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Tea Partiers: The self-hating 99 per cent Although the Tea Party and Occupy movement share surface similarities, they represent opposite world views.

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o William Iamtheninetyninepercent Methven It's Corporate Stockholms Syndrome at it's best. 27 minutes ago · 7 people

o Cheryl Cervasio They need to spend as much time looking for work as they do occupying. 25 minutes ago · 2 people

o Khalid Jatoi 24 minutes ago · 1 person

o Valentine Takura Mazorodze A rose by any other name still 'Smells' 23 minutes ago

o Mis Conduct Love thy neighbor as thyself...

23 minutes ago

o Abdul Jaleel Oyelere hmmn 23 minutes ago

o Enric Teller If the status quo is constantly villifying a group, they must be doing some things right. 22 minutes ago 路 2 people

o Nigel Swing i wish my pets were business so theyd tame themselves 22 minutes ago

o William Iamtheninetyninepercent Methven When there's a job surplus, let us know. When the economy started to recover because of Obama's Stimulus Package, instead of hiring workers, corporations gave their execs raises. 20 minutes ago 路 5 people

o Brahman Aly Closed minded bigots party. They soil the historical tea party name with their idiocy 20 minutes ago 路 5 people


Bloop Oner Al Jazeera...welcome to a new low 20 minutes ago 路 3 people

o Aili Medusa self-hating? wow, didn't think i would hear such an ignorant term from this media 20 minutes ago 路 4 people

o Erin Hershey "I'm mad as hell" is the best photo i've seen yet 19 minutes ago

o Eugene Collins the tea party is a Billionaire-funded front group. What they don't hate has yet to be evolved :-) LOL 17 minutes ago 路 2 people

o Joe Collins This is an Op-ed, not an article folks. 16 minutes ago 路 2 people

o Marcus J Wilson whatever 13 minutes ago


Marcus J Wilson unsubscribing 12 minutes ago · 1 person

o Izgi Demircioglu Fascistsss..!!!!! 8 minutes ago

o Adam Cavazos kill em all 7 minutes ago

o Rolando Roman Tea Partiers have a psychological disorder known as Stockholm Syndrome that's why they strongly identify with the corporate masters and are filled with self-hatred. 4 minutes ago · 1 person

o Panther Woodz sounds about right about a minute ago



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