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The Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation “FNDC� est. 2002

Mission: The mission of the Francisville NDC is to improve the quality of life in the Francisville community through Commercial and Residential Development; implement programs designed to develop youth, aid senior citizens, generally invest in the people of Francisville and our aim is to be a resource for information and communication, insuring that all residents can have an active role in the growth and development of their community.


In 2002 there were over 400 vacant lots within our neighborhood boundaries that looked like this. 15th and Cambridge. 19130. 2008

Something had to change!

It didn’t feel safe anymore Businesses left

There were no jobs Property values were low Drop out rates were high

The organizations Founder and current Executive Director, Penelope “Jordan” Giles, began by enlisting the help of a few of her immediate neighbors, long time friends and some new residents. In the early days they met at each other’s homes and at neighborhood community facilities. They established regular community meetings and a process to review and vote on Development Projects. Working out of her home from 2002 – 2011, Penelope remained the constant in the “Moving Francisville Forward” equation. Lots of stuff was done!

FNDC Bench Marks 2003 – 2004 Established regular community meetings and development review and voting process, Applied for our 501c3 status, Implemented the welcome to Francisville Community Festival 2004 – 2005 Engaged the Neighborhood in a planning process to craft the Ridge Avenue Revitalization Plan assisted by U-Penn school of Architecture 2006 – 2007 Engaged the Neighborhood in a planning process to craft the The Comprehensive Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, Moving Francisville Forward “a blueprint for the future” assisted by Interface Studio, funded by Wachovia Regional Foundation. Began plan implementation. 2007 – 2010 Organized a Clean & Green Volunteer team and stabilized all our vacant land, Implemented the FYC-3 youth program, Implemented the F-NEMP program, were awarded plan implementation funding from the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation. Went from a 100% volunteer organization to a staffed organization. Planted over 100 trees. Acquired several private landscaping contracts. Established the Francisville Urban Farm & Orchard, Created Ogden Park. 2011 – Present Moved into our office @ 1708 Ridge Avenue 19130, secured properties on Ridge Avenue for Development. Received approval for 1st Phase Development. Partnered with How Properties to do Development Project. Received a Corridor Cleaning Contract from the Commerce Department. Launched the F.V.P.L. Manufacturing Division. Established the Francisville Farmers Market, Established Jazz at the Market (free) Summer Concert Series. Implemented a Neighborhood residential and commercial street cleaning program.

Penelope (left) Ali “Fred” Snead (right). Ali is one of FNDC’s Founding Members and was on the Board of Directors from 2002 – 2010. Photo taken on a beautiful spring morning @ Ogden Park est. 2008-2010.

Ogden Park @ 20th and Ogden Street Visit:

There were over 100 residents signed up for the Francisville Clean & Green Volunteer Team

From 2008 – 2010 we were out every Saturday cleaning vacant lots!

With the help of the City Streets Department we removed countless tons of debris from our neighborhood!



After It takes a tremendous amount of resources to maintain our vacant land! This is critical to keeping the neighborhood clean & safe! It must be done on a regular and consistent basis!

“Blight breeds blight and causes fright especially at night�

Increased Economic Diversity makes it possible for FNDC to train and employ youth and adults providing a pathway away from or out of crime.

F-NEMP Crew‌ Francisville Natural Environment Maintenance Program Provides training and employment for adults and in turn they provide cleaning and landscaping services in the Francisville Neighborhood and beyond!

Hum.. So much to do with so little resources!

Funding our work‌..

CDC’s have traditionally relied on fundraising, grants and public dollars to do the work that lays the foundation for neighborhood revitalization however, those sources are always highly competitive, require a lot of time to write proposals to only be denied 9 times out of 10!

Those are horrible odds! Meanwhile, you still have to keep cleaning, greening, developing, marketing, planning, having meetings, events, implementing stuff, etcetera! There had to be a better more sustainable way to raise money so we’ve implemented programs that serve many purposes while earning us funds to continue the work we do!

When you purchase our products or services you become a partner in rebuilding the lives and families of the people in the neighborhood who need it the most.

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