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The day the market crasheD !

An “Historical Re-enactment”/ FLASH


We all remember the 15th september 2008 when Lehman Brothers crashed and hundreds of workers lost their jobs, spilling into the streets of the financial district in NYC. Well, if you don’t remember that day you’ll easily connect that moment to the images of sad white collars holding their cardboard boxes. In that very moment the stock market went down and that created the so called “panic in the streets” effect, the stock market closed in the middle of a working day.

The Re-enactment ..... LONDON


The idea is to historicize that very moment and it’s strong visual power. Isn’t hard to do, and it’s consequences will be verifiable through media coverage of this ‘flashback’. - Technically the idea is to engage as many people as possible to collectively re-enact that historic moment for a 30” minute period. - All the people involved must act peacefully, and merge in with the financial district dress/acting codes. - Everyone must carry from home his\ her own cardboard box and must be ready to walk and join the regular flow of workers through the streets of the City district.


- We won’t ask all of you to meet in a specific place, but we will ask you to meet at a specific time, THE TIME SYNC IS REALLY IMPORTANT - Arriving at one of the two entrances of the City (St. MARY AXE / LIME ST.) you will attempt to walk into the first bank/ finance-related building hall/ lobby you find, there you will be able to quickly build your pre folded cardboard box and walk away inserting youself in the flow of people. You may want to use the revolving door spaces to build your box, just the way Clark Kent dressed as Superman at super-speeds anywhere he could find a spot! - If you are successful you will get into the office lobby with a folded cardboard box and walk out with a built cardboard box. If you can’t do that simply make your cardboard box and start walking around these buildings. - Follow the people’s flow, or start your own by walking up and down the streets, as you prefer, but you MUST stay in/ around the block between St.Mary and Lime ST..

To make all this believable, please do the following: - Please dress in dark-coloured suit, a believable city workers have a strong dress code, and you all know how to dress like the guys in the City - Please note this is not a masquerade, please don’t dress up in funny frocks! no hats! - If you don’t have a “City suit” try to dress as formally as possibile, a plain shirt will do. - Please don’t forget your own cardboard box, you have to look as though you had just been fired and you are taking your belongings away also: - no speaking about what’re you doing with people who are not involved - the only suggested answer to anyone asking a question is: I’ve been Fired ! - no taking pictures (this isn’t leisure time, you’ve been fired, plus there will be cameras there recording the action) - no smiling in/ at any camera - try to play the part, you should be sad! you’ve just lost your job! - Real\ fake mobile talking is encouraged (as you’ve lost your job you may want to tell your friends) You might decide to sit down at one point (or even cry!), or just chat with other people involved in the flash mob. You should recognize them from the box ;)

Everything runs for 30mins, then you can just walk away, discard the box and get back to your life.

We won’t give you the exact day for the flash-mob, but it will happen during the 3rd week (12 -13 or 14) of March at 13:30, you will be told just 24hrs before the happening, we know it’s a short notice but our experience tells us that short notice is necessary in order for things to run smoothly. The outcome

Unknowing onlookers may tweet the event, the event may then be broadcast both on TV and the web within a matter of minutes. Our aim isn’t to create panic or a crash but allow City workers and onlookers to interrogate themselves on the past market crash and the very real possibility of new crashes occuring. By recreating this dramatic moment on a mass scale we want to highlight how speculative finance has already cost thousands of ‘real’ jobs and savings and how this story isn’t over just yet...

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- Historical Re-Enactment - LONDON  

Plan sheet for the upcoming City flashmob

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