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Licensed in Architecture in 2016 at University of Alicante with the thesis “Please show me how to build dystopia” qualified with honors.


During my years in the school of architecture, what i learnt was that being a good architect has nothing to do with being a good student. Therefore, from the very beginning i always tried to find my own area of expertise and my strategy to highlight from what would be an standard architect. Soon i discovered that digital fabrication, parametric design and advanced architecture was going to be my field. Since then, i’ve been trying to develop different projects to investigate and explore this field. However, as an Architect i learnt that communicative strategy was as important as the architectural content itself, whereby i started to be concerned about oratorial skills, graphic design, architectural visualization, promotional videos and even to become almost an obsessive of typography. But what really describes me is as a passionate of Architecture, which enables me to work really hard and give my 110% in every project i’m involved, enjoying the searching of strategies to solve architectural controversies as, what it is, the main beauty of architecture. I invite you thus to verify what i affirm i am.

+34 650 54 88 51 skype : javierrives linkedin : javierrives

Javier rives  
Javier rives