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The first video tells what the neighborhood used to be and what it is nowadays, a first approach to a unique environment in the middle of the city of Alicante. Then the video shows our first urban intervention, where we involved the neighbors, showing them different strategies to empower themselves and get conscious of their capabilities to improve their neighborhood, managing their own resources and exploiting the large amount of empty plots. This video triggered the growth a social network community which nowadays still works as an standalone group.

The chairs invade the neighborhood

The main idea of the project it was not about reconditioning the neighborhood with large investments which would trigger a gentrification process, but to use the icon of the neighborhood, the domestic chair as a tool to colonize the street due to the lack of public space. This icon thus served as as the element to intervene in different scenarios: the first one was to solve a controversy with an empty plot which still works as a parking spot. Then we proposed an art installation on the dividing wall and creating thus a urban attractor to the rest of the city but to strenght the icon of the neighborhood of San Ant贸n as well. The second one was the occupation of an empty plot with a adapted chairs to create a modular urban furniture element and organize those into aggregative patterns to create a different spaces where to perform different urban activities.


Javier rives  
Javier rives