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Question # 1 What does openness mean?


Open-mindedness is the willingness to listen to and consider opposing or contradictory views.


Highly open-minded people are very motivated to learn. http://areadocenti.eco.unicas.it/virili/old/ApprofondimentiCO/BarrickMount%20PP91%20The%20Big%20Five %20personality%20dimensions%20and%20job%20performance%20-%20a%20meta-analysis.pdf

People, who are open minded, are receptive to fresh ideas even if those ideas challenge their strongly held beliefs. http://www.destination-innovation.com/articles/are-you-open-minded/

People who score high on openness are likely to feel the most chills while listening to music.


People, who score high in openness, appear more tolerant of diverse worldviews compared with people low in openness.


Top ranked places on global open data index https://index.okfn.org/place/

Question # 2 Why are some people more open-minded than others?


Liberals score higher on openness - for new foods, new people, music, and ideas. Conservatives score lower on openness. They prefer to stick with what’s tried and true, and they care a lot more about guarding borders, boundaries, and traditions.


People, who score high on the personality dimension �openness to experience�: 1. loves to think creatively. 2. loves to try new things and see new places. 3. likes to question traditions. 4. are aware of their own feelings. 5. have a strong interest in beauty. http://www.theworldcounts.com/life/potentials/openness-to-experience-definition

One day, someone raises an issue during a meeting. You disagree completely with their position. If your first reaction is to speak up and say, “I don’t see it the same way; here’s what I think…” then you value transparency higher than, for example, politics. Adapted from http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20131016164310-658789-how-to-uncover-your-company-s-true-culture

If you think everyone around you is boring, then you're relatively open. If you think they’re all nuts, you’re relatively closed.


Question # 3 Why do we need more openness?

Openness represents the very essence of the Internet’s success.


The argument for transparency lies in the wisdom of crowds effect.


The remarkable growth of the Internet and the limitless variety of Internet applications follow directly from the open model of Internet connectivity and standards development. Any individual, organization, or company can develop and distribute a new Internet application that can be used by anyone. http://coreinternetvalues.org/?page_id=1418

Increased openness tends to predict better health and a longer life.


People who are good at coming up with humourous things score high on openness.


Known by others

Unknown by others

Known by you

Unknown by you

Your known and open you.

Your blind spot.

Your hidden you.

Unknown for you and others.


Question # 4 What can we do to become open-minded?

What will you try tomorrow that you have never tried before?


Have conversations in groups of 3 people.


Share information Example: Share openly on the Internet how much people are paid for work they do.


Get feedback Example: Invite young people to a meeting and ask them to tweet their reactions – including what they don’t agree with.


Living abroad and being immersed in a culture different from one’s own promotes creative problem solving. http://www.hbs.edu/research/pdf/11-085.pdf

Exposure to different cultures  promotes openness to new perspectives, and  offers access to diverse ideas.


People, who simultaneously identify with their home and host cultures while abroad, come up with more ideas than their counterparts who identify with just one culture. http://blogs.wsj.com/atwork/2012/08/29/taking-a-job-overseas-do-it-right/

People in low power distance countries score higher on openness to experience than people in high power distance countries.

http://www.psy.ed.ac.uk/people/awei/courses/folder.2008-11-03.1677181083/hofstede%20mccrae%20cross%20cult%20res%202004.pdf, p. 73.

Idea for people who are not very open-minded: Challenge yourself.


Idea for people who are very open-minded: Regulate your bouts of creativity.


Profile for Frank Calberg


Research about openness.


Research about openness.