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EUGENICS CHRONICLES (Draft) By Francisco Araya Pizarro

This book is dedicated to my parents.


The reasons which lead me to write this new science fiction novel, this project began several years ago after reading books like "The Brave New World� by Aldous Huxley, describing a world eugenics, controlled by genetic engineering, and “Martian Chronicles� by Ray Bradbury, that shows humanity beginning the colonization of Mars. But would greatly help the reader's understanding meaning "Eugenics," according to texts that could inquire via the Internet, or Eugenics Eugenics is the science that studies the improvement of genetic defects to overcome those limitations, this may be from fear , phobias, poor impulse control to physical defects, this science is rooted in philosophical and scientific treatises of the nineteenth century, later became part of Hitler's racial theory, and to date is a scientific subject and in some circles to controversial, in the form of cloning human beings, giving rise to the nightmare that the value of a human being is the quality of their genes. But science, an important aspect of society can be a legacy or a footprint we leave on the passing of time, perhaps in the distant future or soon, is the only way that an archaeologist or historian can issue were a trial. But humanity still very restless race tracks would not always static, waiting for a subject who examine, satellite or unmanned rocket into space may leave a mark or a sign as good as a message in a bottle, only God knows unaware that any other world takes the bottle, read the message and have the curiosity to know who wrote it. So I pose this novel, the humanity of leaving his last mark, in the form of gifted men and women who migrate into space in search of place to live on, the last trace of the man, the first adventure of humanity gifted children will learn what it means to be human in an alien environment, made contact with alien cultures, to pass through many situations, all this in this book, which I do not advance further and delivered to you, hoping it will be fun for everyone, with best wishes .

Chapter 1

Of all the worlds that abound the vast cosmos, only a blue planet whose inhabitants call it "Earth" succumbs to the abominable and frightening combination of earthquakes, light, heat and electricity call atomic explosion, multiplied and divided by the various points where they crowded cities in countries whose corrupt leaders whose ambitions taken away the innocence of the men with their wars and death atomic weapons. Few men believe in the innocence and life, men of science, hard-hearted, but suitable for a twisted world where this story begins, the low sensitivity of these men human rooted in their minds, poured in creating human beings, smarter and more resistant to illness, death and radiation, they thought, "if humanity was to survive, that is with the best we do". These parents began to experience the joy of a father to his children, but they forgot that unlike their creations, they were vulnerable to radiation, but in turn, their children were so endowed with the same intelligence that created an ark, a spaceship to take them to another world with life than could accommodate. Even with the crazy hot men, these children of science are launched into space, leaving behind everything they knew. A few light years from Earth, a world rich in all its glory, in a secluded corner of cities of this planet, a woman living alone, brunette, black eyes, dark hair with white frosting above, she was considered one of the most beautiful women of this planet, Martia XII, in native society This world was considered a Mynx, a kind of psychic space that detects signals from worlds with intelligent life, it is called Amarta, had lived a confusing life as any Mynx, born with a big frown supersensitivity in a strictly conservative family, she was married but was never happily married, widowed a few years ago and since then is committed to being a Mynx, civilization Martia XII, the Mynx is highly respected as people began to replace radios e used to send signals into space, and more reliable than these devices, as this allowed Marti contact with other civilizations, as well as society began to appear in Marti ago century, should give a useful and productive role. A beautiful day Amarta mused, in a normal year Mynx, and felt a very particular signal, was too neat, but no source technology, but rather sensitive was a kind of dream or fantasy, where a human man, one who fled the Earth in rocket because of the sensitivity Amarta known psychic named Janus and was riding the rocket stayed in cryoestasis along with his brothers, when they are watched and approached, short mental bond. At that moment the rocket's computer awakens the sleeping travelers, Janus wakes up with a excruciating headache because your mind is not accustomed to the mental links, his brother Mitchel approaches and provides an analgesic, unnecessary for particular immune system, unless one has experiences that were not contemplated in its genetic blueprint, Jano Mitchell tells the strange dream had, while his sister Sybil spread a map of the stars and placed the rocket on the edge of solar system unknown. As they pass a few hours in the rocket carrying these passengers, in the XII Martia spend weeks in the Marti capital of civilization, the City Aoriga, National Day is celebrated Marti Pride, Party compared with nacional independence celebrations of any country on Earth, a night lit with large Martia beautiful moon orbiting distant stars XII and space obscured by fireworks launched from supersonic aircraft, under these fast flying, people celebrate happy and drunk by the simple proud to be native to this planet, on a balcony of one of the buildings in the City Aoriga reign is outlined by the light of fireworks, a voluptuous female figure, is Isa, Amarta's sister, who a few weeks ago listening experience Amarta on singular space coming signal detected during your meditation, to this Isa believes his sister spends too much time alone and invites her to the capital to celebrate national holiday, thinking that at some point be lucky enough to find a handsome hunk to make happy and understand it, Isa usually is a woman who likes to enjoy life to the fullest, at the time Isa is absorbed watching the party on the streets, Amarta appears saying: "We still are trying to break hearts ", so she responds with the hubris of all women on beauty," I never lose the hopes, sister .... me too many pretenders ", deep, love is not impressed, except Isa time invited to the streets to join the celebration, love a bit until it resists sagging under pressure from his sister, to go out marvel at the energy overwhelmed with so many people happy dancing and getting drunk. Suddenly he heard a loud bang in the sky, almost like a cannon or a explosion, people stop jumping and dancing, begins to look at the sky with curiosity, looking for the origin of that disturbance, to the amazement of many people see a rocket across the sky in flames, fire and smoke that falls behind the mountains across the city, the impact is so great that produces a shock wave off all the lights in the capital, at the time was not enough to say "stay completely dark" because the party term. Isa and Amarta look far into the balcony with a stunned curiosity, Isa asks, "Sister, do you think that captures the

signal?", So Amarta responds: "I am sure it can be" in the dark, the city authorities mobilized police and soldiers to go in meeting that has fallen out of the city, in the department of Isa, rings the intercom, answering Isa, you will hear a pre-recorded message, asking her presence at the Ministry of Defence, where he works, at the time of Isa moves to the outskirts of the city, dense fog invades the place where the rocket fell, I had a rather battered, maimed and nearlydoubled within the crew is unconscious and scattered throughout the house like toys pulled by a toddler, police and soldiers arrive in town and in with flashlights and with curiosity into the apparatus, but the police invade wonder they even think they have found dead bodies rather than survivors, curious about everything the rocket, review articles, circuits and computers loose and scattered as its users are surprised to find the book inside cabins, full of books and personal belongings Print these early Marti who have had contact with other species, and first contact with the human species, is more rare, the first question that comes out of these curious Marti is, "what species are using these things??. " When they get more soldiers and police, the first to enter the ship say that all are dead, that impression changed when police found one of the crew alive and moaning in pain, is Janus who wakes up all confused, hence one of the police says: "do not call the doctors, more people call, we take them out of here," police and soldiers begin to get the crew a sense of wonder and dismay, by City Aoriga communicator warn that people found living in the rocket, but in need of medical attention, hence the voices heard in discussion, apparently scientists advising and argue vehemently that they should be in isolation, that must be addressed, that no one maintains contact with strangers, may of diseases, etc. in the end you hear someone screaming in the communicator: "ENOUGH, bring them TO THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE TO PUT THEM IN ISOLATION, SEE YA LATER!". The soldier dizzy by the end crying, alert the other to rescue strangers, take them to the Ministry of Defence. In the dark of night, in the inner streets of the City Aoriga, feels magnetically levitated vehicles with stones on the ground at full speed carrying alien bodies (according to them) of the survivors of the rocket crashed just outside the city, among the curious cuidadazos, some observers expressed on their faces and hearts mixed feelings fearcuriosity to see cars go through the streets in a procession quick and cold, only one child in one of the houses arein the path of the vehicle is asked: "And what will there?" his brother replies: "I do not think it is incumbent upon us to ask." At 3 hours later, scientists are grouped under the statement that 3 alien survived and are alive, they Marti, scientists are too many questions, "from those who are" or "where they come from" to "that culture has" The only way they can get away with doubts is that the duty of the ministry, where scientists are gathering to make them happen, something that actually happened, the scientists were a bit surprised, and knew beforehand that the MoD had a policy of extreme care before first contact extramartianos, already had bad experience with contact with other species off the planet that caused from infectious diseases to cultural misunderstandings that end in unnecessary bleeding, but scientists and politicians are cautious people, shown in slow going careful and detail-filled hallways baroque, whose pillars showing abstract forms and humanoid faces expressing any emotion, the guard of the ministry that invited them in, makes this particular group to enter a dark room where there is a crystal which gives to another room white, bright and sterile, filled with microsensors painless, people and objects thoroughly searched to detect biological threats in that room are Mitchel, Janus and Sybil, the crew of the rocket that had awakened before crashing out of their city, they feel stunned and confused, not knowing where they are, in the dark room a voice speaking into a loudspeaker in a rocket explaining that 50 bodies were humanoid like to see the other side of the glass, were in crioestasis, most died crash of the rocket, but the 3 who were seriously injured and in minutes had recovered, healing their wounds, the voice indicated the need of the Ministry of Defense to study and determine whether they pose any threat to life on the planet. The group of scientists began to talk among themselves to see how they would proceed to stop the scandal that produces a conversation made by a combination of voices, one of them starts talking to the aliens, "Do you understand what I mean?"Mitchell, Sybil Janus and realize that someone speaks to them, but do not understand a word that tells all sounds like a foreign language, may even be gibberish, although from birth has an excellent ear for languages, to Like his brothers, did not understand anything, Janus says, "do not understand what you say," scientists on the other side of the glass also listen to Janus a series of words and gibberish, scientists are beginning to talk among themselves, believe that 3 aliens have an incomprehensible language, some believe that is the effect of the glass that separates them physically, then applied

through the Ministry loudspeaker direct contact with aliens, the voice rant a deafening scream that bounced off the loudspeaker to hear "! AS THEY HAPPEN TO YOU, ignorant, stupid, THEY HAVE NOT LEARNED THE BAD EXPERIENCES EXPERIENCES CONTACT UNKNOWN ALIEN SPECIES ... "one of the scientists replied softly," but let's get protective suits. " Minutes after the Ministry approved direct contact with 3 strangers, with the use of protective suits, scientists entering the clean room to talk directly with the aliens, one of them has a translator device that looks more like a calculating machine, with many buttons, a small monitor and a membrane that detects the vibration of the sounds, scientists feel awe and fascination with the 3 aliens, one asks again: "Do you understand what I mean?" again Janus, Mitchel and Sybil hear gibberish and wondered if the language of these people which Mitchell tries to repeat what I hear: "gat-gut-kat-bliiiiiiirt-taaaah" machine translator enters a kind of error by notwell-to interpret the sounds that detects the membrane, one of the scientists were impatient and removed the helmet, to the concern of others try not to do it, you hear a loud "NO" on the loudspeakers, to the amazement of Mitchell Janus and Sybil are first seen as are the inhabitants of this planet, clear purple skin, black hair, bumps on the forehead, eyes all black from the iris to the cornea, the scientist who took off his helmet again ask, " "Do you understand what I mean?", and again Mitchell, Jano and Sybil do not understand anything, to the frustration of all, the scientists leave the room eerily sterile, leaving in the scientist who took off the helmet when closed the door, the scientist gets scared and hit the door, but before asking for help means that you can not go, at least to know if outsiders are infectious or whether it is infectious for them.


Daft of the sci-fi novel Eugenics Chronicles