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10th International Hamburg Symposium „Sport and Economics“

10th International Hamburg Symposium „Sport and Economics“



Former Hamburg Symposia “Sport and Economics”

International Sport Events in a State of Change? Instrumentalisation, Digitalisation, Trivialisation.


Regional- & sportökonomische Aspekte von Sportgroßveranstaltungen Regional Economic and Sport Economic Aspects of Large Sporting Events (ISBN 3-89001-378-3)


Nachhaltigkeit von Sportstätten Sustainability of Sport Infrastructure (ISBN 3-89001-390-2)


Sport im Fernsehen – zwischem gesellschaftlichen Anliegen und ökonomischen Interesse Sports on TV – Between Public and Economic Interests (ISBN 3-89001-398-8)


Zur Ökonomik der Rechte bei Sportveranstaltungen Law and Economics at Sport Events (ISBN 3-939390-80-1)


Der Sportzuschauer als Konsument: Gast, Mitspieler, Manipulierter? The Sport Spectator as a Consumer: Guest, Partner, Manipulated? (ISBN 3-939390-89-5)


Finanzierung im Sport im Spannungsfeld zwischen Steuersystem und Markt Financing of Sports: The Tension Between Market and State (ISBN 978-3-937816-53-1)


Zur Ökonomik von Spitzenleistungen im internationalen Sport On the Economics of Top Performance in International Sports (forthcoming)


Mega Sport Events: ökonomische und sozioökonomische Auswirkungen Mega Sport Events: Economic & Socio-economic Impact (Special Issue of Région & Développement)


Sport und Sportgroßveranstaltungen in Europa – Zwischen Zentralstaat und Regionen Sport and Sport Mega-Events in Europe – Between Central State and Regions (forthcoming)

Welcome to the 10th International Hamburg Symposium „Sport and Economics“. With the 10th International Hamburg Symposium "Sport and Economics" we will again put sport events in the centre of our discussion. Our main question will be how sport events in the age of digitalisation develop nationally as well as internationally? At first the changing bidding processes for sport events shall be analysed. Are sport events increasingly exploited and does the original subject of the sport federations to promote sport via sport events still play a role in the bidding processes? What kind of influence have economic and geopolitical criteria for the allocation of sport events? Undisputed is furthermore the increasing influence of the media on sport events. This year’s symposiums shall show the dependencies and impacts of the media especially in the field of the reception of sport events. At question is how the developments of digitalisation in media technology and media economics affect sport. Social networks like facebook, twitter but also esport and virtual worlds as rising economic and event sectors may be of importance. The staging of (partly) novel sport events in TV exemplifies the influence of the media. Trivialization is the keyword. TV formats like "Beat the host", "Wok-WM" and "Celebrity Biathlon" confront sport dilettantes, mostly more or less famous people, in a sport competition. Along comes the decoupling of sport, because these events do neither require training or sport clubs and their com-munity sense. Sport could attain a new attention but will become a just for fun media event. The tenth edition of our International Hamburg Symposium “Sport and Economics” will therefore deal with tendencies and turbulences affecting sport and its events. The symposium is – like in the years before – connected with our philosophy “Science meets Practice”. The focus is on the discussion of current research from science and experiences from business, politics and sport. We are looking forward to problem-oriented lectures and lively discussions. Our thanks go to our partners HAMBURG WASSER, the free and hanseatic city of Hamburg, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the University of Hamburg and the europe direct Info-Point Europe Hamburg. Without their support the symposium could not be organised. Dr. Martin-Peter Büch • Christian Hinzpeter • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maennig • Prof. Dr. HansJürgen Schulke

Programmhaft 10. Internationales Hamburger Symposium "Sport und Ökonomie"  
Programmhaft 10. Internationales Hamburger Symposium "Sport und Ökonomie"  

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