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How does your media product represent particular social groups? my media product represents a youngish audience, to develop a magazine to attract people from this age range I have used techniques to draw them into it. The colours I have used for my magazine are all bright and eye catching I find that this give the fun appeal to my magazine and is perfect for a younger audience. the type of language I have used within my text is all well-structured but is clear and simple for an audience of my age to read, I have used a girl on my front cover and for my feature article because I think that this is the kind of thing my target audience would connect too, they will see the kind of people that they would aspire to be and look up to, someone that they can understand and idolise. The social group that I have targeted is girls that are into music and fashion between the age of about 17 to 30, the clothing I used on my model was young but also fashionable because my music magazine is also based on fashion and the type of audience I want to attract is people with both these interests. I have talked about these two topics in my magazine because I think that people would be most interested in these topics because this is what the magazine is based on. In my magazine I have not talked about things that i don’t think that y audience would be interested, for instance my target audience is for girls from the age of 17 – 30, who are interested in fashion and music. I don’t think that this sort of social type would be interested in music genres such as heavy metal and rock so I haven’t talked about this sort of thing instead I have talked about genres such as urban, indie, pop and rap, along with both girly and edgy fashion. Image from another media text: Here are two different images from two different media sources one is from my music and fashion magazine and the other is from a real music magazine publication. One of the similarities of these two images is that both the models are using the same pose I think one of the main things that this picture gives off Is ‘attitude’ I think that this would draw in readers in if they aspire to have this stance. Another thing that both of these images have in common is that they are both dressed fashionable, this is to bring in a bigger target audience and increase sales. This will make more people want to buy the magazine if they are interested in fashion because the way people are dressed is a big factor in a magazine whether it is Here is an image from my magazine: fashion based or not. The differences between these two images are the ethnic backgrounds of these models I think that if you can identify with what you see on the front cover of the magazine you are more likely, for instance if there is someone on the cover of a fashion magazine and they look like more likely to buy that one because I can see how different clothes would look on me. Another difference is the way the eyes are directed in my image the model is looking directly into the camera but in the real media text image the model is looking away I think that looking directly towards the camera would make your image connect with the buyer but looking away from the camera is mysterious and pull the reader into being interested in what is in the magazine

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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

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