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Brief Three Starkey

The visuals created for this project were based mainly on the feelings brought up by the music produced by Starkey, He uses very rounded bass oriented beats to create a orb like vibe, hence the repeated use of circles throughout. Seen as though the album

is called stars I wanted the visuals to be space related but not as literal as they could have been, I also wanted to use visuals that would react whilst spinning on the turntables and felt like this image, South Pole Star Trails from NASA, was most appropriate.

1/3 Frankie Roberts Design Practice 3 OUGD301

Brief Three Starkey

Typeface ~ Consolas The typography found throughout was used to be futuristic and simple to again create a space like aesthetic. I used colour found within the images used to keep a solid structure to the overall project.

I decided to keep the back of the sleeve minimal as to create a subtle but definite impact, contrasting the front cover and creating balance within the aesthetics.

2/3 Frankie Roberts Design Practice 3 OUGD301

Brief Three Starkey

As stated earlier the visuals used for the vinyl sticker were made to create interesting aesthetics when placed on the turntables. This adds another dimension to the project and creates visuals that relate to the vinyl cover. The northern lights are present in the NASA artwork, adding a green and purple haze to the

photograph, which is mostly associated with ambient music. Starkey’s Space album sits appropriately with this abience with his album taking flight with bombastic orchestral sections and woodwind flourishes.

3/3 Frankie Roberts Design Practice 3 OUGD301