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In this document we will discuss different points of view in the field of the mega school, for this we interviewed two important people in our institution which are: Mauricio Pérez Lujan academic coordinator and Marcela Chaverra primary school teacher belonging to the academic council each of them He gave us his personal opinion and this is what they told us respectively. “An institution with regulations, disciplines and rules must be met. He wishes he had a better environment since in the school in which we are he wishes he would enough space for the number of people, while in the new institution he wishes he had new wider spaces that will facilitate them to students the displacement. The main problem is the number of people, but we wish we had better comfortable and safe facilities for the development of the classes, wider spaces and we whis we had a new structure but also he wishes he would the distance would make it more difficult to transport many students, nevertheless, he wishes he had there will be transports for students and the state will be pending of it’’ Mauricio Pérez Lujan

"It is important that teachers continue to rely on programs such as the PTA and technological tools, but she wishes he had improve their work as teachers with new strategies facilitating student learning, she wishes she had improving levels and quality indexes and in the disciplinary field, managers and teachers must constantly monitor the behavior of students and they must be clear about the rights and duties found in the coexistence manual, to respond appropriately and with arguments. She wishes she had classes will be more dynamic, and she wishes she had different learning experiences joining both days, and she wishes she had there will be new appropriations adapted to the facilities’’ Marcela Chaverra

From this we can conclude that the mega school is a great opportunity that will be offered to the Educational Institution Colombia, it will have advantages and some disadvantages, since we wish we would this will be a bit removed, but we wish we had that are implemented the respective transport routes and so there will be no problem. All of us must take advantage, respect and value this new school we wish we had a better learning not only written, if not we wish we had that was more playful and recreational, since in our institution they are training us for life and being good people that contribute to a better country.

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In the literature, this y ear 2018 we introduce one of the best stories of primary crea ted by: Nicolle Huerta grade 2 °01 caseof an adapt ation of the tale as recognized "Red Riding Hood�

The girl Nicolle Huerta we loved with his talent for writing this story so beautiful, our institution has some huge person talents as it progresses in grade developed much better

Our purpose is for students to build knowledge and mathematical knowledge in the classroom mathematics workshop through controversial inquiry, collaboration through open situations that allow it. Recognizing the nature of mathematical objects, their relationships and how the student can appropriate them.

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Through the following document, we will present the answers of the teacher Alberto de Ed. Physics and recreation to three specific questions in their respective order how we will teach them next.

"In the mega school there are favorable spaces according to the model, of the entire project that is, we wish we had two chords to develop physical activity, recreation and sports, we wish we had sports practice in each of the sports to develop according to the affinity of the students and also according to the area plan, it is going to be able to have special development of the subjects and it is going to take into account all the development that has to do with the sporting part through the interclasses and the training of the intercollegiate."

“Yes, all, one of these would be the scenarios since we wish would have the possibility of developing activities well, we wish the garden would not also affected when there is some type of activity with the ball. We wish the noise would not that the students generate in front of the activity, since at the sides there are halls�

How has the fact of not having student insurance affected you? What changes or projects do you intend to make in the mega school? Have you had any difficulties with students and / or teachers because you do not have student insurance?

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