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CONAIE President Correa demanded Conaie representatives, along with the assembly Cléver Jiménez, Magali Orellana and Geronimo Yantalema filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office against the president, Rafael Correa, and senior government officials: Vinicio Alvarado Alexis Mera, Marcela Aguñaga, Pastor Wilson and Galo Chiriboga. They accuse them of genocide to isolated villages. They claim that promoted government action leading to oil exploitation areas of the ancestral lands of indigenous peoples uncontacted:Tagaeri Taromenane Oñamenane, Iwene. That will cause cumulative problems that affect the culture of these peoples and their absolute dependence on the ecosystems of their traditional territory. This demand came as the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon (Confeniae) seeks to elect its candidate for President of CONAIE. Marlon Santi and Pepe acacha are more accepting applicants to fill this dignity. The meeting took place yesterday in Union Base south of Puyo - Pastaza.

"Google in disasters" Is above all, in times of crisis when you can access the usefulness of the technology. First in the earthquake in Haiti, Then in the great earthquake of Chile, and now at Japan. Twitter played a crucial role because it facilitates communication in real time, but there is a program surpassing them far and this is Person Finder, which was created by Google 72 hours after the earthquake in Haiti. He allowed that family and friends could find victims of the earthquake, from anywhere on the planet.

Music Belinda (Stage name of Belinda Peregrin Schull, Mexico, 1989). Mexican singer and actress. The small Belinda Peregrin comes into this world in Mexico City on August 15, 1989. Is still a child of scarcely ten years old when he debuted as an actress on TV in his country and became the overnight in a celebrity thanks to her excellent interpretation. Although today is perhaps best known for his role as singer for the interpreter, Belinda began as a child actress in the soap opera involved Amigos x Always in 1999. His grace and freshness that shows the cameras make this work is only the first stone of a very successful career.

Lady gaga Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), better known by her stage name Lady Gaga, is an American pop singer-songwriter. She began performing in the rock music scene of New York City's Lower East Side in 2003 and enrolled at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She soon signed with Streamline Records, an imprint of Interscope Records. Gaga came to prominence following the release of her debut studio album The Fame (2008), which was a commercial success and achieved international popularity with the singles "Just Dance" and "Poker Face". The album reached number one on the record charts of six countries, accomplished positions within the top-ten worldwide, and topped the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart while simultaneously peaking at number two on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States. Achieving similar worldwide success, the follow-up EP The Fame Monster (2009) produced a further two global chart-topping singles "Bad Romance" and "Telephone" and allowed her to embark on a second global headlining concert tour, The Monster Ball Tour, just months

Black eyed peas The Black Eyed Peas is an American R & B, pop and hip hop, sixtime Grammy Award winner. Originally from Los Angeles, California, the group is composed,, Taboo and Fergie. Since the launch of their third album, Elephunk, in 2003, the group has become one of the most successful bands of the decade. The group earned their first worldwide hit" Where Is the Love?" in 2003, which exceeded more than ten letters from around the world. Another success was the European single "Shut Up and Let's Get It Started, the latter giving them a Grammy. His next album, Monkey Business was a hit worldwide, certified 4disc Platinum in the U.S., and the hit singles: "My Humps" and "Do not Punk with My Heart" being their second and Grammy third respectively.

Horoscope ARIES You'll have more intuition and will be able to make the most of current opportunities. Don't raise your voice towards colleagues. A female could cause you some problems and make things difficult for you; try to make her innocuous.

TAURUS you’ll be very prudent with money and will tend to limit spending. You'll try to save as much as possible to prepare for difficult times. Don't trust in your instinct as you could commit an error towards your beloved and he or she doesn't deserve these insinuations.

GEMINI You'll be forgetful, try to remember important appointments and maybe write them down. Your partner will confide in you and be very sincere; this will make you feel closer to him or her.

CANCER Problems are on the cards as someone is trying to hinder your progress; this could be an envious co-worker who wants to harm you. Try to overcome your desire for novelty and try to stay by your loved one's side as he or she feels a little left out at the moment.

LEOyou’ll be able to evaluate the current situation and deal with those who tried to put you in a bad light and harm you. A great period whereby you'll have moments of well-being and mutual gentleness with your partner.

VIRGO if you don't want to miss out on any opportunities, you'll have to prepare and plan all your duties and try to be super organized. Someone close to you will give you good advice about your relationship; try to follow this advice and the days will go more smoothly.

LIBRA you’ll have valid opportunities but the stars are not in your favor so you may lose these chances through laziness or indifference. Venus will make you more intuitive and very sensitive towards your beloved.

SCORPIO You'll be full of zeal and very concrete. Your professional ways will win your partner over who'll want to get to know you better. Everything will go smoothly, you'll be able to fulfill your desires and will have a romantic evening full of tenderness.

SAGITTARIUS Some good news will cheer you up as you'll realize the excellent opportunities you now have for professional growth. You'll also be able to solve previously unsolvable problems. You'll treat your loved one aggressively as there is something which isn't quite right. You'll try to put him or her to the test.

CAPRICORN Try not to accumulate too much stress; face Life's problems once at a time. You may be accused of being unsubtle by highlighting your partner's faults in front of people who your partner does not really appreciate and to whom he/ she rarely speaks of himself/ herself.

AQUARIUS You'll feel strong, with new interests which you'll share with a colleague who will fully approve. You'll be strongly attracted by a new acquaintance's friendly and kind ways and will do all you can to attract his or her attention possibly by using flattery

PISCES Everything will go well - no need to complain. You'll earn more than the average Joe and new opportunities will give you a positive vision. You'll spend a day with your loved one in contact with Nature . Unexpected invitations will cheer you up.

Sports Dancing In many parts of the world the people dance different dangers like: Bolivia:

colorful, dressed mostly made of wool llama, alpaca, vicuna, or sheep that have been dyed using natural dyes known as aniline In the Altiplano area is common to see


The costume used in the Sanjuanero, Huila typical dance is for women: a white blouse and cut tray, surrounded by rings, developed in lace and lace, adorned with sequins, a fitted and zippered back adjustment. Ecuador:

The elegant dress for women consists of a long white linen shirt, decorated with colorful floral embroidery made by hand to the chest, back and shoulder straps with wide lace at the neckline and sleeves, two anacos of cloth, one white and one dark blue or black.


Costumes for belly dancing: Mostly used pants, made with fine bolting cloth, glossy and transparent, accompanied with a "top" with stones, sequins and glitter, using the same type of fabric.


Also consists of a helmet-feather colors and high-heeled shoes


It consists of short or long skirts usually several bright colors and a blouse of the same material


Swimming is a sport full practice this sport young children and elderly adults

ART In the city there is always something to paint� Published: 14/Marzo/2011


The 50 paintings in the exhibition show a colorful city, most streets of the Historical Center detailing where the author lives. His work embodies the urban landscape, religious buildings, homes and crannies. Most were made boxes, and only a few were prepared especially for the exhibition. Each box takes you to the author six months to complete .

The sample consists of works that depict the city except bread of Christ, located in a central pillar of the exhibition. The best-known face of the city is the new theme of Pino. The work could be finished for the next six months.

The Noe sushi is restaurant range better know in Ecuador for its delicius food and excellent presentation. The chef is the creator of over 70 % types the oriental dishes like: california especial, atún picante, tempura, Atlantic roll, Tokio roll, etc. We are located in some part in Quito the best place is in Cumbaya, anddress: parque central, telphone: 2895404 / 2896858 / 2041581. Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 12:30 to 15:30 and 18:30 to 23:30 Friday and Saturday 12:30 to 24:30 Sunday 12.30 to 22:30.We accept all major credit .

il peperocino Is farm located in Tabuga—Manabí in the tropical forest in this place you can do: Ride a hourse Make a cheese Milking cows Walking in the forest You can visit the archaeological site belonging to the Jama-Coaque culture. Provide: Italian and manabita food. Board games Live music and dance floor. You can contact us: 091312249 Alessandro Crisanti Email: or us page wed:

SPORTS The best players of soccer in the world

1 Cristiano Ronaldo - Real Madid 2 Messi - Barcelona 3 Kaka - Real Madrid 4 Ronaldinho - Milan 5 Rooney - Manchester United 6 Higuain - Real Madrid 7 Ronaldo - Ex De Real Madrid 8 Lampard - Chelsea 9 Di Maria - Real Madrid 10 Fernando Torres - Liverpool

Best teams of soccer in the world

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