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Francis Heery- List of Works •

Ars Memoranda (solo bassoon, 2012)

Reflected Shadow Reversed (solo guitar and live processing, 2012)

Between the Motion and the Act (improvising ensemble, 2012)

Common Time (solo percussion and live electronics, 2012)

Mosaic (viola, cello, double bass, 2011)

Tilted (violin, viola, double bass, guitar, concert harp, 2011)

Spool (six laptops and Xbox game controllers, 2011)

Eff (violin, viola, cello, double bass and percussion, 2010)

Lapse (string quartet, 2010)

Scope (violincello, tape and live processing, 2010)

Untitled Passages (solo viola, 2010)

Collidoscape (improvising ensemble, 2010)

Interiors (double bass and oboe, 2009)

Filaments (acousmatic, 2009)

Ambivalence Faculties (solo bass flute, 2009)

Three Orbits (cello, viola and flute, 2009)

Tautologies and Contradictions (viola and violincello, 2009)

Chronophone (percussion quartet, 2009)

Glean (acousmatic, 2009)

Prism (Gamelan Quartet, 2009)

Arclight (cello, viola and marimba, 2008)

Kite Flying and Other Mishaps (solo double bass, 2008)

Garry Kasparov vs. Deep Blue (acousmatic, 2007)


This is a selection of compositions from the last few years