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May 11th, 2010


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Oil Spill

BP Scramble after failed attempt to Cap Oil in Gulf.

Also Inside: •The Bailout - A Hopeful Plan? •The Days following the Election


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edition 4

4 Gulf Oil Spill 4 Merkel under Pressure following Votes The Bailout - A Hopeful Plan? 5 Airspace over Europe Closes Again 5 6 The Days following the Election 7 The Festival that’s Full of Variety 8 Facebook Accounts for Sale iPad Sales hit 1 Million 9 BP Scrambles after failed attempt to Cap Oil

The Most Powerful Woman’s Majority Vote is Hanging by a Thread

Did the IMF Bailout Announcement deal with the Doubts?

More disruption for passengers and a uncertain summer ahead for airlines. The First Five Days of British Mayhem in Brief

The 76th Year of Opera brings something for everyone’s tastes.

Hackers try to sell login data for 1.5 Million Users a Month. Apple’s US Demand has surpassed the Critics’ Expectations

Staff Editor in Chief - Christopher Sladdin Associate Writer - Alexander Nittel Interviews Facebook Accounts for Sale - Amy Orben (Frankfurt) iPad Sales Hit 1 Million - Johannes Pigge (Frankfurt) Cover Photograph The Oil Rig Deepwater Horizon Explodes (U.S Government/Public Domain) Editorial Board Email: The Frankfurt Globe is a Spark Web Design product. ©2010 Christopher Sladdin. All Rights Reserved.


BP Scrambles after failed attempt to Cap Oil

Volunteers help with BP’s Cleanup Operations It’s quickly turning into a of Mexico last week, involved the tentative candidate for the worst construction, transportation and U.S Oil Spill in history following installation of a metal dome four BP’s failed attempt to camp the stories high that weighs 98 tons Oil Well that has been leaking over the top of the leaking well. 100,000 Barrels of Oil into the The dome- designed by BP Gulf for two weeks. Mechanics following President BP, accused of not reacting Obama’s visit to the Gulf two to the Oil Spill that followed the weeks ago - looked to be sucexplosion of the Oil Rig Deep- cessful until it reached the sea water Horizon last month, tried bed after travelling a depth of to cap the leak last week with 5,000 feet when remote-cona metal dome that was lowered trolled submarines discovered 5,000 feet into the Gulf. that the entry point to the dome BP Mechanics warned be- - where the pipe to pump oil to fore attempting to cover the well the surface should have been that the plan had never been at- inserted, had become clogged tempted at such depths before with gas hydrates that form in making it subject to fail. the deeply pressurized and cold The procedure that took environment that is found on the place at locations around the Gulf sea bed.

BP Mechanics are also aware that the hydrates could cause the dome to become buoyant which could lift the dome off the top of the well allowing oil to continue leaking into the gulf. Doug Suttles, a Operating Officer at BP said last week that he “wouldn’t say it has failed yet,” however locals and the rest of the world are now watching every movement taken with wide eyes as memories of the Exxon Valdez oil disaster - the U.S’s largest ever oil spill that took place in Alaska 21 years ago - return. Estimates provided last week showed that around 3,000,000 gallons of oil could have leaked into the Gulf already accounting for a third of that

(uscgd8/Flickr) spilled in the Exxon Valdez disaster however, this is expected to increase as leaks still remain unsealed leaking a possible 5,000 25,000 barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico everyday. Local volunteers continued to sign up for low-paid jobs helping with BP’s massive cleanup operation, as they prepare for seasons without access to fishing areas and profit to keep them alive. The nation now keeps watch over BP as they find the next solution to the spill while finding who is to blame and to pay for the spill.

Merkel under Pressure following Votes

BY CHRISTOPHER SLADDIN & ALEXANDER NITTEL As if another politics story was needed alongside the UK’s General Election aftermath, Germany’s government are starting to feel the pressure as voting in

Nordrhein-Westfalen changed sides putting Angela Merkel - the German Chancellor’s majority on the line in the Bundesrat Germany’s combined state government. Until the most recent elections, Merkel presided over government as part of a coallition with the Liberal Democrats however, she must now depend on the social democrats to support her ideas in the Bundesrat. Merkel - the most powerful in the world faces pressure from

parties following this weekend’s passage of the Greek Recovery Package - part of the European Union’s bailout plans to support the Euro. She has also been accused of holding back information from the public in order to protect her votes in recent elections. The CDU - Merkel’s party, currently hold a majority government in coalition with the Liberals in the Bundestag - Germany’s parliament. In this year’s regional election in Nordrhein-Westfalen,

Merkel lost around 10% of the votes she won in the 2005 regional election. The regional election resulted in Merkel having less than 1% difference from the votes of the Social Democrats. EDITOR’S NOTE: German Politics is not an area that our Editors specialize in so any help in writing articles on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Please get in touch with us at sladdinchristopher@yahoo. com if your interested. Picture: IG BCE/flickr

The Bailout - A Hopeful Plan?

The Euro - Greece’s Problem It is a hopeful ending to Greece’s bankruptcy, rapidly declining stock markets and a whole host of other problems in the European Union and further afield. The weekend saw the International Monetary Fund meet with world leaders to confirm the largest bailout in recent years worth €1 Trillion. After stocks fell hundreds of points last Friday as concerns on Greece’s economy worsened and the British Election resulted in an uncertain Hung-Parliament which still has no solution, the


(donaldtownsend/Flickr) IMF and EU countries’ finance ministers worked to find solutions to what was looking like another global debt crisis like that of the recession two years ago. Following the IMF announcement over the weekend stocks rose again giving signs of recovery on Monday only to fall again yesterday to levels like those seen before the weekend. The Greek Government who have been facing bankruptcy for months after their recovery from the recent recession was less that satisfactory have accepted the bailout plan and are

now expected by EU Countries and the European Union to increase taxes and cut spending including pension schemes. The tax raise has caused anger around the country with regular protests taking place including one last week which killed at least three in a Greek Bank that was set alight. Verbal protests are also taking place in stock markets around the world as the focus turns quickly on Europe. The Greek Debt Crisis and the UK Elections are causing in-stability across the board as spending parties worry

about the future economy and what might be coming for countries and their markets. The Labour party in the UK made a dramatic move on Monday in order to speed up the election alliance process in the hope of markets recovering in the City following Alistair Darlings trip over the weekend to the EU Headquarters in Brussels for the IMF talks. Stocks are not likely to recover for a long period of time until stock market sellers see that the Euro zone’s massive debt is beginning to control itself.

Airspace over Europe around $1.7 Billion in revenue. danger of the ash. closed again over the weekend as European officials are workExperts have warned that a new ash plume from the Icelan- ing quickly at an overhaul of the volcano may continue to dic volcano that has been erupt- the aviation control system that erupt for weeks or months ing since mid-April. would create a central aviation ahead. The volcano erupted for Airports in Ireland, Scotland, France, Portugal and Spain closed as ash concentration levels rose dramatically diverting all trans-atlantic flights to and from Europe around Greenland or south of Spain - a diversion that has delayed hundreds of flights carrying thousands of passengers. (Johannes Pigge) Last month nearly all of Eu- A Lufthansa Jet lands, Saturday rope’s Airspace closed for nearly authority instead of the pri- three years last time it was active a week leaving 8 Million passen- vate one’s run by each country in 1821. gers stranded around the world respectively which resulted in Airlines are now worrying and costing the aviation industry mixed opinions regarding the about the uncertainty that the

volcano will bring to travel in the busy Summer Season as the potential for further ash clouds remains. It is likely that airlines and aviation authorities will - in partnership with aircraft manufacturers, carry out tests to determine the amount of ash necessary to stall an aircraft’s engines so that unnecessary flight cancellations don’t occur as frequently throughout the season. The tests may come to late however, as travellers choose to plan this year’s holidays without the need for air travel to ensure that their holiday plans aren’t ruined by another flight cancellation.

Airspace over Europe Closes Again

TOP STORIES The Days following the Election and Clegg. - The Queen announced that she wouldn’t be returning to Buckingham Palace until Saturday but that she was being updated on the election progress.

Thursday - Election Day - The Polls attracted 29,653,638 voters from around the UK between 7AM and 10PM to decide on the country’s next government. - Buckingham Palace stated that the Queen would call another election should a hungparliament be formed. - Thousands of voters around the UK were turned away from polling stations at 10PM. - An Exit Poll was published by the BBC, ITV and Sky News predicting a hung-parliament that drew considerable criticism from party members. - Constituencies across the country raced to count the ballot boxes from 10PM. - The BBC began their Election Night program on BBC1 with David Dimbleby presenting from 10PM until mid-morning on Friday with live reports from constituencies around the country. - Constituencies in Sunderland were the first three constituencies to release their results just 45 minutes after polling stations. Friday - Results Day - Results from further constituencies were released throughout the morning. - The Election resulted in a Hung-Parliament with the Conservatives winning the most seats but not having enough to form a majority government. - All constituencies - except one, reported their results by the afternoon. - The Conservatives won 326 seats with a swing of 5% from Labour since the 2005 Election. - Labour won 258 seats. - The Liberal Democrats won 57 seats. - Gordon Brown said he was interested in forming a “strong and stable” government. - David Cameron invited Nick Clegg to do the same thing in coalition 15 minutes later. - Talks between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats were agreed on by Cameron

Saturday - Day 2 - David Campbell spoke following a meeting with senior Lib Dem MPs saying that the coalition with the Conservatives could have “a positive result.” - A reporter for the BBC said that he believed the Conservatives to have offered the Liberal Democrats three seats in their new cabinet - Home Secretary, Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Transport Secretary. - The media believed that a phone call between Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg on Friday evening had turned into a bit of a rant at the Lib Dems. - Both Parties later denied the above. - The BBC were heavily criticized for their Election Program and its costs.

- All three party leaders took a break from their schedule to take part in a Commemoration for VE Day in London. - A Labour MP urged Brown to resign if the Labour Government were to have any chance of sharing power. - Liberal Democrats showed their support for Clegg having talks with Cameron over the weekend. - A Protest asked Clegg to fight for Proportional Representation in a deal with the Conservatives and was accompanied with a petition for Clegg. - Cameron and Clegg met in the early evening to discuss an alliance. The meeting was described as “constructive and amicable.”

lice had questioned him however he didn’t cause any effect in the constituency’s results. - Cameron and Clegg met during the morning to discuss sharing power as Cameron tries to form a majority government. - Gordon Brown returned to 10 Downing Street to continue his duties as Prime Minister while negotiations continue. - Alistair Darling, current Chancellor of the Exchequer met with EU Finance Ministers to discuss the Greek Rescue package. - Conservative and Liberal Democrat spokesmen said that meetings would not continue until at least Monday setting Cameron’s deadline for forming a government another few days. Monday - Day 4 - Stock Markets opened to the news of the IMF Bailout Package for Greece worth $957 Billion being approved. - The bailout plan was thought to give parties more time to negotiate in order not to cause market problems. - Cameron and Clegg met face-to-face in the afternoon for what was described as a “constructive” session of discussion. - Brown remained at Number 10 throughout the morning as he met with Lord Mandelson and other Labour Cabinet members. - Brown stated that Clegg had asked to have official talks with Labour before making a decision on a power-sharing deal with the Conservatives. - Brown asked for Labour to start a leader selection process. He said that he wouldn’t be taking part and that he would step down from his role by September once he had ensured that a path to economic growth was secured. The move pressured the Lib Dems to make a decision on power-sharing.

Sunday - Day 3 - The media reported that a 14 year old boy managed to vote in the Election and that po-

Tuesday - Day 5 - George Osborn - the shadow chancellor spoke to the press saying that it isn’t possible for the Conservatives to form a Minority Government without the support of the Liberal Democrats. - Clegg said that the party was entering into a “final critical stage” of the talks as the Lib Dems prepared to talk to the Labour party. - Following the first talks with Labour, the Lib Dems returned to talks with Conservatives stating after talks between the Lib Dems and Labour collapsed. Labour are now preparing to leave government.

Harrods for £1.5 Billion

Tennessee Flood Costs

Airport Expansion

Mohamed al Fayed has sold London’s most famous department store - Harrods to Quatar Holding in a secret deal worth an estimated £1.5 Billion. Mr al Fayed will remain as honary chairman to Harrods despite the sale after which he wishes to retire and spend more time with his children.

Flooding in Tennessee and nearby states the weekend before last left at least 22 dead. The Federal Emergency Management Agency have received over 8,500 requests for financial aid following the disaster which the local Governer estimates will amount to at least $1 Billion.

The A3 was closed for part of the weekend outside of Frankfurt Airport as the first parts of the new taxi bridge were installed over the motorway. The bridge will serve as an aircraft taxiway to the new runway that is to be built on the other side of the motorway to increase traffic handling.

Editor’s Notes

FRANKFURT - Something that I love about doing the job I do each week is the freedom I get to write about any topic that interests me and that I believe will interest you. The whole idea of The Frankfurt Globe is to represent something quite unique - world news from a student’s perspective. This week - like most - the news has been littered with hundreds of stories focused on The British Election, Gulf Oil Spill, Greek Bailout Package and - once again - the Ash Cloud that disrupted air traffic for a whole week in April. Fortunately - these are all topics that I have faith in myself to write about - or at least I think I do before I give them a go and they are all topics which possess massive collections of research information and data that I can base my articles off of. Running this weekly publication is - at times - total mayhem as every week I attempt to find something to say about my chosen topics, but most of the time The Frankfurt Globe acts as a way of becoming more connected with the world around us and the thoughts and opinions represented in our communities. In every regular edition published so far you will have noticed that many articles have featured interviews unique to The Frankfurt Globe. Every human has their own opinion on the day’s topics - despite whether or not the topic is news - and it is my aim to share as many of them as possible. Despite the few grammar corrections involved I see that these are left as they were written by their respective authors when being written into articles to try and share other’s opinions with readers around the world to show others something they may not have thought of or read about before. This weekend I have the pleasure - or at least I think it will be the pleasure - of joining a group of Christian Youth members and their leaders as we go on a yearly trip to Paris to spend time together and talk about religion and many other topics. It is without a doubt that while there something will come to my attention that I hadn’t thought of or heard about before - an opinion, local news topic, latest trend, etc and I find it highly unlikely that you won’t read up on it next Thursday when you flip open the cover on the next edition of The Frankfurt Globe. Google have made it their aim, millions of others have made it theirs and now I’m going to make it one of mine - “to support the opinions of others and to share them freely to allow the minds of others to also consider that which they may not have considered already. This week, try something new and see how many ideas you can share. Christopher Sladdin, Editor in Chief



(Mike Hoban/Glyndebourne)

The Festival that’s Full of Variety This year, the world-renowned opera company are welcoming the very best artists and producers to their stage for yet another Summer Festival that has something for every opera lover planned somewhere in the busy schedule. After 76 years in the business, Glyndebourne - the Opera Company based in South-East England, open their 2010 Festival Season next week with new productions of Britten’s Billy Budd and Mozart’s Don Giovanni set to take to the stage alongside archived productions of Hänsel und Gretel, Macbeth and the audience’s long-time favourite production of Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutti which is now being performed for it’s 5th year in a row. For me - Glyndebourne is the home to the world’s best opera but that is probably because I didn’t experience much of it until I actually performed their myself a few years ago in Jonathan Kent’s production of The Turn of the Screw - Britten’s ghost opera. Kent is returning to the stage this year following another successful production of Purcell’s The Fairy Queen in last year’s summer festival to produce the new production of Don Giovanni. Until beginning my life in Journalism the critics didn’t play a huge role in the world of theatre for me but today I have come to understand that the critic can dramatically affect the number of audience members who attend the performance after reading the view given in their article. As mentioned in this week’s Editors Column however, everybody has their own opinion and take on elements in life and entertainment is one of these elements. Glyndebourne’s program this year - like many is tailored by company directors Gus

Christie and David Pickard to meet the needs of every opera lover whether local or international. One can experience the journey on a ship in Billy Bud, or travel to Scotland to let the gruesome story of Macbeth and his wife unfold as he takes the worst route to becoming king. Perhaps one wants something a bit more comical - the romantic comedy of switching husbands without knowing it for example? Well Cosi fan Tutti certainly fits the bill with its Italian humour. The festival is also home to the sweetest location on the planet for two little children - Hänsel and Gretel or a whole load of drama along the trail of three encounters in Don Giovanni. Glyndebourne, a major competitor with the English National Opera and the Royal Opera in Covent Garden draws in thousands of viewers every year not only for the summer festival but also for the Touring Opera festival that takes place every Autumn touring the country with a set of three operas to let others experience the opera further afield. Glyndebourne have recently entered Cinema contracts with screening companies around the world to allow opera lovers to watch a Glyndebourne production at a fraction of not only the price of getting to a performance venue, but also that of the general ticket price that ranges from around £10 for standing spaces to £200 for the best seats in the house. This year’s festival is a open attraction for anyone with a passion for music or drama who want a special evening out of London and I must strongly encourage one to buy tickets quickly to avoid disappointment!

Letters to the Editor: The Frankfurt Globe welcomes Letters to the Editor from any individual providing that no mention of a company/institution is made that doesn’t regard to Global News Topics. Submit (by email):

TECHNOLOGY Picture: (Norm & Debra/flickr)



ther Facebook or VeriSign have been able to verify the statement as they don’t want to purchase any products being sold on illegal marketplaces. For Facebook, the research ought to point out the lack of user security provided - especially as more security and privacy features get rolled out to Facebook users with little warning or explanation as to their use and being. “I did my best to save as much data as possible from fates pictured in the numerous disturbing articles [being published]” said Amy Orben, a high-school student who uses

and that using random combinations - not commonly used words, as passwords are good steps towards security. Experts also recommend that user verification details should never be provided to anybody - including family and friends, over the telephone or internet. Just using the most simple methods and common sense, prevention of unnecessary data privacy issues is easier than it seems. For most, Amy Orben’s final statement sheds exactly the right perspective on things; “I find it utterly horrifying to be thinking of my personal data drifting around in the world wide

In an article published last week by the New York Times, Riva Richmond stated that Facebook accounts had been found for sale by the thousand - a fact uncovered by VeriSign, one of the world’s leading internet security companies. Facebook - the world’s largest socialnetworking site with over 400 million active users, is a hackers dream target and in recent months hacking activity connected with Facebook user accounts has taken a rapid climb. VeriSign research carried out in February 2010 showed that Hacker’s made an effort to sell login-data for 1.5 million Facebook accounts through criminal marketplaces on the web. Most account login-data was made available for sale in bundles of 1,000 accounts in two different varieties. In many cases however, it is the fault of Facebook’s users that leads to their account information being sold. Richmond stated in her article that hackers were using ‘phishing’ techniques - when they contact users pretending to be an organization like Facebook asking for user’s account verification details so that they can ‘maintain’ something within the user’s profile.The method often results in user’s giving their account verification details to hackers using the techniques. In a statement, Facebook said that they believed the research to be a lie although nei-


I find it utterly horrifying to be thinking of my personal data drifting around in the world wide web

Facebook. “I tried not to take it seriously,” she continued, “but they are more or less selling a part of me.” For internet users, impersonation is nothing new but with the latest research showing that ‘real’ accounts are actually being sold because of impersonation being used on the internet, people’s privacy and personal data is being put at high risk. IT experts advise users regularly that they should change their passwords and other login data frequently to confuse hackers

Amy Orben (Frankfurt)

web” but there is one thing we haven’t yet realized. Just having a Facebook account with your name on it - whether or not there is anything else in it - puts us at risk, as the latest Privacy setting automatically gives Google the rights to place you on the largest and most popular search engine in the world.

Set your Facebook Privacy Settings at

Other Technology News Nokia files a law suit against Apple - They claim that Apple stole the idea for the iPhone, Apple’s masterpiece from Nokia Engineers. Skype consider third-party advertising - The free service used by millions around the world are thinking about ads to keep Skype free. Battle for Royalities - Websites that offer lyrics to songs for free have found themselves in a battle with record companies over royalties. Google Street View in Germany - The Google service that takes pictures of your house and property for inclusion on the web are currently travelling Germany which is likely to cause arguments with Germany’s strict data privacy laws.


iPad Sales hit 1 Million Apple have hit the bull’s-eye once again with the sales of their new iPad - a tablet computer running the popular iPhone operating system, hitting record highs in US Sales. Steve Jobs - Apple’s CEO, revealed the Friday before last that over a million iPads had been sold within a month of its initial US release. The news has come as a surprise to many tech reviewers and on-lookers following the criticism the product received before its release. News services like The New York Times and The Telegraph heavily criticized the iPad’s name, connecting it to women’s hygiene products which one readers’ support from around the globe following the product’s unveiling in January. For many the product has now shown it’s capabilities enticing customers towards it’s breakthrough technology that is leading consumer products to a new level with its ease of use and quickness. Apple had difficulty producing enough iPads to meet the strong US demand forcing Apple to postpone their international release

until late-May for the WiFi model however now that the 3G version is available in the US many wonder if more delays may occur. Steve Jobs didn’t mention any current supply difficulties keeping international customer’s hopeful that they’ll have the amazing device in their hands before the end of the month. “The delays that are occurring tell me that it is a good product and I can’t wait to get a look at it,“ said Johannes Pigge, a highschool student. Some international customers have already managed to get their hands on the product through friends or relatives in the US leaving many who see it in Europe in awe and amazement as they try to get a quick go. In Apple’s promotional video, Phil Schiler said that Apple had designed the iPad to have an affordable price. “The iPad starts at just $499 and that’s really exciting” he said but for some the product is still to expensive. “I’m thinking about [buying] one but the price is too high,” said Johannes Pigge. Apple have strategically planned the

Photo Courtesy of Apple iPad’s pricing to make maximum profit out of it from the very beginning as they did with the iPhone and iPods. A set of variations on the basic iPad are available with different amounts of memory and connection types. Apple’s basic iPad features 16GB of memory - around 1/20 of that found in a laptop computer and it features internet accessibility when WiFi is available for just $499. A customer who wants more memory or a cellular internet connection may end up paying around $829 alongside a 3G contract which is sold separately by Apple’s selected mobile phone operators. Johannes Pigge said in his interview that “the iPad is a great alternative to a laptop” and for many it is becoming the tool to carry out any daily or out-of-the-ordinary task that one wants to perform whether it be looking up a recipe, checking Facebook or writing a Financial report using one of thousands of apps available for the iPad’s million plus users.

The iPad will be released Internationally on May 28.

QUICK FACTS • No Flash Player • iWork Productivity Suite Apps available (Apple’s alternative to Microsoft Office) • Instantly recognizable to iPhone/iPod Touch Users • No computer necessary once iPad is installed • Photos can be imported directly to iPad

• WiFi 16GB - $499 • WiFi 32GB - $599 • WiFi 64GB - $699 • 3G 16GB - $629* • 3G 32GB - $729* • 3G 64GB - $829* *

Requires additional 3G Contract



• A Larger version of the iPod Touch/ iPhone with a 9.7” display • Features a new Online Bookstore and Book Reader • Most iPhone/iPod Touch applications work on the iPad alongside specially made applications (buy in App Store) • Over 10 Hours Battery Life

The iPad

Nepalese Art & Crafts Online Store Coming Soon

All Profit goes directly to a Childrens Home in Nepal

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The Frankfurt Globe - 11 May 2010  
The Frankfurt Globe - 11 May 2010  

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