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Wood Trusses in Oklahoma - Timberlake You might want to install new roof trusses whether you are building a new roof or adding a second roof. These are made from lumber and they provide support for the new roof. The roof's layer provide weather protection, and they can be expensive and with careful planning, they can help you make the correct decision before you start this project. This is where you should spend enough time and effort when you are designing this product. When you are replacing the roof with a newer one, you should use the same material that you once used. You need to spend time and effort on the design process if you are using the same material that the existing roof had. You will need to research the roof pitch in each section, these are the numbers to check that your roof trusses are consistent when you are adding heavier roof. When you are building a new roof, the selection of the right material is really important. It needs to be pressure treated and can be exposed to moisture and extreme temperatures. Select the material that is used for an exterior use. To speed up this process, you can use the wood trusses that have been prefabricated. You should buy these wood trusses when you do not want to take this job by yourself because they better support your roof when they are installed. When you build the wood trusses, there are several dangers that you can prevent. You can use a saw, wear gloves, and eye protection to protect yourself from any dangers. This is to prevent any accidents from happening that involves the workers. When you are deciding on the wood trusses that you can select, many variables come into play. When choosing the trusses, you may want to consider if you are planning a second story, as this can be a benefit to you. You will have the framing for a second story, if you decide on this. You need to select on what you are using this space for whether it is an attic or living space. You will want a steeper roof if your winters are long and cold. It is time to consider when you order the roof trusses what type you should install. If you’re struggling with designs or need manufactured trusses in Oklahoma, then contact the pros at Timberlake Truss Works. They can help you design trusses and manufacture any truss you select quickly and for an affordable price. Learn more about Timberlake Truss Works and the trusses they build in Oklahoma by going online to

Wood trusses in oklahoma  
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