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WHERE WE HAVE TO LOOK Search for alien life

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In the feature article: Where we have to look Article about alien life with Carl Sagan. by Manuel De Aquino

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Facebook: The Social Network Facebook is a social network that has had an enormous impact worldwide, was originally created for students at Harvard University

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By Lorena

Suicide has been a recurring in society, of all ages and occurs for many reasons. But there are things of suicide do not take much notice, the thought of death occurs in many people.

The brains of suicide victims are different Canadian scientists say the brains of suicide victims have a different chemical composition to those of people who die from other causes. And the reason seems to be a complex combination of genetics and the environment. The study examined brain tissue from people who had died, both from suicide and natural causes such as heart attack. Suicides were affected by a serious depressive disorder. Genetic and environmental factors may interact to produce specific and long-lasting modifications in brain circuits. "These modifications may shape the course of our life in extremely important ways, as the risk of major depressive disorder that perhaps can lead to suicide." Most common forms of suicide:

1.- Pills.

8.- Electrocuted.

2.- Cut your veins.

9.- Jump off a bridge or building.

3.- Poisoning.

10.- Hanging.

4.- Drugs.

11.- Die of cold.

5.- Injecting air into the veins. 12.- Carotid artery pressure. 6.- Carbon monoxide.

13.- Chemicals.

7.- Stand in front of a Suicide data in Mexico. 1.-The internal and external migration has been one of the factors that have triggered the suicide cases in Mexico. 2. It is in the southern region where there is greater incidence of cases. Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Yucatan, Campeche, Chiapas and Baja California Sur are the states with the most cases. 3. Only in Cancun, the Red Cross attended from January to July this year 127 reports of suicide attempts. 4. Suicide is now the third leading cause of death for people between 15 and 29 years in Mexico. 5. Migration, unemployment, economic crisis, the failure to meet expectations set and lack of social networks are factors in people who


6. Between 1970 and 2007, grew by 275% the rate of suicide in Mexico. 7. According to the National Institute of Psychiatry, at the national level for every 100 thousand inhabitants, there were four suicides. 8. In 2007 at least six million people thought about suicide in Mexico. 9. That same year there were 3 000 620 suicides in the country. 10. The loss of a loved one, ending a relationship or the accumulation of failures are factors that experts call "triggers" of suicidal ideation.

Curiosities The Jains, members of a religious sect in India, committed suicide by cutting pieces of his own flesh and offered to birds of prey, but also rather die of starvation. In ancient China, the brutal suicide ingested a quantity of salt to kill themselves. In U. S. the suicide rate drops precipitously the day of the election, apparently because the bombers want to know who will rule and depending on this fact, we reexamined. According to an investigation of consultation, Mitofsky and the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI), Mexico City, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon and Veracruz are the states with highest suicide rates of the Mexican Republic. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that the first Latin American countries it occupies more suicides followed by Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. A report by the World Health Organization says that every 40 seconds someone commits suicide in the world.


Technology: by alejandra

flickr another social network

Flickr network digital photo Since the advent of commercial arrival of the digital camera at the beginning of this new millennium, everyone had the opportunity to take pictures of his most memorable moments with an ease that did not exist until those days. The thing was easy, he drew the pictures and then were stored in a folder on your computer. At best, some people sent their files with some friends right through email, but that all changed after the arrival of social networks more widely known and used around the world: Flickr. Flickr initially had as its main quality sort, organize and above all allow users to share online photos they took, whatever they were, whether a party, a concert, a meeting of any kind, everything was permitted flickr graphic material other than obscenity or offend other members of the community. Flickr quickly became popular because it allowed other registered users could view photographs from all over the world, besides being able to comment or tag them.

How were you born? This online community was born in 2004 supported by a Canadian company called Ludicorp, be responsible for bringing to market this new product online where people from around the world could upload their photos and comment. Flickr's success was so massive that in 2005 Yahoo! buy Ludicorp and Flickr in a large sum of money to disappear once and for all their service Yahoo! photos

Advantages By partnering with Yahoo, Flickr was able to expand their horizons, Yahoo! browser users had the ability to locate images more extensive, because the search was extended to members of Flickr, ie for example if someone was looking for photos U2 online, the results were offered all over the web pages of Flickr. Another great advantage offered this community was that over time increased the availability of space to store photos online, from 20 to 100 MB. Flickr now also not


only allows you to upload photos but also videos, but in this area is at a disadvantage with the leader YouTube.

Disadvantages The downside of the site is that, unlike other communities or social networks, Flickr has Premium accounts, which obviously have to pay and has some advantages such as unlimited bandwidth (as the connection of each person) and a storage capacity 2 GB. In early 2009 the site allowed users to upload videos could free account, high definition. Before that it was only possible for those who pay now, everyone can do it.



There are 4 devices of human manufacture address outside the solar system, each with a function that has already served, but also with a message to a civilization that could intercept, I talk about the Pioneer and Voyager each mission with 2 probes sent to study a small fraction of our cosmos (solar system) and at end of the mission would continue its way through the universe, so they were sent with a message, the Pioneer carrying a gold plaque with the symbol of a single hydrogen bond , human proportions, the path that led to leave the Earth and distance from the solar system compared to other benchmarks that could be felt by other civilization in the galaxy, the second is the Voyager, is a bit more elaborate, a gold disc with music from various countries and different genres, content that was selected by a committee headed by Carl Sagan, the back has instructions on how to play the content, also the same map and the symbol of hydrogen bonds. These messages may seem some complicated, but these and others, all together have a meaning that was not written literally ... "Here we are, we are waiting you, we are looking for you". “In a fundamental sense, the search for extraterrestrial civilizations, is the pursuit of our own identity� Carl Edward Sagan


Wiki Pregnant: The Venerable Pope John Paul II By Lucero

The Venerable Pope John Paul II (Latin: Ioannes Paulus PP. II, Italian: Giovanni Paolo II, Polish: Jan Paweł II), born Karol Józef Wojtyła (18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005), reigned as Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church and Sovereign of Vatican City from 16 October 1978 until his death on 2 April 2005. His was the secondlongest documented pontificate; only Pope Pius IX served longer (St. Peter the Apostle is reputed to have served for more than thirty years as the first pontiff, but documentation is too sparse to definitively support this). He has been the only Slavic or Polish Pope to date, and was the first nonItalian Pope since Dutch Pope Adrian VI in 1522. John Paul II has been acclaimed as one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century. It is widely held that he was instrumental in ending Communism in his native Poland and eventually all of Europeas well as significantly improving the Catholic Church's relations with Judaism, Islam, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Anglican Communion Though criticise for his opposition to contraception and the ordination of women,


as well as his support for the Second Vatican Council and its reform of the Liturgy he has also been praised for his firm, orthodox Catholic stances in these areas. He was one of the most-travelled world leaders in history, visiting 129 countries during his pontificate.He spoke the following languages: Italian, French, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Esperanto, Ancient Greek and Latin as well as his native Polish. As part of his special emphasis on the universal call to holiness, he beatified 1,340 people and canonised 483 saints, more than the combined tally of his predecessors during the last five centuries, On 19 December 2009, John Paul II was proclaimed "Venerable" by his papal successor Pope Benedict XVI and is set to be beatified on 1 May 2011.


Poetry: America Poetry home with Programmer Heartless By Ben The Latin American poetry is one of the richest in its variety in content to have more words to express the same or even that the same word have different meanings. Today a young writer will delight us with 2 poems that despite having different lines have the same meaning, and presented here as stated above. We had a little chatinterview with the young poet who was: Me: Hello sir ..... He: Do not call me sir, I'm not married, tell me "Programmer " Me: Okay, programmer, can you tell me your name? Programmer: Yes, my name is Benjamin, but I prefer to say Ben. M: Why did you decide to be as user ID "Programmer Heart"? P: It is a difficult question, but I must respond, "Programmer" comes from the best poems are fixed, improved and beautified, as a program, although the source code is beautiful, but it serves the end user, in any case I am the programmer, I work to give the end user / viewer. The idea came from my uncle when network engineer. The Heartless come from that women always have been part of my heart and have not returned. M: What led you to be a poet? P: The taste for art is something I love, I was born with this taste, it is inexplicable. M: How did you know you were good for poetry? P: It was in high school, was expressing my concern and to transmit this feeling. M: Reviewing your material I realized that you have long titles Why? P: Is it a secret. M: What inspires you to write poems? P: In the woman he loved, and inspiration a capricious woman, beautiful and simple. M: What issues you raise in your poems? P: So is my opinion, but 80% if not 95% are in love.


M: Do you have a girlfriend? P: No, because I have not had time lately, but there is a girl out there ... M: Do you have other projects? P: Yes a novel is in the process. M: We can say that about? P: Just tell them the title "Entering the Fantasy" M: Thanks, that was it for this occasion. P: Thank you, you may have a surprise for next time. on the following pages are your first job.




Facebook is a social network that has had an enormous impact worldwide, was originally created for students at Harvard University but now is open to anyone with email account. This network has caused a huge impact and that this network can develop applications or conducting business through this, its founder Mark Zuckerberg is facing major companies such as Google and MySpace which has to compete to break through them. Facebook is a translated into over 70 languages and in July 2010 had 500 million members, this network offers many Serbs as: - Friends list: Here the user can add to anyone who knows and is registered, provided that it accepts his invitation. In Facebook you can find lost friends to contact or add new ones with whom to exchange photos and messages. For this, the Facebook server has search tools and a suggestion of friends. - Groups and Pages: One of the most recent development utilities. It is bringing together people with common interests. In groups you can add photos, videos, messages, etc. - Wall: the wall is a space on each user profile that allows friends to write messages for the user to see. Upload images and put any logos on your post. . . Photos - Applications: These are small applications that you can find your fortune cookie, who is your best friend, discover things about your personality ... - Games: Most applications found on Facebook are related to RPGs.


Currently in the No. 2 most visited page on the internet, after having been found on the site No 60 on this list. Facebook has received much criticism because minors can have access to this site and changed its abit of life, another criticism was that Facebook has access to information of the user and is part of your property, but director Mark Zuckerberg declared that "never use this information outside the Facebook service".


Behind the game. PACMAN is undoubtedly one of the most famous games in history, who would not ever spent an afternoon trying to beat the ghosts of unique colors? It is not only a fun and entertaining game, where you can make you burn from his eyes flashing for not wanting to win, up to curse yourself when you could not avoid being eaten, but what does is behind it? Is it just figures in a maze? Or is strategy and skill?

HISTORY. PACMAN born from the hand of Tohru Iwatani, designer of Namco. He went out one night to eat pizza with friends and take the first piece and look at the way that was, was born PACMAN. Was programmed by Hideyuki Mokajima and his team of 4. It was published in 1980. PACMAN original name comes from the Japanese dialect word "Paku-Paku", which means "eat" Thus, the game was called "Puckman” in Japan. But to reach the United States changed its name to PACMAN on the similarities of the words "Puck" and "Fuck”. To add excitement to the game, you are equipped with some artificial intelligence. The ghosts are grouped, they attack the player and disperse. Each ghost has its own artificial intelligence. The game took 1 ½ years to complete. PACMAN was the first game to be so popular for both men and women It is the best selling game of all time, in addition to the "monkey" most famous video game. It was also the first game to have a "character" and that changed the face of video games forever.

Facts on PACMAN

The safe house: A place where you can take a break, you have to get to it when none of the ghosts is watching and there will not be found. The













The most dangerous part is the bottom line, as the ghosts try to trap you while the safest is near the house of ghosts as it offers multiple avenues of escape.











Initially PACMAN's enemies were referred to as monsters, but soon became ghosts.

Ghosts Are limited by the maze in the same way that PACMAN, but generally move slightly faster than the player, but are slow when you activate the special points of the corners and make it even more when passing through tunnels on the sides of the maze, while Pac-Man passes through these tunnels unhindered PACMAN slows down slightly while eating dots, potentially allowing a ghost chase to capture him during those times.




















MOVEMENTS His territory is the upper right corner. It is the most dangerous of all ghost. Has the ability to locate you on the map and take you off guard with surprising changes of direction. Is very fast and speeds up after a certain number of points has been eaten (this number decreases at higher levels). His territory is the upper right. It is fast but more predescible that Blinky. You can read the player's movements with the lever, so do not let out easily once you've seen. It's called Cruise Elroy, although opinions differ about the origins of this term. It's slow and does not pursue PACMAN intentionally, It limited to being in a nearby region. Its area is the bottom left. The slowest of all. It is very scary and if PACMAN is perhaps run away from it. He likes being in the bottom right corner of the maze.

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