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The Lost String Written by Yu Jianfan

INT. STAGE - NIGHT A Young man named FEI walks slowly to the stage, he opens his guitar box, and picks up an old but delicate guitar, we see there is a card on the bottom of the box, it says: Mr. Lost String, it’s clear that the word “Lost” is added recently. Fei walks to the front of the stage, spotlights focus on him making his face bright and guitar shinning. Fei begins tuning. When he finished all preparations, he stands still and loses in his thought. FADE OUT EXT. RAILWAY STATION – MORNING Now we are brought to Fei’s memory. Fei is walking through the crowd with a pot on his hands. He wears casual clothes but seems to be gloomy. FEI (V.O.)

What a journey we are going on? CUT TO INT. HOME – MORNING Fei puts the pot on the windowsill and these daisies on the pot are dying. Fei opens the door and steps into his house, and then looks around for a long time.The houseis in a mess, and there are all kinds of guitars, acoustic guitar, electronic guitar and ukulele. FEI (V.O.)

Travel in a familiar but strange place. Fei walks to arrange disorderly CDs and books on the table, then marks on the calendar, today is the 5 th March and there is a distinguishable mark on 10 th March. FEI (V.O.)

Travel in slow but fast time. Fei starts to change his clothes.he puts on a white shirt and a formal necktie, then shapes his hair with gel.

FEI (V.O.)

Travel with passengers .




Few minutes later Fei rushes out in a fast speed. FEI Hello BossLee, how are you? Our new product is available. Could you arrange an appointment with me and seek a chance to cooperate? Ok, great, Bye-Bye. FADE OUT Ext. STREET – TWILIGHT Fei feels tired after long time of work. He receives a call from his boss while walking home. The boss scored him because of his bad performance recently. FEI Hello boss, yes, this is me, what’s up? I know …I’m sorry for that but …I’m clear … Fei raises his head and feels stressful. FADE OUT INT. HOME – NIGHT When he comes back, Fei leans against the door, loosens his necktie and stares blankly on the pot for a while. He turns on the light and counts the left days on the calendar. After that Fei walk tiredly to sofa and picks up a little box, there are some pictures inside. FEI (V.O.)

Something happened really quickly. The first picture is about a wide road and a single guitar FEI (V.O.)

Start a journey.

The second picture is about two guitars FEI (V.O.)

Get the best friend. The third picture is about a large and brilliant stage FEI (V.O.)

Pursue a dream When Fei turns to the last picture he stops and keeps still for a while, it’s a picture of two youths. One is Fei and the other is his best friend SHI. Fei remembers a serious traffic accident, he gets injured and Shi dies. FEI (V.O.)

And … Fei wipes slowly on the picture, then he turns over the picture, it says “Mr. String”, it’s the name of Fei’s band. Fei picks up a pen and adds a “lost”in the middle of the name. FEI (V.O.)

Lost something. Fei puts back these pictures, and carries an acoustic guitar nearby, the melody flows smoothly in the beginning. FEI (V.O.)

The lost string no longer come back, the missing tune is missing forever. And then the melody becomes exciting FEI (V.O.)

I was stuck in a city,guitar is sounded and my heart is pained. Finally the melody turns to be chaotic. Fei frowns and raises his head slowly. FEI (V.O.)

Forget it, forget it… forget it …

“Pang” Suddenly one of the string breaks, Fei keeps still, the atmosphere becomes extremely quiet and the light becomes flickering. FEI (V.O.)

Help me, help me … FADE OUT EXT. STREAT – AFTERNOON It rains heavily, Fei is running in the street lifting his portfolio to take shelter from rain. An old man looks out of window and waves his hand to Fei. CUT TO INT. CAFÉ– AFTERNOON Fei is drying his hair with a piece of tower at a table, a beam of warm ray lights his face. UNCLE WANG --- owner of the café --- is pouring water for Fei UNCLE WANG Fei, it's raining cats and dogs outside, how you can’t bring an umbrella. You're wet all over. FEI Oh damn, I didn't expect it.Uncle Wang,How is your business recently? UNCLE WANG It’s just Okay. Uncle Wang walks to Fei and hands over a glass of warm water to him UNCLE WANG Drink some water and warm yourself. FEI Thanks Uncle Wang. Uncle Wang walks away and brings an admission ticket for a music competition. He shows the ticket to Fei on the table.As

soon as Fei see it he seems to be quite astonished. FEI Admission ticket? Fei hesitates to accept it and returns the ticket to Uncle Wang. FEI I’m not competing anymore since Shi’s accident. Uncle Wang looks at Fei for a while. UNCLE WANG Let’s go upstairs. Uncle Wang goes to find something. UNCLE WANG Sit yourself. Uncle Wang comes over and put an old photo frame on the table. UNCLE WANG Do you know this man? FEI Itza… UNCLE WANG Yes, my favorite musician, Israel violinist, Itzak Perlman. Uncle Wang looks at Fei for a while, but Fei tries to avoid his eyes. UNCLE WANG For him, you’re much luckier, he had polio when he was young. Fei is taping the ticket with his thumb while listening, he seems to be impatient.

UNCLE WANG Mr. Perlman held a great concert in 1995. He struggled to the stage and started to play. Fei taps the ticket faster and faster, he is restless. UNCLE WANG When he was playing the first several chapters, one string broke by accident Fei stop tapping as soon as he hears “broke”. UNCLE WANG So what’s next? Give up? Uncle Wang leans to the chair and waits for a few seconds. UNCLE WANG He instructed the conduct to go on, and completed the concert successfully with strings left. Fei raises his head and looks at Uncle Wang. UNCLE WANG Shi’s father asked me to consign the admission ticket to you. He treats you like his son when you are young. Now, he has lost Shi, please don’t let him lost you. We are eager to hear the melody of you. Uncle Wang put his hand on Fei’s shoulder and look at Fei’s eye hopefully. The string is broken, but you can make up for it with your heart. Uncle Wang stands up and walks to the window. UNCLE WANG Look, Fei, here come the sun.

FADE OUT INT. HOME – MORNING The pot is moving to the sunlight, these daisies have blossomed, Fei’s house has become neat, his formal suit is left on the chair. Fei opens the door and walks out with a guitar. CUT TO INT. STAGE – NIGHT We come back to the reality again, on the stage Fei is playing guitar with all his passion, his gloomy and thoughtful face becomes confident, he shows his smile because he has found his true life in the melody. Fei uses all kind of technique s in finger style to imitate a sound of two guitars. Fei finishes his performance, and it wins enthusiastic applause of audience. He walks back to the guitar box, picks up the card, and erases the “Lost”. CUT TO BLACK

The Lost String  

The story is about a battle of reality and dream for a youth

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