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January 2012—USA

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Year 5 Issue #49 NY, NJ, CO & FL

Pg 10 A few days ago we were able to have another successful presentation of Health & Wellness with Shaklee in North Bergen, New Jersey. We have to be thankful to each and every person who approached our Shaklee booth, for their questions, suggestions and Shaklee orders as well.

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Are DANGEROUS chemicals in YOUR dryer sheets? The following information is from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Fabric Softeners ...Health Risks from Dryer Exhaust & Treated Fabric Did You Know? Fabric softeners, like other fragrant products, contain petrochemicals used in untested combinations. These chemicals can adversely affect the central nervous system (CNS).. your brain and spine. These chemicals affect the CNS with the following symptoms: blurred vision, disorientation, dizziness, headaches, hunger, memory loss, numbness in face, pain in neck & spine, autism, Alzheimer's disease, attention deficit disorder, dementia, multiple chemical sensitivity, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's disease, seizures, strokes, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

Nothing's more inherently good than soft, fresh bed sheets. Except, Order by phone 1800 Shaklee (Sponsor ID# BQ91391)


January 2012


“QUOTE” OF THE MONTH Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself


THE GAZETTE Editor: Francisco Isla Franfort Distributors Group New Jersey ~ United States Issue # 49 ~ January 2012

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EDITORIAL Welcome to another edition of The Gazette. I haven't been able to write as much as I used to because different events are going on as we speak. In this edition, we will talk about different things including Feng Shui articles, Cinch® Success story among many others. We are dedicated to bring you what’s going on in Shaklee as well as Franfort Distributors Group. There are so many things at Shaklee right now such as New Schedule for Project MAHMA which we are putting here in this edition so you can mark your calendar ahead of time and invite people to join you in these amazing conference calls. We invite you to become our Facebook fan and I want to thank you for reading my weekly blog and specially for sharing it with your friends and relatives. This information is FREE of charge like always and its sole purpose is to keep you informed about our products, services so you can live a healthier and longer life. We are looking forward to hear from you, your comments, questions, suggestions, even stories on how Shaklee has changed your life or if you know someone’s been using Shaklee products and you would like to start using them.


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January 2012



January 2012



Asking The Experts: Joanne Larson Master Coordinator, Illinois After taking a break from actively growing her Shaklee business to pursue her passion for horses, Joanne Larson was inspired to grow her Shaklee business to Master Coordinator after attending the 2008 Global Conference in New Orleans and learning about Vivix®. Check out her story! I started my Shaklee business in 1971 and once I reached the rank of Key Coordinator, I decided to turn my attention to pursuing my childhood dream of training and showing horses before I got too old! When I turned 60, I achieved one of the top prizes in the equestrian sport by earning my United States Dressage Federation Gold Medal for Grand Prix dressage on a horse I trained myself. Having accomplished that goal, I began to turn back to Shaklee. We liked the vision that Roger had for the company and my son and his wife were urging me to make the push to Master. I wasn't sure I wanted to work that hard again but our kids convinced us to go to the Global Conference where Vivix was launched and that did it! After seeing the science behind Vivix and seeing the giddy excitement of the scientists, I knew that with this fabulous product I now had a vehicle for growth that I could get excited about. As soon as we got home from Conference I talked to everyone and began calling all my customers and sales group. We couldn't get Vivix fast enough and thanks to the excitement generated in our group for Vivix, we made Master Coordinator in three months. Our customers have continued to use Vivix ever since it came out. We even have customers who aren’t interested in our other wonderful products, but love Vivix. I think Vivix is the best product Shaklee has ever developed and has the widest appeal. People can claim to eat right even if they don't, but no one can drink 3000 glasses of wine a day! Go Vivix

Dr. Wangari Maathai and Shaklee It has been over 30 years since Wangari Maathai founded the Greenbelt Movement. Over the course of those years, she has inspired millions of people to plant over 30 million trees, providing economic opportunity while protecting the environment. She has been elected to parliament, won the Goldman Environmental Prize, and in 2004 she was the first African woman and first Environmentalist to win the Nobel Peace Prize. See a brief history of Dr. Maathai’s six year partnership with Shaklee, from first meeting the Shaklee Family at our 2005 Global Conference in Chicago where she became the first honorary Master Coordinator, to the 50th Anniversary in San Francisco where she became Shaklee’s Global Ambassador for the A Million Trees. A Million Dreams.™ Campaign. Watch as Dr. Maathai encourages all of us to be people who inspire, people who care, people who energize. . .what the Shaklee Family is all about


January 2012



“I am so excited to have the opportunity to share this awesome system with anyone who would like to have a healthier lifestyle. " Tess says. I’ve gained and lost weight silly little shakes, I stopped takmost of my adult life. One time, I ing them. Within two days, I lost got as high as 200 pounds before I even admitted to that energized feeling. So I started the shakes again myself that I was gaining weight. At that point I began and felt so much better. I still had energy to jump out walking six to seven miles three days per week and eat- of bed and begin the day, even if I had been up at night ing better. As a result, I got back to around 160 pounds. with the baby. Unfortunately, my weight did not stay there. I would roller-coaster from 160 to 175 pounds, but could not seem to get below 160 pounds.

That inspired me to add the entire Cinch program.






150 pounds. That is 10 pounds lighter than I had been

Four years ago, while pregnant, my weight went a b l e

t o

g e t

b e f o r e

b e i n g

up again and I hit 201 pounds. I was devastated. It did- pregnant. It was amazing. n't matter that I was pregnant, I was over 200 pounds again and I did not want to be that heavy.

That was more than three years ago. Today I am still using Cinch products and enjoying the energetic

During the first exhausting months after my new me. I am so excited to have the opportunity to daughter was born, a friend suggested including Cinch® share this awesome system with anyone who would like shakes in my diet. The first thing I discovered was the to have a healthier lifestyle. huge boost in energy! Not believing it could be from the

NEW PROJECT MAHMA SCHEDULE FOR 2012 New 2nd Thursday Call Added – Saturday Calls Move to tunity in the context of what Shaklee offers to families. New 2012 Project MAHMA Schedule 1st and 3rd Saturdays Are you sharing Shaklee with Moms and Dads interested in creating a better life for their families? Why not Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 8:00 PM (Central) we share using Project MAHMA? Project MAHMA is a parent- will kick off our New Year with a live call featuring Project focused opportunity call led by experienced Shaklee Busi- MAHMA co-founders Jude and Jack Peskuski (Senior Key ness Leaders designed to present the Shaklee income oppor- Coordinators, TX), along with other special guests. Please invite moms and dads you know who are looking to make a Saturday Opportunity Calls 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 10:00 change in their lives in 2012 to tune in! AM (CT) Project MAHMA Conference Call New Thursday Opportunity Call 2nd Thursdays at 8:00 PM DIAL:212-990-8000 * PIN: 6262# (CT) To sign up to receive Project MAHMA Call anMonthly Sharing Ideas Call for peo- 3rd Fridays at 10:30 AM (CT) ple interested in building their businouncements, and other information about Project MAHMA, ness using Project MAHMA write to


Most things that can be recycled have a special symbol on them. Color in each space that has a dot to see what this symbol looks like.

January 2012



January 2012

New Advanced Joint Health Complex


vitamin C—each playing a unique and critical role in building healthy connective collagen and cartilage.

Without healthy joints, common activities Tips to Help such as bending, sitting, and walking would all be challenging. That’s because joints serve as links Keep Your between bones that provide stability and control Joints Health y body movement. Cartilage is an essential compo- and Active for nent of joints that provides cushioning between the Long Run bones and helps absorb shock from physical impact. As we age, this protective cushioning breaks down naturally. 1. Maintain a healthy weight: Additional factors such as continued physiExcess weight can cal stress and overexertion can further accelerate place additional the breakdown of cartilage by triggering the restrain on your lease of chemicals that attack cartilage. The rejoints. The healthier your sult? Joint discomfort and limited mobility. weight, the better your joints will feel, and the more mobile they’ll be. New Advanced Joint Health Complex

Joint Comfort in as Few as 5 days

2. Tone up: Strength-training and aerobic activities help reinforce muscles that support joints, New Advanced Joint Health Complex conso get up and get active. tains a patent-pending, fast-acting form of Boswellia extract that has been shown in a clinical study 3. Rest when necessary: Don’t overdo your workto improve joint comfort in as few as 5 days. outs. If your joints are telling you something, listen. This scientifically formulated blend also contains the most concentrated form of glucosa4. Eat healthy: Include antioxidant-rich fruits mine. Glucosamine is clinically proven to: and vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, and phytonutrients in your diet. Not only are they good • Promote mobility for joints, they’re great for overall health. • Enhance flexibility • Improve joint function 5. Take your supplements: Supplement your diet • Support long-term joint health with New Advanced Joint Health Complex, New Advanced Joint Health Complex also includes a specially designed combination of key joint health nutrients: zinc, copper, manganese, and

which contains natural ingredients, including Boswellia extract, glucosamine, vitamin C, and other joint-supporting nutrients.

January 2012



January 2012


Tell Us…What is the Greatest Gift Shaklee has Given You? At Shaklee, during the holiday season and always, our goal as a Shaklee Family is to share the gifts that Shaklee brings into our lives and all the ways that we give something valuable back to the people who mean something to us. Our Shaklee Family has continuously inspired us through the years with their stories of success and their generous spirit toward others. We’d love for you to tell us how having a Shaklee business has made a difference in your life and / or enabled you to improve the lives of others. Whether achieving better health, weight loss, being able to afford what you thought you never could, finding your "dream career," spending more time with family or kids or being able to give back something valuable in your community and beyond, tell us about the greatest gift Shaklee has given you. Keep in mind that the holidays are a natural time to talk with people about Shaklee, and now more than ever it’s important to share your Shaklee story with everyone. Take this time to spread hope and joy, inspire others, and continue to support Shaklee's mission – making a difference in the lives of people through their actions. If you have a “Greatest Gift Shaklee has Given You” story, please send us an email


From my experience as a feng 5. shui consultant who works from a home based office, as well as from the experience of numerous home and office feng shui clients, working from a home office presents two major challenges:

• •





South area (Fame and Reputation), or, a more exact translation, your "Light in the World." Its feng shui energy is Fire, so be mindful about nor having color blue, big mirrors, fountains or images of water in this area, as Water element puts down the Fire energy.

North area (Career or Path in Life). The feng shui element here is Water, so this is the feng shui area for items representing water, as well as Metal (Metal creates Water in the feng shui 5 elements cycle.) Without making it sound too complicated, you can place inspiring images related to your career in black or white frame colors in the North area of your home office.

Southeast area (Prosperity and Abundance). Bring images or items that speak to you of money and abundance. The feng shui element here is Wood, so you need to avoid Fire images, as well as too much Metal.

An important office feng shui guideline is to have your home office as far from your bedroom as possible. If the layout of your house allows, having a separate entry to your home office is ideal. If this is not feasible, be sure to create as much division as possible between your office area and your bedroom; this is the basis of good home office feng shui.

Plan your home office with your success, well-being and productivity in mind. Think of specific images, feng shui


Feng shui-wise, there are several important areas in your home office that need to be treated right

Separating business and home life,

Lack of stimulating social (businessrelated) interaction. If this is the path you've chosen for yourself, I would like to help you create a successful home office by sharing some basic feng shui office tips.

January 2012

colors, meaningful career memorabilia and appropriate 6. Use feng shui to clutter clear and organize your home decor items that make you feel successful, appreciated, office. Schedule as many clutter clearing sessions as and happy. Since you are working from home, feel free to needed until there are no hidden (or obvious!) cluttered fully express your creativity in decorating your office. spots in your office. Depending on your chosen field, you need to make sure your home office reflects the energy you want to project As clutter drains your energy and dampens your best into the world. intentions, you need to create a clear system, and not let clutBe mindful of the quality of air and the quality of light ter ruin your health and your business. Mark a feng shui clut(natural and artificial) in your home office, as these are ter clearing day on your calendar and you will be surprised how two of the good feng shui must-haves. much better, more enthusiastic and energetic you feel the If your brain is starving for oxygen and your body does next day. That is, provided that you have actually dealt with not get enough natural light, you will not enjoy being in the clutter, rather than just contemplated it! your home office no matter how much you love your job. Consider investing in full-spectrum lights and do bring at These are just a few of the basic feng shui priorities least a couple of air-purifying plants into your home of- to guarantee a high level of energy in your home office. Once fice. you have dealt with the energy of your office, be sure your

Position your desk in the so-called feng shui commanding bedroom energy is well taken care of, too. position to attract stronger and more successful energies to your work area. A feng Everything is connected on a subtle feng shui energy level and shui commanding position means you do not have your back to the door; your desk is positioned further from the door and not in line with it. Be also mindful of not facing a wall while working at your desk. If you have to face the wall, use feng shui to make the wall "disappear" with smart use of art.

you do not want to leave anything out in your quest for a successful home-based business!

Have an office feng-shui related question? Ask your question at


January 2012


Make Plans to Host in a January 2012 Event Congratulations on your decision to participate in Shaklee Kick Off 2012! The theme for our January events will be "Transform Yourself in 2012." If you've registered your meeting, you'll be receiving the 2012 Join Us DVD, and enough Action Magazines for your attendees, during the week of January 2nd. Check out these helpful tips for hosting a successful meeting. The 2012 Join US DVD will support a great deal of what you’ll be presenting during your event. The video segments cover the rewards of the Shaklee lifestyle (Join Us video), a narrated Shaklee Opportunity Presentation and the full-length Shaklee Difference video. You will also have available to download a new Cinch Product Video as well as relevant segments from the August 2011 Action DVD. You get to choose which video segments you want to use, and

at what point in your event. We will have some suggestions for you (coming soon - in the Suggested Agenda), but it’s your event, so feel free to do it your way! Content of New Join Us DVD Join Us (3:28 + disclaimers) Narrated Shaklee Opportunity Presentation (22:56) in English. The Shaklee Difference Video (19:18)DVD will also include a version of Opportunity Presentation with no narration that you can use if you prefer. In this version, you will need to manually advance the slides. Please note: The feature is NOT listed on the DVD sleeve, because it’s intended for Business Builder use only. The total recommended time for your meeting, including playing segments from the DVD, is 90 minutes.

Qualifying Prospects for the New Cinch® Promotions You’ve got two great offers to introduce people to Shaklee and Cinch, but how do you know which offer is best for the person you’re talking to? It starts with asking the right questions, listening and assessing and then sharing information appropriate to your prospect’s needs. THEY SAY: “I’m interested, but not sure I’m ready to commit to losing weight.” YOU SUGGEST: Join with $70 Offer. Perfect for your customer prospects who aren’t yet sold on weight loss, or need to try the products before committing. Start them with Vitalizer™, and they’ll also get Free Membership! NEXT STEP: Call and see what their experience was with

the FREE Cinch products they received. They could be ready now for the Cinch Transformation Pack. THEY SAY: “I’m ready to transform myself and my health with Cinch.” YOU SUGGEST: The Cinch Transformation Pack. They’ll get the Free Cinch Sampler Pack in their first order, and they’ll also save $299.95 when they commit to three months of Cinch. And with our 100% money back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose but pounds and inches. NEXT STEP: Stay close and connected and offer them a weekly check-in or accountability event, to help them keep their commitment and achieve their goals.

THANK YOU NORTH BERGEN A few days ago we were able to have another successful presentation of Health & Wellness with Shaklee in North Bergen, New Jersey. We have to be thankful to each and every person who approached our Shaklee booth, for their questions, suggestions and Shaklee orders as well. All the exhibitors at Saint Rocco were talking about their Christmas’ celebrations and resolutions for this new year and that reminded me what we have to do; to provide a good customer service, to improve our methods of contacts and to let know our people about what Shaklee has to offer. Next month we are going to celebrate Saint

Valentine and we have to remember that February is the month of the heart and we have to take care of it, limit our intakes and to live a healthier life. We are looking forward to hear from you, please let us know your questions and suggestions; help us to help you better. We invite you to





January 2012

The Gazet ezin

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January 2012



January 2012


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January 2012


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Franfort Distributors Group was present at the Weehawken’s presentation in 2007

The Gazette Ezine ~ January 2012  

The Gazette Ezine ~ January 2012