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Francisco X. Cardona 4347 Hilview Dr. Malibu, Ca. 90265 tel. 602.330.6242

Hello! again. If you missed it my name is Francisco Cardona and I am a Digital Designer. I live my life to solve and create answers to questions many never ask. Within my career I have had the privalege to work in many disciplines. Some include; hospitality, acedemia; non-profits, and sales. I personally believe and have been acknowledged as a positive; contributor, leader and scholar. My career and life are about comprehending the unkown.

Education Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona — B.S. in Design Studies, 2010 Skills • • • • •

Digital Fabrication, Model Construction, 2D-3D Rendering, Photography, and Graphic Design Adobe CS6: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Muse, and Edge Animate AutoCad, SketchUp, Rhino 3D, ArchiCad, SEO and Social media developement Sales, Service, Education experience, and Digital marketing Bilingual: English & Spanish

Grants & Awards

• •

O cial Arizona Centennial Legacy Project Designation and Award for Canalscape, Governor’s Centennial Commission, November 2009 - 2012. Arizona Humanities Council Grant for Canalscape Exhibition, 2009 - 10. Green Phoenix Designation, Phoenix Mayor Gordon, 2009 -10.


Design Lab Instructor, Laveen Elementary School District, Laveen, AZ May. 2012-Current • •

• •

Prepare, develop and plan architectural/engineering/graphic instructional materials. Present subject matter to students, utilizing variety of methods and techniques such as lecture, discussion, and supervised role-playing with the technology. Maintain inventory records of all hardware and software assigned to the school.

Client Services/ Designer/ Fabricator

• •

Phoenix, AZ Feb. 2010-2012

Worked with companies and brands; Branding, Logos, Interiors, Speciality Items. User’s perspective, add value to a process, and enrich the overall; feel, look and experience of the product.

Student Manager/Intern, Southwestern Advantage, Nashville, TN May-Aug. 2009-2011

• • • •

Independent Contractor in direct sales of educational products. Prospected and communicated with over 5,000 families of various socioeconomic backgrounds to explain benefits of products. Executed all ordering, inventory, sales, accounting, scheduling, presentation, and delivery of product. Recruited, trained, managed, and motivated sales persons for direct sales.

Draftsman, B&M Landscaping, Phoenix, AZ 2008-2013 •

Developed plans for custom desert and xeriscaping projects around the greater Phoenix area.

Canalscape Exhibit, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 2008-10 • •

Conceptualized and developed renderings and maps for exhibit. Design and built displays for traveling exhibition.


Biometric Shade Structure

The form of the shade structure came through the idea of adaption. As the sun heats the structure it becomes aware of the increase thus closing. Geo location would be programed to each individual structure so no two will open at the same time due to solar location. As time moved toward high noon it will close and open as the Earth rotates away from the Sun.

Amsterdam has 47 miles of canals. Venice 125. And Phoenix has ‌ 181! Amsterdam and Venice are widely known and lauded for their stunning canal-oriented cityscapes, while Phoenix has largely turned its back on this tremendous asset. Canalscape envisions vital urban hubs where canals meet major streets, distributed throughout the Phoenix metropolitan region. Each hub will be unique, responding to the needs of surrounding

neighborhoods, while forming part of the larger Canalscape network that adds significant value to quality of life in the Phoenix area. An antidote to urban sprawl, this mixed-use infill development will provide much needed places to gather by the water and contribute to urban and economic revitalization. Canalscape offers a sustainable and authentic desert urbanism that artfully intersperses metropolitan living throughout the majestic Sonoran landscape.

Phoenix Pioneer Memorial&Museum



A dialogue between old and new. This would be achieved with construction of the Phoenix Pioneer Memorial & Museum. Since space is limited the main program would be held 16’ ft. below ground.

Green Zone A1

A1 - Warm/Hot Maximum solar exposure. Arid

Green Zone A2

A2 - Warm Mid-solar exposure. Tropical

Green Zone B1

B1 - Warm Mid-solar exposure. Sub tropical

Green Zone B2

B1 - Warm Mid-solar exposure. Sub tropical

The design of this structure calls for ecological systems to mitigate energy and temperatures. The final design is a living tower cooled by liquid water and air. The outer and central “vein” structure will be hollow. This will allow liquid water to circulate within the structure a concept as old as cellular organism. With such transfers of energy this will allow for the production of water within the tower (condensation). Thus watering the towers five “green lungs” .

Green zone will capture the structures CO2 emission and produce humidified oxygenated air. These floors will hold specific flora and fauna to aid in maximum carbon absorption. Solar exposure will determine the selection for each zone. Highest and warmer zones are designated by letter and number.

The center of the tower will act as solar updraft tower During the day solar energy heats the chimney and the air within it, creating an updraft of air in the tower. The suction created at the tower's base will be used to ventilate and cool the building below.

Green Zone C

C - Temperate Low-solar exposure. Temperate

Multidisciplinary Design photography, branding, and misc.

Caleb Taddeucci FORD/Robert Black Agency - Modeling Scottsdale, AZ

Kung Poa Digital Branding and logo Beijing, China Miami, FL

Barcelona Restaurant Posters, Scottsdale, AZ

R Salon Marketing and graphics Phoenix, AZ

Acetone Transfer Concrete Wall Aruba Branding and logo Phoenix, AZ

Islam in Architecture Photographs Nelson Fine Art Center Cordoba, Spain Tempe, Arizona

Roman in black and white Photography Personal Rome,

Achinect web  
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