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the way they fight Chiropractors because I have taken Chiropractic adjustments for fifty-three years and, when it comes to the need for medical treatment, I have never had to have any. I attribute my good health to the fact that I have taken from one to two Chiropractic adjustments every week for the past fifty-three years.” It would seem Col. Sanders had a better understanding of Chiropractic’s unique objective than some of our spokesmen inside the profession. “I feel that the Chiropractic adjustments I get keep the nerve centers up and down my spine from being impinged. This keeps the full flow of energy open to all parts of my body,” stated the Col. “Just think how wonderful Chiropractic is for me. I am seventy-eight years old, yet I can do more work than a thirty-year-old man today. I get up around 4:30 every morning and retire around 10:30 to 11:00. That is a long day for some people.” He isn’t talking about low back pain. Why? He was obviously an educated patient. He evidently shared the enthusiasm of those Chiropractors who cared for him. “I like to be around Chiropractors. I like their enthusiasm,” he continued. He discussed how he wished that medical doctors could understand Chiropractic principles, “I am not prejudiced against medical doctors. They fulfill a need also,


There have been many famous supporters of Chiropractic over the years. Literally thousands of household names have given their endorsement to Chiropractic. Many were lifelong patients with a great understanding of Chiropractic thought. Few were as interesting as Colonel Harlan Sanders, the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” entrepreneur. Col. Sanders developed his unique chicken recipe and sold it at his single restaurant along a major thoroughfare. With the increase in travelers on the nation’s highway system, a new highway with no off-ramp for the Col. replaced the well-traveled road. The elevated segment of highway soon took him off the map. A master of turning adversity into opportunity, he took his show on the road by selling his system of cooking chicken to restaurants. It came with very stringent rules which the restaurants had to follow. This soon mushroomed into an intercontinental fast-food powerhouse. Most of us remember well this ‘grandfather-like’ gentleman who became known for his white suits and black bow-ties. But what is relatively unknown is his depth of knowledge and support of Chiropractic. Of Chiropractic Col. Sanders said, “I am seventy-eight years old, and I have a high respect for the medical profession for what they can do, but I do not respect

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By Robert Sinnott, D.C., L.C.P., DPh.CS •


Chiropractic is Finger-Licking Good!

Fall 2011

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A Letter from the Editor One Door Closes…Another One Opens By Joseph F. Donofrio, D.C. •

We’ve all used this phrase, or had it used upon us when things are going, shall we say, less than optimally. Well, I’ve uttered the phrase numerous times in the past year or two as various Chiropractic colleges do some very unchiropractic things or organizations that stood for good Chiropractic made some very “ungood” statements or choices. No point in rehashing the Who, How or Why of these things, let’s just say that they were disappointing, and in my opinion, not furthering the cause of good, straight Chiropractic. Just as I was again running this phrase through my mind, late one night, I stumbled upon several Facebook pages repleat with hundreds of “my kind of Chiropractors.” Let me explain… “my kind” adjust the spine to correct VS, they educate practice members about why they do this, they have various types of flexible fees which allow and encourage families to get under care, they correct VS merely because it is detrimental to Life and they honor the Green Books as sacred history and the Blue Books as wise…my kind of Chiropractor! Though I rarely admit to it, I had made a terrible error that lead to my depression at the happenings mentioned above. I regarded the Northeast as the only known universe of Chiropractic thought! Good God, here before me on Facebook were hundreds, maybe more, of brothers in TIC…my kind of TIC! Furthermore most were very good writers. In this issue and in those to come we will feature these contributors from across the nation and the world. We will come to know them and they us and all of us will be, as I have been, richer, wiser and better equipped to go forth and change the world to a more Chiropractic place…Enjoy!

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The One to Three Percent By Rhett Ruehle, D.C. • That’s it. One to three percent of the office members you talk to will choose lifetime family maintenance care. Think about that for a minute. That means that out of every 100 people you speak with, 99 of them will not be in your office for the remainder of their life. If you do the math, in order to have an office which contains 100 families, which is a fairly large office by today’s standards, you must speak with 10,000 people. Regardless of the product you are selling, how many of you would take a job with a one percent success rate? I doubt very many. So what is it that keeps you motivated? Why do you continue to show up for work day after day knowing that the vast majority of the time, even if a new office member begins care, they will discontinue once their particular symptom or condition does (or doesn’t) clear up? I do it because that one person makes it all worthwhile. There is absolutely nothing I find more exciting than explaining the chiropractic message to someone for the very first time and to see the look in their eyes when they understand. I don’t mean when someone believes that chiropractic may help their particular condition, I am talking about the look when they understand how chiropractic has an impact on every facet of their life. I think that we all know these people when we see them. • They are the families who attempt to use words like “vertebral subluxation,” “innate,” and “chiropractic” in their weekly game of Scrabble. • They are the six-year-old children who come to the office with their friend’s

parents and jump on the table to get checked (even though they were in only a few hours before with their family). When asked why they are on the table again, they respond, “Because I have been playing with These three young children appeared before me at a recent summer my friend and may country fair, interested and engaged in learning about Chiropractic. have gotten subluxated.” • They are the retiree who falls off of came over. Since I wasn’t in the best of an eight-foot ladder in his garage and moods I didn’t even speak to them. Inis certain that he broke his ribs, but in- stead I began to play solitaire on my stead of going to the medical doctor to phone. (I am sure you have all done that have x-rays taken, he comes into your of- a time or two!) All of a sudden one of the children fice to correct the subluxations that may have been caused by his fall. (If you want said, “So what is it that you do?” Without to know more about this particular story looking up I replied, “I am a chiropractor.” The little voice replied, “Well I know feel free to email!) • They are the people who invite you to that, but what is it that you DO?” At that their birthday parties, concerts, sporting point I looked up and saw all three chilevents, etc. because they not only see dren looking at (and attempting to read) you as their chiropractor but they see a pamphlet entitled “Chiropractic for Children.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. Imyou as a part of their family. This past August I took part in a few mediately I put my phone aside and had county fairs near my office. I have always one of the most amazing conversations enjoyed spreading the chiropractic mes- with these three little children. As soon sage regardless of the venue. This partic- as we finished, they ran to find more of ular fair however was extremely difficult. their friends and I continued to explain Typically, I am able to talk to quite a few chiropractic to them as well. Those are the one percent that make people, explain chiropractic and if nothing else, have some very good conversa- it all worthwhile. tions. On this day however, I am certain that I had gone through at least 99 people and was nearing the end of my rope. I didn’t really want to talk to anyone anymore. I didn’t even want to be there. In fact, I was about ready to pack up and leave for the day when three little kids

GSCS Straight To You! • Fall 2011






Real Chiropractic Unity? By Gregory Stetzel, D.C. •

We have it in New Jersey. They have

movement toward the medicalization of

include the following: Multidisciplinary

it in Michigan. Our neighbors to the

our profession. Now that is something

Practices require Keen Compliance Tactics,

North in New York are working toward

we should be able to unify around.

Five Reasons Why Incorporating Nutri-

Of course, you realize I am not seri-

tion Will Launch Your Success, Five Ways

Is Chiropractic unity an oxymoron?

ous about being able to unify around

to Increase Your Income in Three Weeks,

The movement everywhere you

anything that might come from Jim

and Integration, Integration, Integration –

look is to establish “Chiropractic unity” so

Winterstein. He is the epitome of the

Practicing Chiropractic Within a Multidis-

our profession can speak with one voice

FAR left in whatever it is he represents

ciplinary Healthcare System. It should be

toward establishing and accomplishing

(it’s not Chiropractic) as evidenced by

noted that the five ways to increase your

our common goal. And what is that com-

his school dropping Chiropractic from

practice that are suggested and appar-

mon goal, you ask? In almost every case,

its name and promoting the doctor of

ently promoted by the Chiropractic Sum-

the common goal is increased insurance

chiropractic medicine degree. The Na-

mit are to offer 1. massage, 2. nutritional

reimbursement for an ever expanding

tional College is the centerpiece of the

supplements, 3. exercise or rehab therapy,

list of “treatments” and procedures so

ACA’s master plan for the destruction of

4. weightloss programs, and 5. merge

we can be on an equivalent basis with

Chiropractic and the ultimate absorp-

your practice with a friend’s practice in the

the other healthcare professionals in our

tion of our profession into medicine, just

same town.”

communities. We can finally become

like osteopathy.

it. Chiropractic unity is all the rage.

Now doesn’t that sound like a pur-

Recently, the International Federa-

pose that all chiropractors could unify

In the recent Joseph Janse Address

tion of Chiropractors and Organizations

around? As you can imagine, the IFCO

to the FCLB, James Winterstein let the

(IFCO) was asked to participate in the

in the balance of their position paper re-

cat out of the bag when he announced

Chiropractic Summit, a conglomeration

spectfully declines the invitation to uni-

that Chiropractic needed to move to-

of “representative” organizations and

fy around Multidisciplinary Healthcare

ward the inclusion of prescribing and

chiropractors coming together to create

system practice mode, as do we.

administering pharmaceuticals in order

“unity” in the profession. Can you guess

to become recognized as “real doctors”

where this one is going?

“Real Doctors.”

Here in New Jersey, we have an organization that has touted itself as being

in our society because that’s what pa-

To quote the IFCO Position Paper

the “unified” voice of Chiropractic for the

tients expect from their doctor. He also

on why they could NOT unify under the

state for the past several years in spite

noted that the use of the term sublux-

Summit, “The Chiropractic Summit es-

of the fact that the GSCS NEVER signed

ation in Chiropractic “has to go.” So now

pouses the tagline, “One Voice. One Mes-

on and has remained active and autono-

the agenda has been set for our unified

sage. Securing a Better Future.” Under the

mous as the unified voice of unadulter-

goal – the destruction and dissolution of

“One Message” button on their website,

ated Chiropractic for over 30 years. This

Chiropractic as we know it and further

articles for professional development

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4 GSCS Straight To You! • Fall 2011

What Education Do Our Students Need? By Robert Sinnott, D.C., L.C.P., DPh.CS • There are as many opinions to this question as there are Chiropractors. The CCE certainly has a view, albeit not one I share. The NBCE and FCLB seem to share the view of the CCE though. No great surprise, most are hypnotically enamored with the elusive Holy Grail of “medical approval.” None too soon the field DCs and students have recently stood up to the all-powerful juggernaut of the CCE to demand accountability. These current events playing out in Chiropractic today have shown me that the Chiropractic schools have a lower percentage of actual time devoted to learning “Chiropractic” than they did in the 80s when I was a student. The question that springs into my mind is, “Is that even possible?” Now mind you, I am not attacking my teachers, who quite honestly did a fine job, considering that teaching with an arm tied behind your back is certainly not an enviable position. Teachers do not choose the subject matter – that comes from outside-in forces and is enforced with the hammer of Thor, by way of veiled threats of losing their accreditation. After all, without being accredited by the ACA’s CCE, a school finds itself losing student loan dollars. Let’s face it, which of you DCs reading this could afford to plunk down the $100,000 in tuition for Chiropractic school, let alone the idea that you need a minimum of three years of “holding pen” college. You may also want to live somewhere aside from the backseat of your car, and maybe eat occasionally. So, you graduate with

a minimum of $150,000 to $200,000 in debt. Now you can’t wait to open and go to the local banker and tell them you have no collateral, no mathematical scenario where you can describe how to easily afford a single loan payment – and of course, you are now homeless. Is the education today worth $100,000? Mine was $18,000 when I started school in January of 1987. Are the students today taught a greater

“ Are the students today taught a greater degree of what they need to know to succeed? ” degree of what they need to know to succeed? Do they emerge confident in their skills as both a Chiropractor and businessman? No. As a matter of fact, as a group they have less skill than graduates of even ten years ago. But their education allows them to show their proficiency at passing the ACA’s NBCE tests – there are FOUR parts now right? Let’s not forget to add that to the debt. So, what do they need to learn? A short history lesson might shed some light. Up to the very early 1950’s the DC program at the Palmer School of Chiropractic was 18 months. SO, what did those graduates NOT learn? Well, they had no chance of diagnosing a patient with Kuru. Today they are taught this vital information. Then again, it is only

cannibals that eat human brains and spinal cords in a single tribe in New Guinea that are at peril. But! You MUST know of the Dracunculus medinensis! It is not noted in the United States, but… so what? What about Hymenolepis nana tapeworm? Of course the medics feel it is not a health problem… You certainly need to know how far from your newly shovel-dug well that your new outhouse should be. If it were not for the overbearing influence of the NBCE testing over such obscure non-Chiropractic gibberish, our students might spend that time learning to be better Chiropractors. Those 18-month graduates learned, in detail, what it took to make a great Chiropractor. Their education was focused on being a Chiropractor. They learned about adaptation by writing papers on how the cadaver they dissected had adapted anatomically to fit a set of circumstances discovered in the dissection process. They learned that a scoliosis is not a pathology, but is true architectural genius. They learned that you don’t get sick, you lose health. As DD Palmer said health is the entity, not disease. These graduates were fortunate to sit in classrooms in an era where the outcome that mattered was how good of a Chiropractor they were. Those who had the pleasure of knowing many of these graduates from our schools in that era know full well what I am referring to. By doubling the education, have we even as much actual Chiropractic education as they did in half the clock hours then?

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GSCS Straight To You! • Fall 2011


Don’t Try It; Be It.

By David McGonagle, D.C. • So I won Powerball. Seriously. I got

ropractors build their practice. They are

one” years down the road as long as you

one number plus the powerball. An easy

always looking for the “winning ticket!”


$4. I know, it’s not exciting. The excite-

The one new practice member who will

Honestly, you may never have that

ment is in the possibility of hitting it big

refer the world. The one spinal screen-

“winning ticket,” but after 40 years or so of

for millions. What I could do if I really

ing that will double their practice in two

practice, you may realize that you have a

won the Powerball!

weeks. The one idea that gets their prac-

successful practice (no matter how you

tice rolling in the right direction. The one

define success) that provided a fulfill-

gimmick. The one…something.

ing life. You may even have the joy of

On the ride home from purchasing the ticket, my kids and I started the “wish list” for our windfall. Therein lies

Too many DC’s have a Powerball-

realizing that you’ve changed the world.

the problem with playing Powerball. It’s

mentality. Without that “winning ticket,”

Gauged by a different standard, you

as though life isn’t good enough as it is,

practice isn’t so good, isn’t fulfilling

will be wealthy beyond belief. Besides,

or won’t be fulfilling, or won’t have the

or just won’t be as spectacular as their

when you have the ability to release

same accomplishments without the aid

“wish list.”

the power that animates the universe,

Just like you can’t try chiropractic with

ing the wish list just to update my goals.

true success, you can’t try building

So when I don’t hit big (by big I mean

your practice successfully because your

more then $4), I don’t have disappoint-

premise for achieving success would be

ments, and life goes on.

all wrong.

ball. What I do count on are the things

long action. Don’t do one chiropractic

I know. I know that as long as I correct

orientation, do an orientation every

vertebral subluxations, I will have a ful-

week for your entire career. If you do a

filling career in chiropractic and that

spinal screening at a community event

which I need will be provided. I know

one year, do the same event every year.

that as long as I give love willingly, I will

Don’t stop doing any one practice build-

get love. I know that as long I have my

ing activity because it wasn’t a “winning

faith, I will receive grace from God.

ticket.” When your calendar of events is

I know these things to be true be-

full and a new opportunity arises, then

cause I believe in them so strongly that I

you can drop an activity to make room

can’t imagine life existing without them.

for something new. Until then, do them

Playing Powerball is how many chi-

all. One activity may become “the big

6 GSCS Straight To You! • Fall 2011


Practice building needs to be a life-


I don’t count on winning Power-

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People.


don’t count on winning, but I like revisit-


tum to actually building your practice.


to have a little excitement with the kids. I


you don’t hit big, and lose any momen-


three or four times a year. I play simply


erball practice: You feel defeated when


The thing is, I only play Powerball

Powerball is just another distraction.


Therein lies the problem with a Pow-


of the Powerball millions.

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There Checking Slips By Matthew Alvord, D.C. • Slipping and checking is the process

on the principled path and reduce the

expect. Inherent within proper detec-

referred to as the way a wayward Chi-

chance of them getting caught up in

tion is the freedom for the Chiropractor

ropractor recognizes and finds his way

anything else that could distract them.

to let go of any of the other allopathic

back to the “ward.” And the ward has

The right detection allows the Chiro-

considerations or distractions that could

a warden...the Chiropractic Principles.

practor to know what they know confi-

potentially leak into their ADIO thought

In order to check anything, a slip must

dently and to, just as importantly, NOT


be acknowledged. There is not only no

know what they don’t know and leave

Sometimes the problem is that the

check without a slip, there is no check

the rest up to Innate Intelligence. The

Chiropractor is not providing the specific

without the knowing and accepting

mentality of the mixer does not discern

adjustment for the subluxation at hand.

that there is a slip to check. The solu-

the difference between a fixation and

After all, you can’t adjust a fixation and

tion then is always the philosophy: The

a subluxation. If the detection side of

subluxations were being manipulated

Ward. The usual check to a slip is to get

the equation is in check, the Chiroprac-

long before 1895. Knowing that we ul-

back to reviewing the very Chiropractic

tor will know when someone is sublux-

timately don’t do the adjusting, that the

Principles we thought we already knew.

ated or not, and the not could be any-

body does, or more accurately that the

Although this is always essential on

thing else, fixation or otherwise. This

Innate Intelligence of that body does,

some level, a practical way to reduce the

is a key slip for so many Chiropractors

helps put the Chiropractor’s relationship

chance of slipping is to just get back to

who sometimes feel like they need to do

with their people in the right perspec-

the practical idea of detecting and cor-

more than they should and at times that

tive. When we see the correction in this

recting subluxations.

Anything other

they shouldn’t, regardless of how the

light, ideas about any therapies go out

than this specific intent usually has a slip

person on the table feels or what they

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involved with it and if we are doing Principled things in our office, we are more assured to be thinking them. Sometimes the problem is that the Chiropractor is not detecting subluxations properly. Detection of the subluxation requires some kind of adequate pre AND post assessment to know when a subluxation is actually present and when it has been corrected. They are both absolutely vital. If the Chiropractor has a sound way to do this, it will dramatically increase his or her confidence in their day to day interactions with their

Chiropractic is Finger-Licking Good! Continued from page 1 but I just wish they were not so prejudiced against Chiropractors and Chiropractic. If they understood Chiropractic as much as I do, they would praise it like I do, and many millions of people who are now sick would get well that much sooner. Yes, Chiropractic is wonderful, and my good health during the past fifty-three years has proven it to me.” This man with his sphere of influence is just one of thousands of ‘celebrities’ over the years to publicly endorse Chiropractic. What is most interesting is the level of understanding emanating through his words. What percentage of patients today could give an explanation as accurate as Col. Sanders did in this late sixties interview?

people and motivate them to continue

GSCS Straight To You! • Fall 2011


Presidential Perspectives

Checking Slips

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Continued from page 7

other organization moved unilaterally

We, as a profession, cannot afford

to change the scope of practice in NJ

to compromise on our founding princi-

the window...electrical, light, dark or

to mimic the goals of the Chiropractic

pal. It is our unique position that makes

just “in the dark”.

Summit and then some. So much for

Chiropractic a distinct entity and an in-

Sometimes the problem is that

a unifying message. The Garden State

valuable asset to society. No other pro-

the Chiropractor is getting away from

Chiropractic Society never joined with

fession offers humanity the service that

the concept of the subluxation itself.

them in the promotion of the scope

Chiropractic provides. No other science,

When we realize or are reminded that

change and fought to stop the expan-

art, or philosophy can replace what Chi-

the unique element of the definition

sion of the scope of practice into a more

ropractic holds dear. No one can take

of a subluxation is about the men-

medical mode of practice and yet, they

away what Chiropractic has brought to

tal impulse, it takes away any other

continue to proclaim that they are the

the planet. Only we can save or destroy

physical concerns about the adap-

unified voice of Chiropractic in our state

what Chiropractic is and what it means

tions that may be associated with

and present themselves as the model for

for us and for future generations. It is up

the subluxation or any limitations

other states to follow in their search for

to us to remain strong and unified in the

the Chiropractor may want to super-

unity. Their unity is a lie and lies always

preservation and protection of our sa-

impose on the person as they arise.

lead to destruction. Time will surely

cred truth.

When the Chiropractor’s sole concern

Perhaps this is why BJ Palmer left his

is for the subluxation, it becomes

To be sure, we in the GSCS believe

final message to Chiropractic. BJ knew

more difficult to slip from the Chi-

that all chiropractors should be unified

that our integrity would be tested. He

ropractic Principles and it becomes

and speak with one voice in order to

knew that our only hope was in refusing

easier to practice them. Anchor your

insure that our message is heard, loud

to compromise the principals of Chiro-

mind on the Chiropractic Principles

and clear. To be clear, we believe that

practic and resisting the temptation to

and the slips will stay anchored in any

the message that we can and should

make chiropractic something it was not.

kind of storm.

unify under is one of pure, unadulter-

His charge still holds today. So long as

ated Chiropractic which recognizes our

organizations like the Garden State and

unique role in the health and well-being

IFCO and the chiropractors who align

of people everywhere. We believe that

with their mission exist to protect and

the purpose of Chiropractic is now and

preserve our Chiropractic birthright,

should always be the location, analysis

there will be someone to guard it well.

prove this out.

and correction of vertebral subluxation solely because vertebral subluxation is,

(The complete text of the IFCO Position Paper on

in and of itself, a detriment to the ex-

the Chiropractic Summit can be read on the IFCO

pression of human potential and life (period). Anything else is a compromise. And, whenever you compromise a principal, you lose the principal. 8 GSCS Straight To You! • Fall 2011

website at

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GSCS Classifieds ………………… WANTED: Straight chiropractors with a

OFFICE COVERAGE: The coverage ser­

commitment to serve their fellow man

vice dedicated to the correction of ver­

or woman. Serve and educate once a

tebral subluxation, PERIOD.

month at Elijah’s Promise soup kitchen

Rushing, D.C., Garden State Chiroprac­tic

in New Brunswick, NJ from 11:00 am

Society member, private practice since

to 12:15 pm on Thursdays as part of

1986. If you’re in need of this ser­vice,

“Chiropractic for Humanity.” Contact Jay

please call 732-598-8429.

Gary W.


vision going strong! I can check for subluxations! I can use individualized adjusting techniques! I can help people understand the importance of lifetime chiropractic!

I can handle even the

toughest questions! Call Jim Healey,



so while you’re away let me keep your


about making a difference in the world,


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Education Continued from page 5 Certainly not. So, what does a Chiropractic student need to know? They need to know how to provide Chiropractic care from cradle to grave. They need to know how to explain the Chiropractic philosophy of health in simple understandable terms. They need to be able to identify the presence or absence of the vertebral subluxation and offer their Chiropractic service accordingly. They need to offer hope through the knowledge of an Innate Intelligence that strives constantly toward optimal health, not fear through an outside-in paradigm transfixed on a mechanistic view of sickness and disease. Such an education would cause them to feel confident in what they offer humanity. The classes that support that kind of graduate would be a welcome and needed change to a system of Chiropractic education that currently seems hell-bent on assisted suicide. In simple terms, they need to be allowed to learn to be a Chiropractor.







D.C., at 732-367-8811.

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The Official Voice of Straight Chiropractic in NJ! Classified ads are complimentary to GSCS members in good standing, non-member ads are $40. Ads should be 40 words or less and are subject to GSCS board approval. Your check, made payable to the GSCS, must accompany your ad. Deadlines are April 15, July 15, October 15, and January 15. Ads should be sent to: Danielle Argenio, D.C., Advertising Chairperson • STRAIGHT TO YOU! 608 Newark Pompton Tpke, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 973-835-9322 phone •

GSCS Straight To You! • Fall 2011


Advertising Rates & Publication Schedule FULL PAGE 3 col. (7 1/2 x 10)

ONE THIRD PAGE 1 col. (2 5/6 x 10) 2 col. (4 7/8 x 5) 3 col. (7 1/2 x 3 3/4)

HALF PAGE 2 col. (4 7/8 x 7 1/2) 3 col. (7 1/2 x 5)

BUSINESS CARD 1 col. (2 5/6 x 1 1/2)

ONE FOURTH PAGE 2 col. (4 7/8 x 3 3/4) 3 col. (7 1/2 x 2 1/2)

Ad Size qFull Page q1/2 Page q1/3 Page

1 issue $400 $250 $200

ONE SIXTH PAGE 1 col. ( 2 5/16 x 5) 2 col. (4 7/8 x 2 1/2)

Check Desired Ad Size 4 issues $1,440 $ 900 $ 720

Ad Size q1/4 Page q1/6 Page qBus. Card

1 issue $175 $125 $ 75

4 issues $630 $450 $270

Publication Schedule

Winter: Jan. - Mar. issue, deadline Jan. 15 Spring: Apr. - June issue, deadline Apr. 15

Summer: July - Sept. issue, deadline July 15 Fall: Oct. - Dec. issue, deadline Oct. 15

Business card ads may require a one-time $50 preparation charge if ink does not reproduce well. Submit this contract for space reservation with your camera-ready ad and payment no later than the deadline for the publication issue you desire. Send all copy and correspondence to: GSCS Newsletter c/o Danielle Argenio, D.C. 608 Newark Pompton Tpke. Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 973-835-9322 phone email



10 GSCS Straight To You! • Fall 2011


GSCS Straight To You! • Fall 2011


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Scholarship Opportunity Are you a Chiropractic student from the great state of New Jersey interested in a scholarship? Contact Dr. Daniele Argenio for more information at atruedc@

The Garden State Chiropractic Society has recently joined the affinity program sponsored by TD Bank. The goal of the GSCS is to have a minimum of 50 accounts linked to this program. When the GSCS reaches this goal, TD Bank will donate a minimum of $500 to our organization. The donation does not come out of your account. You can link a new or existing account to the GSCS. The account may be savings, checking, certificate of deposit, etc. It may be a personal or a business account. Since TD Bank has offices in several states, you can invite family members and friends to participate in this program. Simply visit your closest TD Bank branch and state you would like to link your account(s) to the Garden State Chiropractic Society. We greatly appreciate your support. Call Daria Messina, D.C. for further information at 732-929-3322.

Did You Know? STRAIGHT TO YOU, the newsletter and official voice of the Garden State Chiropractic Society, is now delivered digitally to all Chiropractic college students and members of the IFCO (formerly the FSCO). To receive your digital copy contact us today at: and include “subscribe� in the subject line.

Straight To You: Fall 2011  

The official publication of the Garden State Chiropractic Society

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