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2301 Pearl St. Apt. #70 Boulder, CO 80302 (978) 821-8903

Work Experience +Ski Instructor at Eldora Mountain, CO - (present) Teach skiiers age 7-12 with various levels of experience +Flatirons Habitat for Humanity - Crew Leader (Present) Managed on-site volunteers in construction and public aid near Boulder, CO +Freelance Designer/Builder (2010-2012) Graphic Design, Marketing, Logos, Websites, Prototyping, Construction, Architectural Design +Habitat for Humanity - Crew Manager (Summer 2010) Managed on-site volunteers in the construction of a small home +Architectural Intern - Peterman Architects Inc. (Summer 2009) Drafting, Submittals, Construction Drawings, Printing Education +Miami University (2009-2013) B.F.A. in Architecture, Summer Business Institute, Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity Skills +Computer Aided Design: 3D modeling, planning, drafting, construction drawings, schematic design, visualization, systems integration +Physical Design: model construction, research, design development, site planning, presentation setup, hand drawing


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Visitor始s Center + Urban Garden COPE Environmental Center + Liberty Park Westcott House Visitor始s Center + Park Tech. Company Office Zeppelin + Parasite Dock Peace Park + Pedestrian Bridge Clifton Library

Modernism Visitor始s Center + Urban Park Built across the street from an exhibition on Modernism in architecture, this visitor始s center is meant to represent architectural concepts developed by the great masters of modernism. A lack of ornamentation, exposed structure, simple forms and lasting materials define the main structure which houses a museum and gallery space open to the public. The garden surrounding the structure is stricly organized and pays homage to the former structure that burned down by reusing existing brick walls and pilasters. The garden also creates a connection through the block towards the town hall and town square.

COPE Environmental Center + Liberty Park The COPE Environmental Center is a facility that educates young people about the environment. My design incorporates an interior garden that also acts as a temperature regulator inside the structure. The facility includes classrooms, gathering areas inside and out, offices, and a small museum about the center. The Liberty Park project includes a master plan with a memorial garden, a dog park, a skate park, a playground, hiking trails, and a pavilion for events. The park is designed in phases for future construction.

Westcott House Visitor始s Center + Public Park The Burton J. Westcott House was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908. The visitor始s center and public park are designed as an extension of the house. The house itself is an undiscovered relic of Wright始s prairie style, so the park and visitors center help to bring attention to the house and help to encourage community engagement. The park includes a Tea House, a temporary pavilion for events, a community garden, and plenty of open space to relax. The visitor始s center and the Tea House are designed in a prairie style to reflect the intent of the Westcott House.

Tech. Company Office Located in an urban high-rise, this office contains two companies, one industrial design firm and one digital production firm, who share space and resources. Each company has its own area for production and specialty facilities, and both groups share the reception area, the patio, and the meeting room. The layout is largely determined by the existing columnar grid which inspired the modular bookcase designs. The bookcases provide lots of room to display awards or trophies, past clients, examples of work, supplies, etc. as well as alluding to the objective 驶framing始 of the companies始 work.

Zeppelin + Parasite This is a very unique project to re-imagine the Zeppelin dirigible airship with modern technology and conveniences. In order for the ship to land we created a parasitical dock on the top of the Shanghai World Financial Center. The dock functions like a typical airport terminal with one major difference, the ship physically connects to the building where mechanical systems lock it into place. The ship itself is capable of international travel complete with living, dining, and recreational bubbles housed within the dirigible. Like a cruise ship on the water, this airship is the cruiser of the sky.

Dayton Peace Park + Pedestrian Bridge This Peace Park in Dayton, Ohio is meant to be a neutral location for rival nations to meet and discuss armistice agreements. Located at the convergence of two rivers, the park and its structures promote a sense of tranquility and importance. Overlooking the city of Dayton gives the visitors a reminder of the peace they strive for. The pedestrian bridge forms a literal and metaphorical connection between the city and the park. The bridge and the main hall align together. They始re designed to be like links in a chain that are submerged in the earth, with the negotiation chamber inserted at the peak of the links to remind us of the nations始 fragile relationships.

Clifton Library The design of this library puts emphasis on natural lighting, and creating a welcoming environment for the public of Clifton, Ohio. The entrance is set back from the street corner at the north to create a gathering area and to draw visitors inside. The lobby is split into three levels, one for the entrance, one for the elevators, and a large lounge facing the south windows. The elevators ascend into a light-well that penetrates from the roof to the basement level. The light-well provides natural light in addition to the Litracon速 wall panels to create ideal reading conditions.

Architectural Design Portfolio  

Cumulative work from my undergraduate education at Miami University