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My comopositions By Mejia Padilla Francisco Javier 501

content  Introduction  Unit

1 Individual & Society  Unit 2 Eating & Drinking  Unit 3 Art & Music  Unit 4 Hopes & Fears  Unit 5 Work & Leisure

Introduction  

    

This document presents all the compositions I created during the year I have written five compositions in the first composition as I describe to a friend in the second composition is described as my favorite restaurant composition in the third wrote a review of my favorite book in the fourth wrote an email composition and fifth composition wrote a curriculum for an international event

 

Name: Roberto Sanchez occupation: student

Individual society

Roberto is a student at Gabino Barreda prepa.  he is in advanced  english ah C.E.L.E.X , He is an excellent student  and a great friend. 

Roberto was born in Estado de Mexico but he was raised in D.F.  the term its primary and secondary step with good rate  and he go to prepa 1 and now wants to study in area 2. 

He play basketball and he likes to play basketball  is very charismatic tall and fat but with very good heart 

Eating & Drinking  My

favorite restaurant is “el nauhalito”  this restaurant is known for being a gourmet restaurant  all their food is fresh and very select  apart from the restaurant facilities are very well maintained and the menu is extensive, the service is instant and is a family restaurant where you can have a good time

Art & Music

I read the book: The hearth of a boy these ď‚› book is about one family. they live in Berlin Germany whidby the second ward word meanwhile the United States attacks Germany. these family survive the Nuclear Attacks. and military attacks These book describes how the family does everything possible for survive. the father becomes soldier for the army Germany. the mother becomes a nurse and leaves longtime home. killed his brother. the ending is very bad because all family is separated by the war. long after the entire family returned to see but did not speak just turned around and everyone followed his path.

Hopes & fears 

    

Dear Sebastian. How are you? I´m on the train. I will probably arrive at 10 am. I will take a taxi to conference centre. Will I meet Anna at reception desk? Will she be at 10:30? and I will give you my phone number if you need anything

  

See you at the conference Take care

Hi Francisco thanks for the information, yes, she will be at the reception at 10:00.

     

     

Dear Mr Ellis I Am writing about your advertisement I Am interested in attending the international Sport event. I like working with people and I Am willing to provide them with information. I speak English well and I have an excellent pronunciation Spanish and some French. I Am 18 years old, and i have experience in others international events like salesman at Tomorrowland concert and tour guide at a local Museum last winter. I Am really thrilled about meeting people and I Am friendly of course. I would be grateful if you could send me more information about the event.

Work & Leisure

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