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Final thesis proposal Academic Year 11/12 Francisco J. RodrĂ­guez 749831

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Final thesis proposal

bio 1986 Born in Madrid 2004 Got a hons. mention at the end of the secondary school studies 2004 Entered the arch. school of Alcala de H (Madrid) 2006 Lived in different cities in Poland while studying 2007 Moved to London to work for ASL architects 2008 Moved back to Poland to shortly work for Lewicki Latak arch. 2009 Starts MSc Arch in English language at the Politecnico di Milano 2010 Took a year out to organise the XXXIst edition of the European Architecture Students Assembly in Spain 2011 Came back to Milan with a great will to finish my degree and start working in an architecture office.


Francisco J. RodrĂ­guez / 749831

Voids / Aires / Biennale di Venezia

Final thesis proposal

aim The intention of a final thesis is always to demonstrate the knowledge adquired over an educational degree through a practical exercise. It is not only a compendium of topics that have been apprehended but an opportunity to study, experiment and test techniques that may have been overlooked during the ending studies. Therefore I consider that a great motivation on the topic and a fluid conversation with tutors during this period is essential to achieve a satisfactory result. A final thesis obviously requires more than motivation. It requires a great determination and a good amount of work over the whole process to achieve the initial goals. The aim of this excercise is to produce a soft landscape intervention and a piece of architecture as part of an integrated plan in an area with a great necesity of them. At a practical level, although knowing that the great majority of the final work will be based on computer work, there is a big will on experimenting with models and sketching by hand during the design process. As for the timeframe, my intention is to receive my MSc degree in Architecture in July and therefore present my thesis then.


Francisco J. RodrĂ­guez / 749831

Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park

Final thesis proposal

context The geographical context of study in which the project will be inserted is the Spanish Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar, legally established on 1987. This Natural Park is located in the South-East edge of the Iberian peninsula, inserted into the province of AlmerĂ­a, the eastermost area in the region of Andalusia. The Park was established taking into account the unique dry ecosystems that conform the Almerian landscape. On the other hand, the area counts with an interesting architectural and landscape heritage: a series of old industries and open mines that nowadays are not in use anymore. This infrastructure is largely abandonned and although it has a considerable potential as sites that embed history, no precise measures have been taken. The place in which I would like to realise the architectural excercise is ‘Rodalquilar‘, a small town inserted inside the Natural Park that counts with the still standing infrastructure of the former mercury and gold mines.


Francisco J. RodrĂ­guez / 749831

Rodalquilar abandonned mining industry

Final thesis proposal

site Rodalquilar is a relatively small village whose economy was fueled by the extraction of minerals from the open mines. during the XIXth and XXth. The village then experienced a notable development welcoming more and more workers to live inside it. During that process a whole new neighborhood of houses for mine workers was built in the south-west part of the village. Nowadays the town has seen a reduction of its population down to 187 inhabitants and a reconversion towards a service town. It hosts the administration offices of the ‘Cabo de Gata-Nijar‘ Natural Park, a botanical garden with species from the region and the only information point that is open all the year long in the area. Moreover Rodalquilar is located in a more or less central point inside the Park with a clear access by secondary road from different surrounding towns. But although having seen this recent development since 1997 (when the National Park category was awarded to the area) the town and the surroundings lack a basic infrastructure to showcase the Park to visitors and a research centre that is able to investigate and study in depth the natural and industrial heritage of the area.


Francisco J. Rodríguez / 749831

‘La Corta’ open mine

Final thesis proposal

concepts The following list of terms serves as an initial brainstorm of concepts related to the site and its potential to be developed over the thesis work: · Heritage · Industry and machinery · Open mines · History interpretation · Protection on natural sites · Spacial connections · Soft and sensitive interventions · Reuse of present infrastructure · Platform to further research · Reference point for the Natural Park


Francisco J. RodrĂ­guez / 749831

Medinat-Al-Zahara interpretation centre / Nieto y Sobejano architects

Final thesis proposal

program The aim of the intervention is to give answers to the site needs at all the different scales. For that reason I intend to realising a landscape intervention connecting the different sites in the Natural Park and to insert an interpretation centre on the remains of the Rodalquilar mine industry. Here it follows a draft of program that the centre may include: · Exhibition spaces · Multimedia space · Conference hall · Research halls · Researchers offices · Meeting rooms · Library · Shop · Cafè


Francisco J. RodrĂ­guez / 749831

Piedra Tosca Park / RCR

Final thesis proposal

references · Medinat-Al-Zahara interpretation centre / Cordoba / Nieto & Sobejano · Baelo Claudia interpretation centre / Tarifa / Vazquez Consuegra · Visitor centre at the Timanfaya National Park / Lanzarote / Abarca, Cano, Corella, Cosín y Fariña · Paseo Ovalo rehabilitation / Teruel / b720 · Altamira Caves Museum / Juan Navarro Baldelberg · Boa Nova Restaurant / Leça da Palmeira, Portugal / Alvaro Siza · Casa Ugalde / Barcelona / Jose A. Coderch · ‘Doñana‘ Marine World visitor centre / Huelva / Cruz y Ortiz · Piedra Tosca Park / Les Preses / RCR Arquitectos · Karijini National Park Visitor Centre / Australia / Woodhead International BDH · Botanical Institute / Barcelona / Carlos Ferrater · Bodegas Dominus / Napa, California / Herzog&De Meuron · Platform and viewpoint / Tungeneset, Noruega / Marte Dambolt · Resting areas and birdwatch towers / Lofoten, Noruega / 70N Arkitektur · Microcoasts / Vinaròs, España / Vicente Guallardt · Cemetery / Finisterra, Galicia / César Portela · Caballeira (Oak forest oratory) / Pontevedra / César Portela · Escalators / Toledo / Torres&La Peña · Swimming Pools / Leça da Palmeira / Alvaro Siza · Toruños Park at the Cadiz Bay Marsh / Cadiz / Ramón Pico y Javier López · Cemetery / Igualada / Carme Pinòs · Gibellina / Gibellina / Alberto Burri

Francisco J. RodrĂ­guez / 749831

now- 19 jan 5 weeks

19 jan - 24 feb 5 weeks

Developmen of proposa 1:1000 / 50 with model

Revision of


Development of proposal 1:2500 with model

Revision of work


Analysis 1:7500 and proposal ideas



Post-exams period

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Christmas break

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24 feb 5 we

Final thesis proposal





A calendar is drafted dividing the total time into 5 weeks timeframes in which work will be developed in different scales. (Scales are orientative). The intention is that no timeframe is to be extended, although it can be shortened if the process speeds up.



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29 feb - 3 may 5 weeks

Correction Revision of work

Production of extra work, renders, etc

Revision of work

Correction Revision of work

Development of proposal 1:200 with model

Revision of work

Revision of work


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3 may - 7 jun 5 weeks



Francisco J. RodrĂ­guez BSc Arch. matricola: 749831

Final Thesis Proposal  

Final Thesis Proposal at Politecnico di Milano