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Ar c hi t e c t ur eEmb r a c e sNa t ur e B&Q Show Garden 2011

thereisan emergingartmovementthatisexploringmankind's desi reto reconnectto theearth,through thebui ltenvi ronment. referred to as' naturalarchi tecture' ,i tai msto createanew, moreharmoni ous,relati onshi pbetween man and natureby explori ng whati tmeansto desi gn wi th naturei n mi nd.

asustai nablehi ghri se" conceptgarden"

' clemson claynest'2005

TheB&Q verti calgarden i sprepared forthe2011 ChelseaFlowerShow. A conceptualgarden designed to demonstratehow anyavailablespacein an urban setti ng hasthepotenti alto beused to developnew localand sustai nablefood growi ng spaceswhi leenhanci ng urban greeni ng. Thecentralstructureembodi ed envi ronmentallysustai nablefeatures i ncludi ng ahydroponi cwallfed byaboreholevi aawatertowerand power to i rri gateprovi ded byawi nd turbi neand photovoltai cwallconverti ng dayli ght i nto electri ci ty.

‘ latonnelle’1996

source: 1. http: / / www. rudi . net/ books/ 4701 2. http: / / sensi ngarchi tecture. com/ 1836/ newwaystobri ngnaturei ntoarchi tecture 3. http: / / chetwoods. com/ portfoli o/ bqshowgarden2011

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