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EDUCATION 2007-2015

Universidad de Alicante

Degree of Architecture


Bauhaus Universität-Weimar


Universidad de Alicante

Master of Architecture - Erasmus mobility Architectural Thesis.10 with honors.



Internship. Guggenheim Helsinki Competition

Galiano Garrigós Arquitectos

Internship. Interior designs, material selection and cost estimation, architectural visualization, site visits and Revit workflow management.


Mother tongue

2014 English Cambridge B2 in 2014. Nowadays, Highly Proficient and fluent. 2015 German A1.1 - Deutsch als Fremsprache - Grundstufe / Bauhaus Universität Weimar Sprachenzentrum


PERSONAL COMPETENCES Teamwork I have not only a large experience working in groups, but also in taking the responsability of leading the team workflow and organize collective design decisions.

Commitment As a perfectionist person, I like to invest as much time as possible to get the best result of the spectre of possible results.

Organization I never let a workflow constrain creativity, which means sometimes in order to get the most creative result, organization is a bit sacrified.

Creativity From my perspective, an idea is way more powerfull than a technique. Not constraining creativity, for me, implies a high adaptability to new techniques in every project. I don’t care if I don’t know how to do something, because I’ll put all my effort in learning as fast as possible.

SOFTWARE Autocad Revit Rhinoceros Grasshopper 3dsMax SketchUp Vray

CypeCad Photoshop Premiere Illustrator InDesign After Effects Office Suit

Javier rives  
Javier rives