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Portfolio Brian F. Broxton Interactive Design / Illustration

Key Initiatives Update

Infographic design

Created visual representation for Key Initiatives Update statistics for April 2013.

Top Metros For Keeping Cool

Infographic design

Created Infographic for July consumer pitch which included Top Metros for Keeping Cool along with the average temperature for each metro from July 2012 according to NOAA.

A Winning Strategy

High-Roller List

Ideal items that the Food Bank needs...

The 2013 goal is more than 850,000 meals collected and delivered to the Atlanta Community Food Bank on October 18th, 2013.

Cansino 2013

P Peanut Butter... High in Protein P Macaroni & Cheese P Spaghetti Noodles & Other Pastas P Beans & Rice P Canned Meat/Tuna & Salmon P Canned Soups & Stews Fruits &Food-A-Thon. Vegetables Design P Canned Annual A 16 Page Booklet for The Atlanta Apartment Association’s all 16 pages including Cover. P Dry Cereal 1

-FoodAThon.indd 2

Brochure/ Booklet design

Note: Food in Glass Containers Will Not Be Accepted. 6/10/13 8:34 AM

In addition to these items, collect and donate money so the Food Bank can purchase food.

Every $1.00 donation to the Food Bank will count as 5 food items! Combining a donation of food items and cash will help you reach your community’s goal!


-FoodAThon.indd 8

6/10/13 8:34 AM

Fairlane Woods

Direct Mailer design

Design a direct mail piece for Fairlane Woods to offer a “Take Another Look� special to lure residents to move to Fairlane Woods.


Logo design

Primedia changed there company name to RentPath and a design was needed to reflect the new company name.


Logo design

Created logo Design for 12FPS which is a motion graphics firm that also does video production, animation, stop motion, concept development and produces educational content for filmmakers, software companies, non-profits and businesses.

Bride Beautiful Inc.

Logo and webdesign

Designed website for Atlanta’s premier bridal shop.

Live Response Solutions

E-Newsletter design

Created E-Newsletter to illustrate the Live Response Solutions and partnering together to offer property managers the best product and services today in multifamily rental sales. Â

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