when I was told about the fusion of the two teams I was really excited I couldn’t wait to start playing together. At first it was overwhelming, I mean these boys had a lot to offer and I didn’t think I would fit in too well but then the opportunity of playing in the Budweiser cup came along I had to be in that. Not only to get to know the players more but to also show the gaffer what I had to offer, early on in the game I fell in love with the style of football the boys had adopted, to crush one of the favourites in the tournament 4-0 in our first game was a huge confidence boost for me and the team, we soon all got along happy with our first performance, but then a few games in we started conceding but to see that our players still had the desire to chase loose balls and to keep the pressure on our opponents I could see that we had a lot of promise. Although we didn’t win the tournament I liked the experience of seeing how the new Custom House would get along and what style of football we were playing, fast moving, reading passes quickly and also communicating on and off the field, very early on I felt confident about this new team. Being one of the most highly capped players for CHCFC I’ve scored a few goals myself, admittedly they were in the inter squad friendly, to score 4 goals with and against my team mates I feel like I really showed them what I could do and I may have also been showing off a bit because my girlfriend happened to be watching the game. Georgia has been one of the main motivators for me in football and out of football, supporting the team in person and on the social media sites we have, she makes things I may find hard a little bit easier, like taking the 8-0 thrashing vs London APSA. In and out of football Georgia has made a huge contribution in making me the person I am, fighting my own personal battles and also being a very athletic person herself she has helped me keep in shape and keep on top of my game, being there at any game she can attend she has shown huge interest in the club, of course living 90 miles away she can only attend some games, and also it means when I go to see her I have to do this around training and college but believe me she keeps me Big man little man! busy.


Having training once a week for two hours to most people isn’t tough, but what the Gaffer (Frank) and the coaches put us through is tough, the drills and workouts we do really put us through our paces and not only keep us physically ready for games but also mentally, doing drills where communication is key. An area of my game I’m looking to improve is shooting with my left foot, at the moment I can’t do it to save my life. Also I am adapting my defending; in 7 aside football the easy way out was to launch the ball out of defence which worked as there was no: throw on’s or offside. Since the start of preseason I have improved massively in my fitness and my ball handling and not to mention my awareness of what is going on around me in the game, some of that is learning while in a game but most of it is the planned and organised drills that the coaches and the gaffer prepare, so I think that in a few more weeks Custom House Community Football Club will be a club that teams will struggle to face and will not enjoy playing us. Like all teams when they start we have a lot to improve on and learn but we have a capable squad and the ability to be a quality team in the near future. Every player in the squad has huge potential, some have already recognised where they are comfortable playing and some are still finding out, like myself. The gaffer says I look most comfortable at centre forward/ striker and again most affective playing, so I have adopted those positions. I am looking forward to the future with this club and playing with the wide range of personalities that this club has in its disposal and also finding myself as a player. Seeing this team growing from two rival teams to a united club has been an experience and I cannot wait to watch our fan base grow and the club as a unit get stronger and more experienced. I just want to say a few thank you’s to the Gaffer Frank and my brother Liam Medcraft for giving me a chance to play, and to my girlfriend Georgia Bradshaw for supporting me and helping me in and out of football.

Something to say? Use the #Eastlife #Eastsiders #CHCFC when contacting us!



27APR14: Our below par performance in this competition gave us much food for thought. Despite our best preparations we just did not gel and lost our opening four fixtures: 3-0, 2-0, 2-0, 1-0. The fifth saw the gaffa play himself; scoring the first goal for the team in this tournament and also a late goal from Liam Cesay saved our blushes when they equalised shortly after (2-1). What made things worse was that the on the day skipper: Jonathan Brutton and Liam Cesay both sustain injuries. When this fanzine is released Brutton is still on light training whereas Cesay is set to resume light training next week (13MAY14) .

The youngsters from Seven Kings go on to win this comfortably 2-0!

One of the greatly understating highlights of the tournament was the performance of the Eastside goalie ‘Bradley Fields’. Without him Custom House could and maybe should have lost a few of those games 7 or 8 nill. So a special shout out to Bradley (seen in grey in pics above and below). Ryan Medcraft was the only veteran of the Budweiser Cup in action at the ‘Road to Brazil’ tournament get his exclusive team insight (p 8&9)

The London APSA game also served as a wake up call and since then the team has been training even harder. The on the day captain has written his exclusive insight into the fixture which can be read by following this link: view/838723


Does It Help Your Sporting Performance?

By Linsey Summers :)

There are some sporting moments that are burned in a nation’s memory, Gazza’s emotions overcoming him during the 1990 World Cup tournament, John McEnroe’s legendary tennis tantrums, and more recently Mo Farah’s stunning race to victory claiming the 10,000 metres gold medal for Great Britain during the 2012 Olympics.

Protein - without the saturated fat Whether you were there or not, or even if you just bought the T-shirt or looked clips up online, these moments show how sport can unite nations and get us all talking about the feats and emotions of sporting men and women. One aspect of our sporting heroes’ lives we may not discuss as much are their diets. But, a recent TV campaign has seen Mo Farah helping to advertise the benefits of Quorn, a foodstuff aimed at vegetarians, or those keen to replace meat with ingredients that offer lots of protein but lower saturated fat than chicken and other animal derivatives.

Give a sausage Meat replacement foods vary enormously, some are made from soya, others are a combination of vegetables, with Quorn being formed from mycoprotein - which is similar to the proteins found in mushrooms. The product is sold in many different forms, from those resembling sausages, chicken nuggets, chicken roasts and chicken bits, for example. This allows consumers to eat Quorn in many different forms and tastes, but when it comes to sports’ performance, exactly how beneficial is this product to our diets?

Go Lean According to international fitness expert Jessie Pavelka, the low level of saturated fat in Quorn can contribute to the building of lean muscle. Looking at Quorn’s meat free chicken pieces, 100g has 0.4g of saturated fat, reports the company’s website, while lean chicken has 0.6g per 100g if you grilled the breast without skin, says the NHS. Lean muscle is a goal for many active people, especially when it comes to certain sports that favour a more wiry physique - such as long distance running.

Energise easily Endurance is crucial when you want to put in a fantastic sporting performance, but how can you make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance possible when it comes to stamina? As well as depending on your body’s glycogen stores to maintain the pace of your activity, you also require certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine - the latter being a chemical that can induce the flight or fight response and get your heart pumping! In order to manufacture these hormones, your body requires L Tyrosine - and guess what… Quorn features amino acids including this crucial substance.

Recover well An amazing sporting performance may end at the finishing line, or when the whistle blows, but you’ll still need to take care of yourself once the event is over. Whether you’ve taken part in a gruelling Linsey Summers is a writer/ journalist with interests in health and travel, if you like this article and wish to get in touch with her regarding the potential of commissioning her to write for you, contact:


This month we are highlighting the services of the Metropolitan police in South Newham. The police do not always get the most positive publicity within the however let us be honest with each other, no one wants to be: burgled, robbed on the street. We don’t like anti-social behaviour committed by our youths or the same crime fuelled by alcohol by our adults. The Metropolitan police are tasked with helping reduce this. In policing terms the southern Newham area (the south Quadrant ) is made up of 5 wards: Canning Town North, Canning Town South, Custom House, Docklands and In line with the commissioners promise to modernise neighbourhood policing and better utilize modern Beckton. technology neighbourhood sergeant joins twitter.

Find out more information on: Newham about what is going on in and around our borough and also for issues within our community that are not police matters but you would still like them to be sorted out look at: Pages/Services/ReportIt.aspx


A number of our players have been away studying and consequently not always at training or matches. As an amateur club this is not unusual and often players: family, career and studies will intercept their footballing ambitions. Still a big shout out too: Mohammed (Biomedical Sciences) Stephen Bodom (Biomedical Sciences) and Franck Falle Ray Subryan (Maths) Andrew Elie (Fitness and Gym Instruction) David Harrison (Fitness instruction) We wish them all well on their studies!!!



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(Update) The official Fanzine for the Custom House community football club! Issue 2 "Come on you #Eastsiders"