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Ways To Avoid Getting Cancer Even though millions of people have died from cancer in the past, research has found new and better ways to combat the disease. There is no doubt that many people will be diagnosed with cancer in the future, but the disease is not as deadly as it once was. However, you should still do all you can to prevent a diagnosis of cancer for you. Consider the following information to help you avoid falling victim to cancer.

Antioxidants are important in preventing cancer, and any food that provides this essential nutritional element can help prevent cancer. Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C provide a substantial supply of antioxidants. Good sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, any fruit or vegetable with a yellow or orange color, and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and spinach. Recently, lycopene from tomatoes has been identified as an anti-cancer nutrient, and is especially effective against prostate cancer.

There are many types of cancer screening tests available, including biopsies for suspicious looking moles or lesions on the skin. Other types of tests check for cancer of the bone, prostate, brain, colon. Breast and uterus.

Some cancer screening tests are recommended as part of a regular annual checkup, such as mammograms and pelvic exams. After a person is past 50 years old, they should have a colo-rectal exam at least every few years. Most other cancer screening tests are not done unless the doctor suspects there may be a problem.

A diet which is rich in antioxidants is important, but it is nearly as important to avoid foods high in fat and sugar. It is also important to keep your weight at a healthy level, and getting enough exercise will help in that area. Make sure your digestive system is working efficiently. It is important for waste products to pass through the colon within 24 hours so toxins do not build up.

Even if you are including antioxidant rich foods in your diet, it is nearly impossible to eat enough of them to provide all the antioxidants you need. A good vitamin and mineral supplement can ensure your body is getting enough of these important nutrients to help prevent cancer.

Lung cancer can be the the result if you are regularly breathing pollutants like smoke or dust. If you are a smoker, or live with a smoker, it is best to stop smoking or get out of the situation. There is solid evidence that smoking does cause lung cancer, but once you stop smoking your lungs begin the process of healing. If you work in an area where you are exposed to these pollutants, make sure to wear a protective face mask.

There are several activities many people engage in which greatly increase the risk of getting cancer. It is important to avoid over-exposure to the sun, eating a diet high in fats and sugar and smoking.

Even though many people believe cancer cannot be avoided, it really is a matter of educating yourself about how to protect yourself from it. There are no guarantees, but if you follow the advice in this article, you can greatly reduce your risk of ever getting it. Click Here For More Information

Ways To Avoid Getting Cancer  

Even though millions of people have died from cancer in the past, research has found new and better

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