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SPORTSTRAAT 53-II, 1076TT AMSTERDAM [mail] PAPAVERWEG 46, 1032KJ AMSTERDAM [studio] 0031628509820 triodos bank: 198507208 BTW nr.: 850472404B01 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------project nr. 201110221600 openingshandeling subject. reference. Herbergen

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I 22-10-2012

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title: Openingshandeling, bondistributie en interviews description: [NL] Frank Dean opende op 22-10-2011 de tentoonstelling Herbergen. Plaats van handeling: Een weiland nabij Bergen [NH]. zie ook: [EN] On 22-10-2011 Frank Dean opened the exhibition Herbergen. Location: A meadow close to the city of Bergen [NH] further information:

Herbergen 2011  
Herbergen 2011  

Opening van de tentoonstelling Herbergen.