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May 27th, 2010


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The Artificial Creation

American Scientists create Artificial Life using a computer.

Also Inside: • Was the Duchess Really Worth It? • South Korea vs. North Korea


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edition 6

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American Scientists create artificial life using a computer.

The First of the British Airways Cabin Crew has Begun.

The Duchess lies about The Duke to to make ÂŁ500,000 from the Press.

Taking a look at who is to blame for what.

Are Apple starting to loose their Game?

The London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Latest Digital Album Reviewed.

Inter-Milan return to the top of the UEFA Champions League.

Your Guide to Relationships - Your Questions, Our Answers for You

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The Artificial Creation

J. Craig Venter Institute

Taking a look at the American Discovery that could change the way we look at life today. It was a breakthrough that few thought possible until the new millennium but on May 21st, scientists at J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) published results that proved they had constructed the first self-replicating synthetic bacterial cell. The aim of the research - which has been under-going for the last fifteen years at the Institute was to prove that cells could be designed in a computer or made in a laboratory using chemicals. It also aimed to prove that the self-replicating cell would only be controlled by its ‘artificially’ made genome the chromosome necessary for the cell to carry out its operations. “We now have the means to dissect the genetic instruction set of a bacterial cell to see and understand how it really works,” said Doctor Ham Smith following the publication of the results.

The research involved the creation and insertion of new DNA into an already existing bacterial cell causing the cell to operate in different ways due to the genetic data passed on to it. “Until now. all life has arisen from preexisting life however this case is the first time that life has been made artificially” says Gordon Armstrong, a high-school student studying Biology. He pointed out however that the cell isn’t completely man-made though as “Even in this case, the scientists were required to use already-existing bacterial cells in which they contained the new DNA. This shows that science is not advanced enough yet in order for scientists to artificially create a cell from scratch.” Students’ views are mixed over whether or not humans should have the right to create life artificially or whether or not we should

BA Talks - Let The Strikes Begin Following the appeal court over-ruling the High Court ban on the British Airways Cabin Crew Strike last week talks were held on Saturday to try and avert the last-minute strikes that began on Monday but no avail. Talks collapsed over the weekend between UNITE - the union responsible for the majority of the British Airways cabin crew and the airline after protestors stormed the meeting on Saturday afternoon surrounding BA Chief - Willie Walsh who had to be led to safety by police who were called in.

Both the union and BA said the protest was outrageous and unnecessary as the parties had tried to avert the strikes and the dis-


ruption that is now ongoing causing problems for thousands of British Airways passengers

just use the discovery to find out more about how life is created using the cell discovery which is the aim according to scientists and researchers at the J. Craig Venter Institute. “They can now manufacture any bacteria to produce any protein or chemical a human may need to help them with a deficiency problem they may have,” said Matthew Grima. “They also have the potential now to bio-engineer human tissue or an organ that is completely compatible with the recipient’s bodily systems with no change or rejection or malfunction.” Sachin Rajgopal stated that the discovery could, “lead to the revival of extinct animals that are vital to their respective habitats and eco-systems. An example of such creatures are the Japanese Sea-Lion, and the Javin Rhino of which only 40 survive around the world.”

this week. Talks - which were planned to resume in a secret location on Sunday didn’t take place as UNITE offered to call off the strikes if BA reinstated employee travel benefits but Willie Walsh said he was unhappy with UNITE making their offer through the media and not through formal talks. So British Airways are lacking staff members this week as the first five days of strikes take place across BA’s network and with more planned the future is still uncertain.


Was The Duchess Really Worth It?

Burns Library, Boston College/Flickr

The Ex-Wife of the Duke of York lies about The Duke to Make Money from an Undercover Journalist ted to having had a “very severe laps in judgement” and was seen leaving the airport in the early afternoon nearly in tears of devastation. The Duchess is reported to have financial problems although she told the press on Sunday that the deal was nothing to do with her financial issues. The Duke - the UK’s special representative for international trade has made little fuss over the situation having made no official statement to the press following the scandal’s debut on Sunday morning. Various Government and Royal ministers have admitted however, that they are outraged by the secret dealings of the Duchess and that they are delighted the scandal came out before anything resulted from it. The scandal - an obvious setup by the News of the World to test the Duchess’ loyalties is likely to be the Duchess’ worst nightmare for years to come and other political figures and their family members will be on high alert before any of their privacy and reputations get shred to pieces by their own media scandals.

With just the first £40,000 paid with another £460,000 to go - The News of the World have let loose the story of their undercover dealings with Sarah Ferguson - the ex-wife of the Duke of York. It has been fourteen years since the Duke (Prince Andrew) and Duchess of York got divorced in 1996 but they have managed to remain close friends although that may have taken a sharp corner this week. The News of the World claim and have provided video evidence that Sarah Ferguson lied to one of their undercover reporters in order to try and make money out of the Prince saying “Andrew said to me: ‘Tell him £500,000’. Look after me and he’ll look after you.” Following what the media have described as the Duchess’ dinner date with a businessman - who was the News of the World’s undercover reporter, they travelled to his apartment by limousine - an action described as a threat to her personal security - where she accepted her deposit payment of £40,000 which the reporter just happened to

have in his safe at the time. The Meeting wasn’t the first time that the Duchess has met with the reporter (businessman) this year - they are also thought to have met earlier in the year in New York. The Duchess flew to the United States on Sunday - following the news of her scandal reaching the public, in order to receive an award for her charity work. She founded the Children in Crisis charity in 1993 which have donated nearly £20 Million to international service projects. The reward - The Catherine Variety Sheridan Award - is awarded annually and has been won by many other UK Leaders in the past including Winston Churchill. The Duchess is reported to have remarked at the collection of her reward stating; “phew, I’ve had a heavy day” in an attempt to brush off the scandal’s effect in the US. She also said that she had learnt that she hates grown-ups and loves children - of which she has two - Beatrice and Eugenie of York. On arrival in the US the Duchess admit-

BBC: Inmates Archive

On the Top of the World Youngest Accused

The Daily Telegraph announced that the BBC - Britain’s publicly funded broadcasting company - have been paying serving prison inmates £30 a week to digitalize their one million hours of archive footage in a “very cost-effective” secret deal with a privately run Category B Jail.

Jordan Romero, 13 from California became the youngest person ever to reach the peak of Mount Everest last week. On the Same day, a Nepali man also broke a world-record for the most summits ever achieved by a human. The two climbers are two of 4,000 climbers to have summited the mountain since 1953.

Two boys aged 10 and 11 have been accused of attempted rape in a court this weekend despite denying charges and the supposed ‘victim’ - aged 8, having changed her story in the courts.The boys are the youngest to ever be convicted of attempted rape but may still face charges when a report is issued.

North Korea vs. South Korea David Paul-Hotze takes a closer look at the tensions between the two countries following the ship sinking investigation. Investigators confirmed last week that it was a torpedo that sank the South Korean Navy gunboat „Cheonan“ in March. The sinking which killed 46 sailors now has the potential to change the already finely balanced relationship the North Koreans and the South Koreans who have been divided since the Korean War. In March 2010, the South Korean patrol boat was carrying around a hundred members of the South Korean navy as it cruised in the waters off the western coast of North Korea in the Yellow Sea when it was hit by the homing subterranean missile. Until recently much of the story regarding the boat’s disappearance remained a mystery as divers dealt with the survivors following a night of havoc. On removal from the sea, the ship was found to bear a huge hole in its hull that was unusually formed according to the Head of the South Korean Investigation team. “Both sections at the failure point were bent upward,” he said at an investigation hearing. South Korea denying at first that North Korea had anything to do with the sinking quickly changed their mind last week after finding North Korean number markings on the torpedo presumed to have sunk the ship when it was lifted off the sea bed at the end of March. The Survivors of the assault described the event as a large Shockwave with an explosion that followed. Survivors found they were able to swim to nearby islands having jumped aboard were they were picked up by coastguards soon after the evacuation, fol-

ship around 3 meters from its gas storage area. Fires were not reported in the investigation however, suggesting that the torpedo was not travelling fast enough to propel itself through the thick outer walls of the ship in order to reach the engines. Pyongyang - the South Korean President, rejected the accusations following the sinking saying it was a „fabrication“ failure. Last week however, members of the investigation team who came from the United States, Britain and Sweden confirmed suggested that the North Koreans were the only explanation for the torpedo attack sparking rapid tension build-ups between the North and the South. The North Koreans warned that they would declare war on the South should they blame them for the attack prompting China to step in - urging both


lowing an emergency call sent in the last few minutes of the ship’s buoyancy. At the conclusion of the investigation last week it was confirmed that the torpedo was high explosive and that it had struck the

countries to proceed with extreme caution and to show restraint. The White House described the sinking of the ship as a clear „act of aggression“ from the North Koreans. President Obama of the United States released a statement giving the South Korean’s the United States‘ full military

and moral backing if the two Koreas were to go to war for the second time in a hundred years. Pyonyang has now confirmed that he would send a South Korean investigation team to secure the evidence which was shortly followed by the United Nations secretary, Kimoon who said that the matter was „deeply troubling“.


Music Reviews - Classical The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music (LPO)

Off the Beaten Track - Apple

Apple - the technology company renowned around the world for their intense product breach security, and evenly presented products are falling off their own podium following two months of extreme activity. The months of April and May have seen the company officially launch the iPad - Apple’s revolutionary new tablet computer which runs the iPhone OS. They have also leaked the next generation iPhone (4G) in disguise as a current generation iPhone (3G) after an employee lost it in a bar in San Francisco which resulted in the break-in and possibly illegal confiscation of a journalist’s computers. Then they announced the summer release of the new iPhone OS, brought out a new line of MacBooks and MacBook Pros and the last we heard was that the iPod Touch fourth generation had now also been leaked to the media from Apple’s headquarters. June promises to be another entertaining month as Apple’s Developer Conference (WWDC) is set to take place attracting the world’s best application developers to San Francisco - a week known to be Apple’s product release event and technical chit-chat session. Meanwhile however, Google have been racing ahead with the latest launch of their App Store for Android phones, latest product releases, the idea of a new web-based operating system and more.


Apple - who have been fighting Adobe and Google recently in their race to stay at the top of the technology rankings for consumer consumption and loyalty, are watching the steady slope down as stocks have dropped alongside the FTSE over the last few weeks. The Apple rumour forums are starting to hoten up with the guesses for WWDC product releases - one in particular offering a bingo game that a friend introduced to me where one can track all the products released or mentioned at the Opening Keynote which in the past has been staged in front of thousands of developers by Phil Shiller - Apple’s Vice-President of Product Marketing. Despite Apple’s month of releases in April, they have failed to deliver some of the most wanted products this year so far. Apple’s most loved products - iLife (the personal software suite for managing photos, editing video, making websites, and recording music) that comes free on every new Mac is in desperate need of updating following some dodgy features included in the last version like face-recognition technology. Other software in need of updating is Apple’s Final Cut Suite - a high-end hollywood movie editing solution that costs over $500 a copy. Apple have a lot to live up to with Google and Adobe just a few steps off their target audience. Some hard work is now needed!

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It’s been an instant hit in the iTunes Store becoming the Number 1 Classical CD Download in recent weeks but at the end of the day - it isn’t even a CD. One of the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s latest releases is the Digital-Only Album, The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music. Produced by the X5 Music Group who claim to be Europe’s Leader in Digital Music, the collection of tracks is an impressive entry point to the Classical Music world including all the well-known compositions heard around the world on a yearly basis under the baton of some of the world’s most distinguished conductors. For just £5.99 in the British iTunes Store, consumers have access to what can easily be described as a collection of the most loved classical music tracks of all time, played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of the renowned conductor David Parry. The Album isn’t all about orchestral works however, as it also features various solo performances and movements from Beethoven and Mozart Piano Sonatas alongside a few more modern compositions. The album - a rather hard compilation to criticize, does have one slight problem with it however but it isn’t related to the performances themselves. Instead it refers to the way tracks are assembled on the album - an order that doesn’t always go well together. Perhaps turning on the shuffle mode is a good idea for once. All-in-all, the London Philharmonic Orchestra have done themselves a privilege with the new album and with many more lined up for release in the next few months audiences can be sure to expect spotless renditions of a wide repertoire. X5 Music Group have also struck the right deal - as is the case with many of their other top hit discs which range throughout the music genres - Classical to Pop and Rock. Price: £5.99 Rating: 4/5 Stars

Milan - Back At The Top

Sebastian Vogelpoel reviews Inter-Milan’s return to the top of the UEFA Champions League On Saturday night the Italian giants achieved a historic treble by defeating the German champions - Bayern München 2-0 in the UEFA Champions League Final that took place in Madrid’s Stadio Calderon. The return of the conquerors to Milan on Sunday was heralded by 35,000 fans as the club returned to the top of the league for the first time since 1965. This is the first time the Italian club have won the Italian Scudetto and the champions league all in the space of one season. Inter Milan owner, Massimo Moratti will be happy to see his team elevated to the strength they held under the leadership of his father. The German Champions dominated the field for the majority of Saturday’s match against the Italian Titans Inter however, Inter came to win the tie thanks to a range of team-related activities - tactics to team spirit. Inter were supposed to be slight favourites but both teams were well matched with frequent problems in the league. The last season was an excellent example with both teams falling victims prior to the semifinals. New signings for the current season in particular Sneijder, Diego Milito and Lucio plugged all the holes in Inter’s once leaky

defence and his invaluable partnership with Walter Samuel created the most dynamic defence which defied all of Barcelona’s attacks in the semi-final with Inter. Sneijder gave Inter a creative edge playing midfield that allowed creative attacks with Milito standing proud in front of the opposition’s goal. Sachin Rajgopal, a student who supports Bayern said; “Inter had a brilliant tactician as coach. They only needed one goal to win. Bayern, on the other hand, wanted to play beautifully and win. Inter has also had one of the best finishers in the world.” He went on saying “Their [Inter’s] defence was superb, but that was due to the quality and quantity of players.” Bayern’s weak defence - a problem that has been highlighted throughout the season, proved to be the German’s major letdown allowing Inter two goals - one in each half. “Inter’s defence was too compact and

good, and they couldn’t use their chances. Bayern also only had one person who created chances” said Rajgopal referring to Robben. “With Ribery the game would have been a completely different story,” he concluded. Milan had everything to play for with the possibility of becoming the first Italian team ever to win the treble - a motivation that players were keen to show on the field. Inters play may not have been the most beautiful of the decade but their improved skills have taught the German’s who can be in charge. Following the match, Inter was recognised as legitimate winners of the competition. Bayern’s team chairman - Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said that “Inter were outstanding and deserved to win. Obviously, we’re disappointed about losing the final when we’ve had such a fantastic season.”

The French Open is Open for another spectacle The renowned clay courts of Paris opened to the public and the professionals for their annual competition - the French Open on Sunday for their annual tennis season - a tradition seen since the first French Open tournament in 1891. Second rounds begin today following some impressive - yet sometimes challenging performances notably from Murray and Roddick.

Men’s Singles Roddick (USA) vs. Nieminen (FIN) | 6-2 4-6 4-6 7-6 6-3 Nadal (ESP) vs. Mina (FRA) | 6-2 6-2 6-2 Ferrero (ESP) vs. Cuevas (URU) | 6-4 6-3 6-1 Women’s Singles Henin (BEL) vs. Pironkova (BUL) | 6-4 6-3 Krumm (JPN) vs. Safina (RUS) | 3-6 6-4 7-5 Sharapova (RUS) vs. Pervak (RUS) | 6-3 6-2 PHOTOs: marcp_dmoz, Treevis/flickr

OPINION Editor’s Notes

Dear Aunty Jane Q: Dear Aunty Jane. My best friend has a crush on a stranger who rides our bus to school every morning. They’ve never met but she’s to scared to go and introduce herself to him. Occasionally he’ll smile at her but, due to being shy she always turns away from him or makes an ugly face. Is there anything I can do to help her? A: Dear Concerned Friend. Being shy is a very common stumbling block to new friendships and romance.You need to

encourage her to overcome her shyness. No one expects her to hug him on their first encounter – she should try to at least brave some short eye contact and smile at him. This would help him to notice her.You could also try and find out some details about him and whether you have a common friend who could introduce them. May be they share a hobby or interest. Over to you now, friend. Good luck. Aunty Jane

The Frankfurt Globe welcome questions for publication as part of the ‘Dear Aunty Jane’ column. Your name will not be published with your question and all names mentioned in your questions will be changed to protect personal privacy. Please email us your questions to

FRANKFURT - I never expected after last week’s call for Journalists to write in The Frankfurt Globe that I’d be faced with so many offers to write articles in future editions. When one opens an edition of the International Herald Tribune, The Daily Telegraph or any other major (or minor) newspaper one finds that each article is written separately by one of their hundreds of journalists but for readers of The Frankfurt Globe one has usually been faced with a selection of articles all writen by the same person - me! Well hopefully things are about to change as I aim to enhance the magazine to increase our topic range and opinions - just in case I’m biased - and I think we’re off to a good start with this week’s edition. Just opposite of this column is a feature page on the UEFA Champions League - certainly not a topic I would have dared to touch or even bothered to read about over the weekend but Sebastian Vogelpoel has stepped into the shoes as a Sports Journalist to cover the topic. On Page Eight you may have read DavidPaul Hotze’s feature piece on the fight between the two Koreas which has escalated sharply over the last week following the proclamation that North Korea was responsible for the sinking of the South Korean ship in March which resulted in North Korea threatening war. You will - or at least when you turn the page you will - find that this week’s edition is two pages shorter than the average Frankfurt Globe however. Well - like everything in this world there is a reason for that. We cut out a number of items from this week’s edition that are based on static facts and opinions to place in next week’s edition because - as some may have picked up on we are having the edition next week printed for release on Sunday in Worms as eight of us head off for the TriStar111 Triathlon over the weekend. We’ll bring you a news update on Thursday but you can expect the real thing on Sunday next week. Have a good week! Christopher Sladdin, Editor in Chief The

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