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Brainstorming The Disney method

Rooms Room # 1

Work focus We are dreamers. We develop ideas.

Room # 2

We are realists. We make a plan to make the idea happen.

Room # 3

We are critics / spoilers. We think about what can go wrong.

Don't try to think outside the box - you'll only manage to expand it a little. Instead, think in another box.

Use different rooms for different thinking

Room # 1 Dreamers at work

If you could wave a magic wand and do anything you want - what would you create? How would it look? What could you do with it? How would it make you feel?

In a perfect world, there would be‌.

Even the silliest ideas are taken seriously at Disney.

Room # 2 Realists at work

How can you use the essence of an idea to imagine a more realistic one?

With the resources we have available, how can we turn this idea into a success?

Select the 3 best ideas using these 3 criteria 1. Which ideas are the most valuable for users? 2. Which ideas can be quickly implemented and involve the lowest costs? 3. Which ideas are the most inspiring?

Room # 3 Critics at work

The critic reviews all the ideas and tries to punch holes in in the ideas by playing devil's advocate.

Questions to ask when criticising each of the 3 selected ideas      

Does this idea make sense? What are all the problems with this idea? How do users value this idea? How do you really feel about this idea? Is this the best we can do? Is it worth our time to work on this idea?

Further inspiration

Brainstorming - The Disney method  

Brainstorming - the disney method: Room # 1: Dreamers at work. Room # 2: Realists at work. Room # 3: Critics at work.

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