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My name is Francisco Lupin, I'm a Industrial Product Designer with a B.A. done at the National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina in 2009. I'm always interested to seek solutions for everyday problems, and reflect them in my designs, trying to improve the quality of life for future users. Over the following pages, I will show you a summary of my latest designs, of which some were selected to compete and be exposed inside and outside Argentina. In the last pages I will present some publications of these projects, which have appeared in magazines, books or web pages.

Transport: All Mountain Wheelchair


Designed in 2008/09

-Designed thinking of the needs of a person with reduced motor skills in the lower limbs. -Problem: The disabled is today with many barriers in society, being limited in sports because the high cost of special wheelchairs. -This product can compete with wheelchairs that are in the market today in terms of costs and benefits.

Wheelchair Logo

Transport: All Mountain Wheelchair The rear wheel

Brake handle

can twist 360째

Camber regulator

Fiber glass seat

Hydraulic suspension

26" Fron wheels

V brake system

Foot pad

14" Rear wheel

Designed in 2008/09

Transport: ION Urban/Road Bike


Designed in 2010

This concept of “Urban Bike” was designed for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010. The idea was to make a low maintainance bike, for the people who lives in Seoul and use their bikes like a daily transport. The bikes comes with a custom carbon frame, carbon wheels and a Rohloff belt transmition with 14 internal gears.

Transport: ION Urban/Road Bike

Rohloff gear system

Racing handlebar

Belt transmision Fixie handlebar

Rear disc brake

Carbon frame and wheels

Designed in 2010

Transport: ION Freeride Mountainbike frame

Designed in 2009

This Freeride Frame introduce a new Integrated front

rear suspension link that pivots in the Fox DHX Air

top tube. The air shock is parallel to the seat tube, and it runs a variaqble geometry of 60 mm to 80 mm. The lower rear arms pivots in the bottom bracket with two Torrington bearings.

12mm rear axle

This Frame was designed for Urban ride assaults to the hardcore mountain trails.

Alu 6061 frame

Action pivot

ISDG mount

Custom BottomBracket

Transport:Urban Eco Train This project was made for the Bombardier Yourail Design Contest, organizated by HYVE.

This train was designed for enconomic class passenger,for students who go to schools or universities, or just for people who go to work. The innovation of this train is that uses clean energy like solar energy, to give impetus to electromagnetic motors, and also be used for internal illumination.

The body is made of a carbon fiber composite and thermoformed Plexiglas panels, gives rigidity, lightness, and for possessing more than 70% of transparent parts gives a good illumination, making the most sunlight during the day.


Designed in 2009

Transport:Urban Eco Train

Designed in 2009

Solar panels

Front door


USB charguers

Transport:Urban Eco Train

Designed in 2009

Why magnetic transport? The magnetic levitation transport, or maglev, is a transport system that suspends, guides and propels vehicles, mostly trains, using a large number of magnets for lift and propulsion using magnetic levitation. This method has the potential to be faster, quieter and smoother than the mass transit systems on wheels. The technology has the potential to exceed 6400 km / h (4,000 mph) if it is deployed in a vacuum tunnel. By not using a tunnel to empty the energy required for levitation is usually not a large proportion and most of the energy used to overcome air resistance, as with any other high-speed train.

Why solar power? The power supply for active or passive systems that collect solar energy for low-temperature heating in buildings is free and is available naturally in sunny days. The net useful energy output is moderate (active systems) to high (passive systems). The technology is well developed and can be installed quickly. No carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere and the environmental impacts of air pollution and water are low.

Transport: Nexus

Designed in 2010

Designed for short travels inside the airports, this switcase has 18 lts of physical space for carry things, the standar to be considered as a hand baggage. The two front wheels are moved by two electric engines, and a pack of four 12 V batteries who allows the user 2 hours of use. It supports users under 110 kg. In the front part of the switcase, it has the power plug, wich can use either 110v or 220v depending the country voltage. It is made of P.P and has some T.P.E elastomer pieces, the direction pipe and handlebar are made of 6061 Aluminium. It has a back freewheel giving the third point of support.

Transport: Nexus

Designed in 2010

Carry space.

Electric commands

Place for batteries and engines

Switcase configuration

Pivot center

Surf table

Scooter configuration

Energy plug

Electronics: X torsion Cell Phone

-Cell Phone designed thinking on the athlete, who needs a device that does not bother him in his daily routine of sports. -The cell phone structure adapts to the forearm, because it is made of TPE (elastomer). -The electronic device can be removed of the TPE shell for washing it.

Designed in 2007

Electronics: X torsion Cell Phone Key pad Speaker


Screen Joystick

The screen can inform, despite of the common cell phone info, graphics of wasted calories, speed, distance and time, esential things for an athlete. Soft hardness

Medium hardness

TPE flexible shell

Designed in 2007

Electronics: Electrolux Portable Cooker

Designed in 2010

Portable Cooktop for camping days. The flexible surface uses nanotechnology in its construction, the adavantage is that it is electrically operated and can be folded and stored after use. The power supply uses 12 V to heat all the surface, making it a really energy saver.

Project designed for the IIDA Green Design Competition

Electronics: Electrolux Portable Cooker

Designed in 2010

Heat cells

Nanotechnology heat panel Heat controller

Surface selector

Power button

USB port (Power supply)

Electronics: Tag Heuer Analog watch concept Concept watch designed thinking in the brand identity, using their last innovative technologies, like the “Pendulum� system, or the impact absorvers used in the monaco model. Its geometric shape with sharp edges shows a stylish, robust, ever-present features in the watches of the brand.

Designed in 2010

Electronics: Tag Heuer Analog watch concept Inox steel case

Rubber strap

Adjustable buckle

Impact absorvers

Pendulum movement

Monaco V4 Belt system

Designed in 2010

Furniture: Fluid

Family of small and large stool chairs designed for the MASISA Argentina 2010 design contest.


Designed in 2010

Furniture: Fluid

Designed in 2010

Inox steel foot ring

Laminated wood legs

Perforated seat

Publications “Nexus Switcase”, published in the D2, a design magazine of the Norway's largest Financial Paper, Dagens Næringsliv. Date: May 2010

Web aparitions

Publications “All Terrain wheel chair� This project was selected to expose for the 2010 Milan design week, by the italian company, WELL TECH. The design was published in the WELL TECH web page, and 2010 design book.

Web aparitions chair_design.php

Publications “All Terrain wheel chair” This project was selected to expose for the 2009 INNOVAR awards, in Argentina, Buenos Aires. The design was published in the INNOVAR web page, and 2009 design book.

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