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shape and circling around a ball of fire. Today no one would dispute any of it and we take this truth for granted as if we always knew. Truth is never expressed in words. It’s beyond intellect and reason. Truth is sighted suddenly, as a result of an attitude... of openness, of willingness to discover something NEW and to unlearn, to listen... to have what I call, a beginner’s mind. Where to start? At the beginning, of course! “There is a Universal Intelligence in ALL matter constantly giving to it ALL its properties and activities, thereby maintaining it in existence.” This is the genesis of chiropractic’s identity. Do you SEE the NEW in this premise? If you do, you have a beginner’s mind and you can proceed... otherwise you are wasting precious time. Stop right here and SEE the NEW. NOW, RIGHT NOW! To many people in this world, in all walks of life appear not to have the slightest idea what they are doing in their work and why they are doing their work. Do YOU know what YOU are doing in your work? Do YOU know why YOU are doing your work? As one who has chosen to answer the call to BE a straight chiropractor, I


Understanding that not everyone is chosen and called to BE a Straight Chiropractor, I personally find it a profound privilege to witness my own transformation and participate in the transformation of others and of life itself. Chiropractic is first and foremost a philosophy of above-down-inside-out. It is backed by a Major Premise which is the start point, followed by 32 deducted principles. I can attest to the fact that after 37 years of challenging the principles of Chiropractic, all of them stand on their own and provide a blueprint for those chiropractors who are chosen and have chosen to say YES to the call to BE straight. Each of us has a sense of something possible beyond the ordinary. Each of us has a moment when something about our purpose in life awakens in us a sense of possibility. Each of us has glimpses of that most fundamental of all possibilities – that our life could BE extraordinary. Chiropractic IS extraordinary. All that is needed to realize that is just to look and SEE without hurrying. It took the Universe plenty of time to evolve into what we discover at this present time. A few hundred years ago, we had no way to SEE our planet to be balled


By Claude Lessard, D.C. •

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Chosen and Called To Be a Straight Chiropractor

Summer 2011

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2 GSCS Straight To You! • Summer 2011

A Letter from the Editor You Bastard

By Joseph F. Donofrio, D.C. • More than 40 years ago, when both my practice and I were new, one of my most consistent sources of referral was a local Osteopath. This physician was from what was, even then, the “old school.” Some 45 years in practice, he still made house calls, still used Osteopathic manipulation and was the complete family doctor. A few years into my new practice I began noticing patients calling for an appointment saying that they were referred by this Osteopath, soon I had one or twocalls each month, of course I gladly accommodated them and after their orientation turned them into Straight Chiropractic patients. With discussions and time I finally pieced together the how and why this situation came to be. It seems that Dr. M (for the sake of this article) had reached his late 70s and had some difficulty doing the manipulations he felt that some of his patients benefited from. Having heard of me and my ability to manipulate (his words, not mine) from some patients we shared, he thought he had found a solution to his problem. Actually it was perfect, patients saw him for therapeutic care and me for non-therapeutic care! After a time I called his office and tried to speak to him, it took a while but I finally got through and inquired if Dr. M would join me for lunch. He laughed and said, “I’ve got no time for lunch young man, I’ve got patients to see!” I liked him immediately, that was what I would have said also. A few weeks later I got an appointment to see him in his office, our discussion was unremarkable and it was clear that we both came from totally different approaches to healing. Soon he needed to return to work and as we stood up and

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The Membership Practice By Michael Duncan, D.C. • The idea of a “membership practice” is not all that new in business, nor is it new to the Chiropractic profession. While the name may be new, the concept has been around since the early years of the profession.  For years, golf courses, gyms, martial arts studios and even car washes have all offered “memberships” and they have been successful.  The consumers are used to it, they now expect it, and it has become a truly win-win situation for the business owners.  In addition to non-health related businesses using this model, I have seen many articles and even television spots highlighting the medical and dental profession’s use of just such a practice concept and the term “boutique practice” has been used to describe them.  If done correctly, the concept and functionality of a membership practice can help you serve your true objective, at the same time increasing efficiency, effectiveness and convenience for your patients, and reducing overhead, paperwork, dependency on insurance (at least for chiropractic care), and “non-adjusting” workload for you. During my time in practice, I seldom have had chiropractors call me with questions about how I was practicing or why.  However, in the past six months, I have had no less than a dozen chiropractors from across the country contact me about “The Membership Practice”.  The folks that have contacted me have been mostly those that practice a broader scope and more medically ori-

ented style. Some of them are fairly new to the profession and some have been in practice for quite a long time.  Either way, I see them seeking change.  My first thought was “What is it that is happening around the country to make people shift their thinking, or at least their practice model?”  As I sat and talked with these chiropractors, I heard various reasons as to why they were interested.  None of their questions were really new or

“When chiropractors initiate a change for true, philosophical reasons, it is much more likely that a membership business model will succeed.“

unique, and many reflected the same questions I had in the early stages. Twelve years ago, I was fortunate enough to obtain a video called “The Original Cash Practice” by Dr. Joe Donofrio. Since that time, I have been on my journey of practicing in this way.  To me, it was a no-brainer and fit into my own philosophy like a hand in a glove.  Some changes began immediately, and others came later, but the goal always remained the same:  To provide regular, affordable, lifetime chiropractic care to

as many people as possible. For many, the changes appear to mostly be due to a new or greater philosophical understanding of what chiropractic really is and there is a search for practice model that genuinely fits that change. But for some, the change appears to be primarily financial.  When chiropractors initiate a change for true, philosophical reasons, it is much more likely that a membership business model will succeed.  On the contrary, when the choice is made as a marketing gimmick, for financial reasons, or as a strategy to make an end-run around insurance, their heart and mind will ultimately conflict and failure is nearly inevitable. Within the profession, small groups have had the membership style as a foundation and as a result, it has become the only logical way to practice to reach and maintain lifetime patients.  It was a traditional practice style that went hand-in-hand with a “straight” chiropractic office that focused solely on the location and correction of vertebral subluxations.  It was the only way that really made sense to make available the opportunity for individuals and families to have their spines checked on a regular basis over the course of their lifetime and still make it affordable.  For those who practice this way, the message remains simple and the objective is always clear. Until recently, membership practices have not been widely marketed as

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GSCS Straight To You! • Summer 2011






R.D. or R.C.?

By Dennis Keenan, D.C. •

Real doctors use drugs, real chiropractors check and adjust people’s spines. Real chiropractors really need to stand up for real chiropractic now. Some leaders in the chiropractic profession are trying to tell government agencies that chiropractors are more like “real doctors”. They point to laws that have been changed in some states and tell government officials that the laws have to change to reflect what is really going on in the profession. Those of us who have passion for what chiropractic truly represents need to start making some noise. We are the ones who have been working hard, educating people about “real” chiropractic and earning a living by practicing “real” chiropractic. We have not had to concern ourselves with political things because years ago chiropractic was defined as a separate and distinct profession. Unfortunately, our profession has been hijacked by people who want to be “real” doctors so they can make “real” money. Real chiropractic is hard work. It’s a “tough” sell. The predominant belief is that if we copy the “real” doctors we can get rich like them. Make some noise, real chiropractors!

4 GSCS Straight To You! • Summer 2011

Use the social media and join the voices of “real” chiropractors who like chiropractic the way it was defined in the first place. D.D. Palmer was correct in his discovery. Subluxated spines restrict the lifeenergy flow between the brain and the body. Chiropractic adjustments loosen the abnormal pressure on the nerves, so the life-energy can flow better! The flowing life-energy is vital to sustaining a human being’s life. No one can function without it! Keeping people’s brain-body neurological connection clear is vital. I don’t know how much more research it will take before common sense dictates that abnormal pressure on nerve tissue at that level is detrimental to human life itself.

The time has come for the “real” chiropractors to educate the law makers as to what chiropractic really is before we find ourselves starting a “new” profession all over again. I would like to thank the board of directors, the speakers we had at our meetings and convention as well all the members of the Garden State Chiropractic Society for a great year as president of this organization. I am glad I was able to help the organization in this way. Chiropractically Yours,

Dennis Keenan. D.C.

Editor’s Letter Continued from page 2 grasped hands he looked me in the eye and said “Don’t let the bastards do to you what they did to us.” Clearly the bastards were Medicine and us was Osteopathy. I can happily and honestly say that we, the chiropractic profession, have successfully resisted being taken over and smothered by the medical profession. Instead, lead by a small minority of very vociferous Chiropractors, some of you have marched as just so many lemmings into diagnosis/treatment, billing rich therapies, elimination of the adjustment and the terms Innate and Vertebral Subluxation. You, my colleague, sitting next to me at seminars, classmate in Chiropractic have become the bastard that I was warned of all those years ago! In an attempt to limit the number of you bastards, we present the latest issue of Straight To You! in the hope that you might recall why you became a Chiropractor. Enjoy!

Big Steps in Chiropractic By Judy Nutz Campanale, D.C. ACP. • My head involuntarily shook as I watched James Winterstein, DC deliver the Joe Janse Memorial Lecture at the 2011 FCLB annual meeting. I was grateful to be in the privacy of my home watching the YouTube video on my laptop, rather than have my colleagues see the color drain from my face as the words he spoke sunk from the grey matter of my brain into the pit of my stomach. I am not sure why his words caught me by surprise. As a past-president of the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (now the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations), I am keenly aware of the division in our profession. In practice, I work hard to educate our practice members about the wide variation in our profession’s scope of practice. I want people to know what they should expect from me and our office. I am clear that I believe the sole objective of chiropractic is the location, anaylsis and correction of vertebral subluxation because it, in and of itself, is a detriment to the fullest expression of life. Anything else is something else. Not good, not bad, just not chiropractic. Similarly, as President of National University of Health Sciences, Winterstein has been clear about the direction he believes the profession should go. He has taken every opportunity to act on those opinions and has transformed one of the oldest chiropractic colleges into a multi-disciplinary institution of natural health sciences. He is so clear that he does not even refer to the profession as chiropractic anymore. He always calls it chiropractic medicine.

In his lecture he speaks plainly that he thinks the profession should rid itself of the vertebral subluxation “as there is no scientific evidence of its existence.” We, on the other hand, think the vertebral subluxation is the only thing that defines us as a separate, distinct and consequently necessary profession. He suggests that we should become primary health care physicians because it is what the public wants and needs

“ We recognize that living things are self-healing organisms and our objective is to provide a better opportunity for the body to adapt, to perform, to heal, to exist.” and the allopathic profession simply cannot meet the need. We, on the hand, understand that allopathy is based on a premise which is diametrically opposed to vitalism. As chiropractors, we address what is right with the body, not what is wrong. We recognize that living things are self-healing organisms and our objective is to provide a better opportunity for the body to adapt, to perform, to heal, to exist. It is a completely different approach. Of course Winterstein’s suggestion also ignores the obvious issue that not everyone in the chiropractic profession wants to simply prostitute themselves to the whims and desires of the pub-

lic. Some want to offer what the public needs, not necessarily what they want. If the allopathic profession cannot meet the public’s need, what they need are more medical doctors, not chiropractors masquerading as medical doctors. He concludes that we need to take “big steps” in chiropractic if we want to get where we should be in the near future. These steps include establishing residencies in our educational program, divesting ourselves of all dogma and fighting for limited prescriptive rights to progress and change this profession. We simply do not think the profession is in need of “progressing” or “changing.” He also thinks we need to tier the profession. But if you listen to his lecture you realize that what he is suggesting would not be tiering a single profession. It would be the creation of a completely separate profession or, more accurately, the duplication of several already existing professions. I say, “excellent!" In fact, it beckons me back to my days as a cheerleader. It makes me want to yell at the top of my lungs, “Go team go!” while jumping up and down. Let Winterstein take his team of like mind and march into osteopathy or whatever he wants to call his new profession. This is, of course, the culmination of this segment of the profession’s master plan. Where else could it have led? It is as important as ever to take a stand and band together. The colleges are stuck. They cannot distance themselves from the current system that provides them with student tuition through student loans even if they want to. The

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GSCS Straight To You! • Summer 2011



By Philip Sorota, D.C. • Several years ago, in this publication, Dr. Robert Lincoln wrote an article titled “’Care’ or ‘Service’?” presenting a strong case for chiropractors to use the term “service” to best describe what we do. He pointed out that the word “care” is all too encompassing and implies the controlling of one or more persons by another.   Perhaps.   “Service”, he wrote, is more descriptive.   I support him in this endeavor to “...spend...[his] efforts... [to identify]...a clear objective” as he succinctly advocated was GSCS purview.   Displayed on the GSCS website is a quote from Interim President Greg Stetzel that declares the Society’s opposition to the new NJ law, explaining that it broadens the scope of chiropractic and thus dilutes “chiropractic principles in practice for the profession as a whole” and although “... the new law does not require that our members expand our practices to meet the allowances of the law, it will impose liabilities that we believe are unnecessary and damaging to the image of our profession and our practitioners.” {emphasis mine} These two examples both illustrate and reinforce the importance of choosing the proper word to describe chiropractic and chiropractic practice.  “Words mean things” as my favorite radio host likes to say, and the right word in the right place at the right time is crucial to proper communication and understanding.   It is absolutely essential that we choose our own words, with specificity and clarity.  When DD minted the name chiropractic, he did so with exactly that in mind.  BJ was most assuredly exacting 6 GSCS Straight To You! • Summer 2011

in his choice of words. If we allow others to define us, even, if not especially, to the point of expanding our professional responsibilities, chiropractic is doomed.   This problem is as old as chiropractic.  Outside and inside influences have always been working to change and steal chiropractic.   Physical therapists have been manipulating spines for years, medical doctors are taking technique courses from disillusioned “chiropractors”, upper cervical is being rerouted by the “Atlas Reconnect” and Profilax people. Mixers have long wanted to drop philosophy.   There was an article in “Dynamic Chiropractic” a few years ago, echoing a call for us to abandon our adherence to philosophy, saying it’s outdated, no longer needed.   The article was titled: “A Cure for the Curse of Chiropractic”…curse!  It said that chiropractic philosophy was once needed to protect DC’s legally from accusations of practicing medicine without a license, that using our own terminology made our case, but now that every state has its own chiropractic law, we are well established as distinct, and we can drop our ‘worn out’ philosophy. Get chiropractic philosophy!  “Learn it, love it, live it.”   Although in our case we loved it first:  summer, 1972, day 1 of new student orientation, Dr. Cecil Grogan, then President of the Palmer Alumni Association, was in Davenport when asked to say a few impromptu words to our class.  We didn’t know much about chiropractic philosophy, but he spoke eloquently.  When he said he had three

children who had never been to a medical doctor, no shots, no drugs of any kind and that he would measure “their health” against anybody’s, my wife and I cast an incredulous eye at each other and said “Is it that good?” First reaction.  Never a doubt about what we had embarked upon, only validation.   Weeks later, Dr. Miller explained how confining our attention to the subluxation of the spine and that alone gives us unlimited potential in a limited focus of application.  The apparent paradox of that statement completely disappears with an understanding of chiropractic philosophy.  Simple, absolute.  To add to that simplicity is to change it. Others sat in those same classrooms too, heard it but did not understand it.  The word “straight” was in use back then, and those of us who held to it were referred to as “hate straights.”  There was/ is no hatred; “straight” and “mixer” are not pejorative terms, just descriptive.   Our philosophy alone is what binds us and keeps us “separate and distinct”.  Without it, it’s practicing medicine without a license.   Actually, philosophy cannot really be stolen because it enlightens and illumines.  Chiropractic is no different in NJ, KY, Australia or anywhere in the world.  Absolutes are like that.  Word.

Chosen and Called to Be a Straight Chiropractor Continued from page 1 can tell you that my work is to practice chiropractic to achieve its sole objective which is to locate, analyze and correct vertebral subluxations. PERIOD. And the reason why I do this work is to allow the human body to fully express its innate intelligence. PERIOD. Many in our profession have chosen to add their own self made desires to chiropractic where there was a PERIOD. Why add something to what is already complete? What can be added to a FULL expression of the innate intelligence of the body for the chiropractic profession? Medicine has been doing that for over 5000 years and their reason is because the purpose of medicine is to cure diseases. Chiropractic deals with the entire human experience because the innate intelligence of the body is involved in every area of the human being. Physical well-being, stress tolerance, mental capacity, enjoyment of life are directly related to an individual’s health, performance, potential and interpersonal relationships because they are directly related to body chemistry. The objective of chiropractic deals specifically with body chemistry by removing interference to the spinal nerves which supply the chemical producing organs and glands of the body. The only area that chiropractic does NOT address is disease and the main reason why is because it is the prior right of the medical profession. For chiropractors to use methods to treat disease would be usurping and duplicating the role of medicine. And it seems that when

the majority of chiropractors choose to treat disease, they will meet with the same frustration as the medical physician... not knowing what the outcome of a treatment will be. When chiropractors are chosen and answer the call to BE straight, they do not labor under the same handicap and they do not place themselves in a position for that ultimate letdown. Instead they daily contribute to full expression of the innate intelligence of the body of the person under their care by BEING PRESENT in locating, analyzing and correcting vertebral subluxations. PERIOD. I repeat, chiropractic is NOT an alternative to medicine and its treatment of disease. It is an art that is an expression of its science and guided by its philosophy backed by ONE major premise and 32 deducted principles. For those of us who chose to say YES to chiropractic’s identity, the 33 principles are our Global Positioning System keeping us on course to a destination of full expression of the innate intelligence of the body, which is really a journey rather than a destination. We realize that there are no alternatives to the correction of vertebral subluxation. All areas of the human experience to which we contribute, we do so ONLY by correcting vertebral subluxations. PERIOD. I believe that the late Joe Flesia (in my opinion, one of the most unsung prophets of our profession) articulated precisely why one should answer YES if one is chosen and called to be a straight chiropractor. The “Dance of More” was first pub-

lished in Sherman’s publication, SPIZZERINCTUM Volume II No. 3 Sept., 1976).

The Dance Of More

“Something in me is active; I call this my knowing. I do not know how it got there. I do not know where it all came from. Neither do I know where it is going. I do not know what the brotherhood of man is. I do not know what innate is. I do, however, know some things and I give myself the license to guess at anything else my knowingness allows. I can guess that there is more to things than I know. I do not know the nature of this more, but I can guess at it. I can look around and with my knowing I can guess that the most “more” possible is perfection and that we and all things I can know are less than perfection. I see events on all levels constantly performing the dance of more... from ionic exchanges to interpersonal dialogue to the galactic race away from the center. I can guess that my purpose and destiny is to be involved in this dance of more – whether I like it or not. I can guess that within my ability to extrapolate all things strive toward perfection. I can guess that nothing can reach perfection within my knowingness simply because I can’t know perfection and, therefore, wouldn’t be aware of it... so I’m right... nothing can reach perfection within my knowingness. Therefore, I will either be a willing or unwilling partner in the only dance there is – the dance of process (in my case, the dance of my life). I can call it the dance

Continued on page 8 GSCS Straight To You! • Summer 2011


Chosen and Called

Membership Practice

Continued from page 7 of more (the becoming of the universe) or perhaps the dance of seeking or basic striving (the unfoldment of the universe). I accept the words of my knowing when it speaks; telling me that the most important constructive event in the personal dance of life (other that life itself) and in the processional of universal law (other than law itself) is the removal of the blockage to this process of more – to the unfoldment of being and to the becoming of the universe. Therefore, I can guess further and say that each event in this system of things is striving to reach its own level of the most “moreness” it is inherently capable of. I can guess that this blockage to “more” causes on one side a back log of unprocessable events (that must be toxic in nature) and unfulfullment on the other side which must produce a minus becoming situation (that I call a toxic or spastic dance) produce an actual discontinuity or wound in the warp and fabric of the universe. I can then reach the conclusion that this striving (knowing or unknowing) is the most important elemental process in the realm of my knowingness (universe). Whether or not I wish to align myself and my knowingness with this universal event (the unfoldment of the universe) my unconscious processes automatically perform the dance. My knowingness accepts that anything blocking the process of this dance of creation must be the single most tragic event to transpire in the fabric of cosmic reality. I can, at this point, guess that I can make it easier for myself and dance willingly so as not to be a hinderance to the becoming of my being. I can also, at this 8 GSCS Straight To You! • Summer 2011

point, see with my knowingness that the dance of process has no limits, no boundaries except the inherent limits of whatever the dance expresses thru whether it be man, elephant or fish. I am a Chiropractor. And as such I deal with the essential creative forces of the universe – my work allows the entire universal order of things to continue their unending striving toward perfection in a more harmonious manner. I eliminate the very roots of the blockages to the flow of the ambrosia of life... “the nectar of the God’s.” That life may express itself in all its cosmic, creative grandeur. I am a Chiropractor... I eliminate blockages. Yes! I am a Chiropractor... I remove vertebral subluxations. Oh yes! I am a Chiropractor... whose work insures the future perfection of our species and ultimately the providential marriage of human kind with God. “ Joe Flesia chose to BE a Straight Chiropractor after BEING a Mixer for many years in Rhode Island. He chose to have a beginner’s mind and then he could SEE the NEW. That’s why I seize the opportunity to Make a Difference every moment with the freedom to be PRESENT... of giving of myself fully to all of life... in generating possibilities from possibility itself... to have 20/20 VISION – SEEING YOUR POSSIBILITIES! I choose to BE a Straight Chiropractor! Therefore, I am a Straight Chiropractor!

Continued from page 3 unique or promoted beyond a small patient base inside of chiropractic. In the past couple of years, however, there seems to be a renewed awareness of this concept.  The substantial growth of social media like Facebook, Twitter, personal blogging and other online and mobile platforms is more far reaching than ever before, creating marketing opportunities for ideas such as this.  In talking with a few of my colleagues who also practice this way, I was informed that many of them have noticed similar trends. From what I can gather, I don’t expect to see this trend stopping anytime soon and just the opposite is likely to occur.   But just like anything else that has to do with your practice, a membership practice won’t be for everyone and depends on many factors, including your philosophy, financial needs and personal goals.  With that said, maybe you should consider taking a second look at the direction you are headed, re-examine your goals and objectives closely and maybe you will find that a membership practice would be a good fit for you and an even better fit for your community!  

GSCS Classifieds …………………

Big Steps Continued from page 5 field must rise and engage if we expect to see graduates choose and success-

WANTED: Straight chiropractors with a

OFFICE COVERAGE: The coverage ser­

commitment to serve their fellow man

vice dedicated to the correction of ver­

correcting vertebral subluxation. FSCO

or woman. Serve and educate once a

tebral subluxation, PERIOD.

Gary W.

has recently taken some “big steps” of

month at Elijah’s Promise soup kitchen

Rushing, D.C., Garden State Chiroprac­tic

their own and of course they are quite

in New Brunswick, NJ from 11:00 am

Society member, private practice since

to 12:15 pm on Thursdays as part of

1986. If you’re in need of this ser­vice,

to promote and protect worldwide the

“Chiropractic for Humanity.” Contact Jay

please call 732-598-8429.

location, analysis and correction of ver-

different than those suggested by Winterstien. We have extended our reach

tebral subluxation in people of all ages D

vision going strong! I can check for subluxations! I can use individualized adjusting techniques! I can help people understand the importance of lifetime I can handle even the

toughest questions! Call Jim Healey,


of symptoms and hence the new name-





-IFCO. It is time, wherever you are in the


so while you’re away let me keep your


about making a difference in the world,




OFFICE COVERAGE: Chiropractic is

regardless of the presence or absence



Yuhas, D.C., at 732-321-0377.


fully practice with a sole objective of

world, to join IFCO and to have everyone you know join with you. The speech can be viewed in its entirety at

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10 GSCS Straight To You! • Summer 2011


GSCS Straight To You! • Summer 2011


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Straight To You: Summer 2011  
Straight To You: Summer 2011  

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