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In 1975, Franck Provost opened his first salon in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, and by 1977, he had been crowned as the Best Hairdresser in France and World Champion. During his extraordinary career, Franck Provost became the personal hairstylist for many celebri-

ties in both France and abroad. Today,

wife, Natacha, controlled its financ-

Mr. Provost’s international salon con-

es. Currently, his daughter Olivia and

glomerate operates over 2200 branch-

son Fabien act as the Communication

es in more than 30 countries.

Director of the Group and Artistic Director, respectively. Marc Aublet,

The success of Franck Provost is owed

CEO of the Provalliance Group, has

in no small part to his family. In the

been helping Mr. Provost nurture their

company’s early stages, Mr. Provost’s

renowned company since 1995.


Franck Provost attributes his international success to a chance encounter in Paris. In the late 90’s, Mrs. Ising Madrigal-Vasquez and Mrs. Baby Cruz were strolling the Parisian streets while using signature Philippine anahaw fans to cool themselves. At the time, Mr. Provost was in his salon when these simple, yet elegant, anahaw fans caught his attention. The

ensuing encounter led Franck Provost

gal-Vasquez and Mrs. Baby Cruz. Mrs.

to open his very first salon abroad in

Cruz acts as the group’s CEO, while

the Philippines in 1998.

Mr. Boey Cruz is the COO for Salon Operations. The three are commit-

Today, there are three Franck Provost

ted to their core philosophy of fusing

salons located throughout the Metro

French design and expertise with Fili-

under the Franck Provost Group Ma-

pino ingenuity and creativity.

nila banner. The exclusive Philippine franchise holder is Innovations & Concepts, Inc., owned by Mrs. Ising Madri-

FRANCK PROVOST GROUP MANILA International Franchise Brand: Franck Provost (Paris) • Owner – Mr. Franck Provost • Communication Director – Ms. Olivia Provost • Artistic Director – Mr. Fabien Provost • Conglomerate – Provalliance Group which carries Franck Provost as its flagship brand ºº CEO, Provalliance Group – Mr. Marc Aublet

Master Franchise Holder for Asia: ICI (Innovations & Concepts, Inc.) • Owners – Mrs. Ising Madrigal– Vazquez & Mrs. Baby Cruz • CEO – Mrs. Baby Cruz • COO – Mr. Boey Cruz • Salon Branches (Manila) Locations ºº Jupiter St., Bel Air ºº El Molito, Alabang ºº The Peninsula Manila, Makati • Group Name – “The Franck Provost Group Manila”

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