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Elevation to Ginnel - 1:250

Ground Floor Plan - 1:500

Basement Plan - 89 Spaces (9 Accessible)

Schedule of Accomodation The design currently comprises: Basement Ground First Second Third Fourth Fifth

Cross Section - 1:250


First Floor - 2 to 4 Floor Similar - 1:250

Penthouse Duplex Upper, 65m2

Bath House Elevation - 1:250

2463m2 89 parking spaces (9 accessible) 1968m2 Office GIA 786m2 Office GIA 985m2 Residential 8x2 bed, 3x3 bed 780m2 Office GIA 985m2 Residential 8x2 bed, 3x3 bed 606m2 Office GIA 990m2 Residential 9x2 bed, 3x3 bed 906m2 Residential 4x2 bed, 1 x penthouse duplex lower, 3 x penthouse 65m2 Residential 1 x penthouse upper

Development Sketches

Penthouse Duplex Lower, 95m2

Two Bed Apartment, 85m2

Penthouse Apartment, 150m2

Strand Street Visualisation


2 Bed Apartment

Harbour Visualisation

Penthouse Duplex

Form and Massing Models

Harbour Elevation Strand Street Elevation


Whitehaven Mixed Use  
Whitehaven Mixed Use  

Submission Board for RIBA Competition