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DIGITAL FABRICATION Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, 2015

This project is a series of lamps designed with morphogenetic design strategies in order to generate shapes which would be able to create patterns with a light focus inside them. This lamps were designed for the final submission of the workshop Algorithmic Architecture by Lukas Veltrusky at the Bauhaus during the Sommersemester 2015. The fabrication was achieved with a Fused Deposition Modeling printer (Ultimaker 2). This method of 3d printing has more limitations than a stereolitographic or resin sinterizing printer because it doesn’t have a layer of material on which printing. Therefore, the fabrication limits were introduced in the design process in order to generate efficient designs (max. hole size, max. slope angle, thickness, etc), creating thus a bidirectional process of digital fabrication from desing to printing capabilities. p24

Javier rives  
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