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EL NUEVO PALMERAL Universidad de Alicante, 2013

“El nuevo palmeral� is a project about an speculative future of a new urban development of the west district of the city of Elche / Elx. The new development answers to a series of conditions given by the prexistent urban fabric :the dense residential areas, the industrial area on the northern limit, the ravine at the western limit, the commercial area at the south and the disperse urban developments on the opposite side of the ravine, but also the existing network of public spaces and green areas of the city and the urban barriers performed by the mobility infrastructure network as the N-340. The project aimed to link the disperse areas which have any urban infrastructure with the urban fabric of the city nucleus with a urban development which performs a transition from hihgh density to disperse hosuing with a system of green areas which not only penetrates the urban fabric but also creates pedestrian paths


Javier rives  
Javier rives