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May 11th, 2010

Election Update: 7:50PM (GMT)

Brown Resigns and Moves Aside It has come as a very sudden move from the Prime Minister who announced his resignation as leader of the Labour Party and Government with immediate effect at Downing Street twenty minutes ago. Gordon Brown - who gained power from Tony Blair just after the last General Elections stated that he had informed the Queen’s Private Secretary of the move and he has now arrived at Buckingham Palace with his wife, Sarah to announce his official resignation and to suggest the invitation of David Cameron as the new Prime Minister. Brown wished Cameron the best of luck running the country in his farewell speech outside Number 10. Brown made specific reference to the UK Troops around the world and for the sacrifices being made by many for the sake of the country. His comments were followed by

offerings of thanks to his cabinet, staff but mostly to his wife and children - who accompanied Gordon and Sarah Brown following the speech up Downing Street to where Brown’s motorcade stood waiting for his delivery to the Queen. Brown made it clear that while he had loved his job and the opportunities it brought him and his family, that family came first and that he cherished his job as a Husband and Father more than anything else. Speaking yesterday, Brown said that he would resign by September once he had ensured a smooth economic recovery for England as the Labour party attempted to get on the good side of the Liberal Democrats however negotiations this morning fell apart according to Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs pulling Brown’s last straw. David Cameron - who is currently

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waiting at Portculis House with his wife Samantha, is now likely to be invited by the Queen to Buckingham Palace this evening to be named Prime Minister in an alliance between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties. Political experts expect to see David Cameron move in to Number 10 tomorrow and to form his cabinet immediately with just thirteen days to go until the Queen’s speech in Parliament which will officially open the new parliamentary session. Some political experts still expect to see another Election by the end of the year as the elections have still resulted in 50/50 votes which could cause difficulties in the making of parliamentary decisions however with the now-forming government this theory is unlikely. Brown has had a good innings and now it is time for a fresh start. Photo: dominiccampbell/Flickr

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British Election Update - 7:50PM Tuesday  
British Election Update - 7:50PM Tuesday  

The Frankfurt Globe's Update on the British Election. Published at 7:50PM (GMT) on Tuesday, 11 May 2010.