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DELAYED SATISFACTION for food up front

OUR AIM To make a desirable product which people feel attracted to it and intrigued about. This product will act as an influence for people aged 16 to 24 years old to start growing their own food in their gardens, balconies or/and home. It would guide you through the experience of growing your first fruits and vegetables and inviting you to share that experience with your friends and family at the end of the journey.

We created a brand. This helped us enphasize the issues to do with time and the journey of the product.


PACKAGING It’s language unfolds and explains the intriguing issue present on the outside pack. Then, when you open you will find all you need to start planting plus a little surprised to reminding of your suggested objective (e.g. make blueberry muffins to your friend) Another reminder is a little invitation placed on the inside of the lid, which creates a connection between you and friend.

FINAL OVERVIEW Our product as a proposal for Food Up Front is to sell an experience. This product plays with, what can be, a long journey of growing your own food and it intends to make the process seem shorter. The packs are based on four different social experiences - going for a picnic, home cinema, going for some drinks or just having tea - where the customer is encouraged to invite a friend to join them on the experience of growing food with them or just invite them to the social event once the plants are fully grown. Hence the brand, Delayed Satisfaction. All of the four packs contain two types of seeds which relate to the nature of the final intended event (e.g. camomile and blueberry seeds for the ‘Tea at 5’ experience), two pots and two bags of soil (we want people to get their hands dirty), recipes (e.g. to make blueberry muffins from your fully grown blueberries), a window sticker and a surprise present in each pack for your gathering. The idea is not necessarily that people do what we are suggested but get excited about growing, that they share the idea with friends and pass it on. Our packaging was designed to be a desirable product, simple but elegant enough to get someone’s attention on markets like Brick Lane, Camden, Old Spitafields, Organic food markets and others. The challenge is to capture a younger audience grow and this product offers involvement, interaction, understanding of growing without a need of much hard work, a balcony or a garden. Delay Your Satisfaction by getting a richer experience nurtured by you!


Food Up Front Project  

to convience 16-24 year old to start growing their own fruits and vegetables

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