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Tourist photography as information leakage

Because North Korea is one of the most hermit countries in the world, the access to the information is very limited and censored. Therefore, the “remote� process of analysis and design needs to find new mechanisms to gather information, and consequently, a reconstruction of the reality through architectural interpretation of that collected data, in order to enable the reading of architectural scenarios within inaccesible locations. The following buildings have been photographed by tourists which has allowed the three-dimensional reconstruction through architectural software to make an approach to the north-korean architectural typologies and its spatial configuration in the urban network.

Architectural representation as a methodological framework to analize dystopia

Echoing the drawings of Bernard Tschumi, this project constructs a series of drawings were not only represent matters pertaining to the field of architecture, but also to stablish a connection between the architectural environment and the testimonies gathered. If we understand architecture as the only piece of analysis, it is the architectural representation the method to visualize urban reality of north korea (Scene 1,2,3). The different scenes are reconstructions of North Korean urban scenarios thorugh the assembling of different pieces of information in a same location, thus shaping drawings as knowledge tanks of north korea where to condense information to describe that reality.� Those architectural scenes are our tools to visualize crimes commited against the citizenship through the use of different architectural devices.


Javier rives  
Javier rives