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Map of destruction of Beit Hanoun

The first task to addres in the studio was to create a map of destruction of Beit Hanoun. This map was reached because the systematic searching of pictures of the town along different social networks and webpages. Having gathered hundreds of pictures, then it was necessary to locate each one of them with the technique from Forensic Architecture office, and then, reconstruct 3d models of the located buildings in order to work as a support for further analysis.

Building forensic analysis

Finally each one of us selected one building which was analyzed through the interrogation of different photographs and the recostructed 3d model, in order to read the events happened during the destruction of the building. In my specific case, i got focused on the identification of war scars in teh building and how this enables a process of tracing events, locating the direction from where tank shells where shot, holes and burn scars from drone hellfire missiles, or different caliber bullet holes in the faรงade. Click here to check the entire report.


Javier rives  
Javier rives