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Second phase : Mรถbius ring

The second phase of the competition asked for a more complex shape, shifting the design from an efficient design towards one more digitally fabricated. In this case, the ide aof the project was to create a Mรถbius ring able to generate volume, thus this shape will not only create an area with sunshade but also it will create an experience of a flowly wall which subtly it becomes roofing and wall again with a torsion movement. This volume would be covered by a semi-traslucent skin which will allow to see the structure during the day, but also it will allow to create different lighting performances during the night.

Third phase : simplification

Finally the Jury selected this project as the one to be built, however, with the conditions to simplify it in a single strip mรถbius ring, instead the initial strategy to use a cross-strip mรถbius ring to generate rigidity with the less material. This decision was controversial because, it shifted the structural issue, from a self-tensed system into an issue of material behaviour and bending capabilities. During the following weeks, we were trying to simulate the behaviour of the future pavilion with Grasshopper + Karamba, measuring pretty favorable and also with several models, exploring different arrangement patterns and weaving alternatives, in order to get the simpliest way to construct it

Javier rives  
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